Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Some things that I want to always remember...

My sweet Brady always amazes me with the things that he says and does. These are a few of the recent ones that I do not want to forget...

  • a week or so ago, Evan was fussing in his car seat waiting for us to head out the door to Brady's school. I turn around from inside the kitchen to see and hear Brady leaning over him, praying for him. I almost cried! After Brady said "Amen" he said, "Mommy I prayed for Evan so he is all better now" How sweet!!
  • With Evan teething, he has been fussier than usual and - frustrated from constantly hearing it, I said out loud: "Oh, Evan, you keep fussing. PLEASE stop fussing!" Brady, without missing a beat...very calmly, said "Mommy, he is a baby, babies fuss. That is what they do." So wise!
  • After getting Brady up from his nap, I told him that I was tired.  He asked me why I was tired so I told him because I had stayed up too late the night before.  All groggy and sleepy-eyed, he says "Mommy that is what grown-ups do, they stay up late.  They just do."  I said "Oh really, they do?"  Brady - "Yes, Mommy; they do.  Grown-ups stay up late and kids go to bed early."
  • Always encouraging, my sweet Brady Mac always has an encouraging word for me...some of my favorites lately...."Mommy, have I told you lately that I am proud of you.  You are doing a good job, Mommy.  You are doing good work as a Mommy." and another...."You rock it out, girl!"
  • Brady and Evan have quite a bond.  Ever since Evan has come home I do not think Brady has ever wanted - not even for one second - to have Evan somewhere different from him nor he somewhere without Evan...even in one of his most yucky moods, phases, etc....these have never been directed toward Evan.  A couple of weeks back, when we were in Atlanta visiting family, Pop Pop & MiMi were discussing having Evan stay at their house with them, without missing a beat Brady said "No, he can't stay here.  He has to go home with me, he's my baby brother."

Sweet & Sour

My sweet Brady is being so sour!!!!!!!!! It amazes me how complex a 3 1/2 year old can be. One minute he can be the sweetest child I have ever met and then the very next minute he can be so ugly....whew!! I guess this is all part of growing up but it sure is EXHAUSTING!!! As a mother there has been a lot of teachable moments lately...
trying to encourage the sweetness while discouraging and disciplining the sourness! I LOVE you, Brady, even when you are being sour!