Saturday, March 31, 2012

"I am Jesus"

Hanging out in the backyard today with my four boys, relaxing, sipping a beer, throwing the frisbee, pushing the kiddos in swings, and Evan picks up the outdoor fireplace poker and proceeds to walk with it as though it is a staff and says "I'm Jesus".

I love Evan emulating Jesus!

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Growing Vocabulary

Maddox has added to his vocabulary. He is saying "Stop" in music class when Miss Stephanie does in the songs. I so often say "Good Job" to him (obviously not a Tiger Mom) that he says that back to me now when I say it. It sounds something like "Guh Jah". Today at work at Prince of Peace he was playing with the Thomas trains with Evan and the other big kids and he had the train named "Jack". I told him he had Jack and he looked at me and said "Jack".
He clearly comprehends the word "kiss". When I tell him to give me a kiss he leans into me with his mouth wide open. I love it!!

He says "thank you" - "day u".  "All done"  - "awh duh". 

My Biography written by Brady Mac Stidham...........

Brady and I were having a conversation this past weekend regarding our cars.  We were talking about the fact that Yoda was one of my favorite Star Wars characters when I was a child.  He was in awe by that fact alone.  He then questioned how this was so, etc.  I told him that, yes, Yoda was one of my favorite characters.  In fact, I told him, Uncle Rich and I even had a pet cat as a child that we named Yoda.  Brady is processing this and then....
"Wait, wait wait.  So you had a cat named Yoda and then they named him Yoda in the movie."  Me: "No.  The movie came out.  Uncle Rich and I liked Yoda so when we got a pet cat we decided to name him Yoda." 
Brady - "Okay, okay.  So let me get this straight:  You were a little girl.  You had a cat and named him Yoda because you liked Yoda.   You met Daddy and married him, had three kids.  The End."  This was all delivered to me in a very matter-of-fact "all seriousness" tone.
My life story, my biography.  Authored by Brady Mac Stidham

Lucky 13!

Maddox turned 13 months this week.  We have a few updates regarding our sweet baby boy!  We received money from his MiMi & PopPop for his birthday in order to purchase a new stroller.  After almost 6 years, our great Metrolite stroller gave up on us.  The brakes broke (just small plastic pieces that lock in the wheel spokes) so we really needed a new stroller to keep our little guy safe.  With the new stroller it was time to move our little one from the infant carrier car seat to the big boy car seat.  We have held off in moving him because the convenience of him being in the carrier with a 2 year old to carry in and out of the car has been nice.  So now he looks like such a big boy in the car : )

With him out of the infant carrier, we are carrying him in and out of the car and into places now, versus carrying the carrier in and out of places.  This week was our first week going to Evan's music class with Maddox out of the infant carrier.  He sat in the floor next to Evan and I the whole class and had so much fun.  He really seemed to enjoy it.  He also spoke a new word "Stop".  During one of the songs we sing, the singer repeatedly says "stop".  He was saying it right along with the song.  He also was keeping the beat to the songs where we used the music sticks.  It was so fun to watch him enjoy it all so much!

I am still enjoying having a crawler!  It is so cute and fun to watch; so different from watching two boys scoot everywhere on their bottoms.

It appears that Maddox has a milk allergy/sensitivity.  He has continued to have severe blowouts everytime he drinks milk.  We tried lactose free as was recommended to us by our pediatrician.  Unfortunately that did not work either.  We have to figure out what is going to work best in order for him to get the nutrients he needs.  I have read and heard about some unhealthy effects that soy milk can have, which makes me very hesitant to introduce that.  Thankfully, I was weaning slowly so I am able to continue to still breastfeed him now until we determine the best combo for him to receive the fat and nutrients he needs.