Friday, February 18, 2011

Home Sweet Home

We reluctantly left the hospital on Wednesday, February 9th.  I did not want to leave as it is so nice to just relax holding my sweet baby and rest as much as possible while my nurturing nurses brought me grape juice (I think I drank my weight in it) and changed Maddox's diapers.  It was GREAT!  I was also a little nervous about figuring out the juggling act of being the Mommy to 3 boys.

The other side of me was anxious to get home and be with Brady and Evan for more of the day than we were able to get with them at the hospital.  I missed my big guys and I know they missed Chris and I.

MiMi & Pop Pop drove the van up to the hospital with the bigger boys so we could ride home as a family.  Pop Pop drove the Civic home for us since Chris and I arrived at the hospital separately on the 7th since I did not think I was in labor.  They were very excited to see us and pick us up to take us was a warm welcome!

I dressed Maddox up in his sweet coming home outfit and took a few snapshots and then we headed home. 

We quickly turned around from home and went out for Mexican...Maddox's first outing at 2 days old...yummy Mexican food.  He slept the whole time, having no idea that he was at a restaurant. 

The coolest thing ever....driving home to take our 3rd boy was SNOWING.  It was so pretty.  It was interesting how different it was....with Evan and Brady it was daylight and warm when we brought them home; with Maddox it was snowing and dark.

Friday, February 11, 2011

Welcomed with Love!

Maddox entered this world at 3:17 p.m. and was welcomed with love by friends and family pretty soon after.  Brittney was on her way to the hospital as I was pushing.  She had packed her school work thinking she would get some things done with she waited in the waiting room for Maddox's arrival.  She was sitting there for about 5 minutes when Chris came to get her...."Do you want to meet Maddox?"  She could not believe he was here that quickly.  She gave us the best gift...her photography skills.  She came into the labor and delivery room so that she could meet Maddox and capture his first moments in this world.  This is truly a gift! 

While we were getting changed and Maddox was going through his tests, Nicole Sanders came by to say hello and visit me while I was laboring.  She happened to have her own appointment that day so was there anyway.  When she found out I was having Maddox a day early and she was going to be at Brookwood anyway for her ultrasound appointment, she said she would stop by if I was okay with it.  I told her we were in labor & delivery room 8 so swing on by.  She came by the room and knocked but because of security reasons right at that moment, the nurse said she couldn't come in just yet.  We talked a little through the open door and she was wondering if it was almost time for me to start pushing.  When I told her he was already here, she could not believe it.  He was born so quickly.  She made plans to come back the next evening to meet him and visit with us.  She caught a quick glimpse of him through the door in Chris' arms.

A couple of hours later we were upstairs in our post partum room and Chris left to pick up his parents and Brady & Evan to come to the hospital to meet Maddox.  We were very excited to introduce Maddox to his big brothers.  They came in the room very excited to see him.  Evan kept reaching out to him "Baby", "Baby" and patting his legs and wanting to pat his face.  Brady wanted to hold him and know all about him.  It was very sweet.  Maddox had big brother gifts for both his big brothers; toy story toys.  They were very excited to get these new toys and they came in with a sweet monkey lovey for Maddox.  It was a real sweet time to see the boys all together.

The only time Evan got upset was when Brady sat in the chair to hold Maddox.  Evan started crying and leaning in toward his Daddy.  We were not sure if he was jealous or what was upsetting him.  I then realized he wanted to be a big brother and hold Maddox just like Brady was.  I told Chris to put him in the chair next to Brady so he could "hold" Maddox too.  Once he put Evan in the chair he got very happy and started smiling and you could see the pride he had in being a big brother.  It was AWESOME!!! priceless!

So much love for such a little guy on his first day of life!  I know I could not possibly love him more...I think the rest of his family feels the same way!

MiMi & Pop Pop were just excited to meet him and love on him - their 8th grandchild - as I have seen them with all the others.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

I could not fall any harder

in LOVE with this GOD-given gift.  He is just so perfect.  He is such a snuggle bug.  He has not spent even a minute in his little hospital crib except to have his diaper changed.  I have held him and cuddled him every minute he has been on this earth unless I have had to go to the bathroom or unselfishly let a visitor hold him.  I am enjoying holding him and I have been trying to figure out a way I can freeze him in this this size and stage.  I have not figured out a way yet....if I do I will document my remarkable idea here!

I love you Maddox Christopher.  I am so very thankful for you!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

I thought I would be on my way....

to the hospital now for my scheduled induction at 6am.  Instead I am snuggling you, Maddox in the dim, quiet of our room while you eat and I just stare at you in perfect, so beautiful.

I want to add some pics of you from soon after entering the world to capture here in my journal:

Monday, February 7, 2011

Postpartum Room

We hung out in our delivery room until 4:45pm and then we were wheeled to our postpartum 210.  He nursed really well after birth and again about 30 minutes ago.  My food just came....thank you LORD...I am starving!!! I have not eaten since jello last night at about 10pm. 

He came quickly....everything so similar to Evan...the same amount of time from when I got settled in the labor & delivery room until he came as the amount of time Evan took from when they started the induction until he arrived.  3 pushes for both of them...a VERY fast arrival and they weighed the EXACT same...9lbs. 5.4 oz.  The differences....Evan was 21.5 inches long and Maddox is just 21 inches long.  Evan was an induction with pitocin; Maddox decided when he was going to enter this world and with zero pitocin.  Evan was one day late and Maddox is 8 days early.

It is funny how little the BIG brother seems now...only 7lbs. 4 oz and 19.75 inches long at birth.  He is a big boy now in the 80th percentile for height and weight; but compared to his LITTLE brothers he sure did enter this world smaller.

We are settled in our room and bonding.  I am going to eat while my food is still hot and before the big brothers and MiMi & PopPop get here to meet him....they are on their way.  That will be exciting; from what I hear Brady is VERY excited to meet his baby brother!

I'm Glad I didn't order the cheeseburger.........

He's here.........really quickly......

My corndog is still in my throat.......

9 lbs 5 oz

21 inches long

Momma and baby are doing well.....


So as I am on the way back from grabbing something to eat I get a call from Kat....."I'm pushing...where are you?.......I AM RUNNING....


Kat just got checked and is now dialated to 7......she's resting and waiting....

Update #2

Got a boost of drugs because my body absorbs medicine soooo easily and quickly and I was hurting bad....this was at 1:30 pm so I am going to rest.

Update on Maddox

Dr. Ross came in at 11:25 am to check my progress and I was 4 cm. dilated and completely effaced. He went ahead and broke my water……OWWWW!!!

Once I had my first contraction without my water, I thought I would lose it.  So at 11:45am, the anesthesiologist came in and gave me the epidural...thank you, Jesus!!!!

So now I am trying to relax and let my body progress...first time doing this without experience...Maddox is coming on his own and 8 days early!

Can't wait to hold him and show him off!

He's Coming!!!!!

7:30 am I headed into the hospital to go to my doctor’s office to be checked since I had lots of cramping and contractions yesterday. I was awake and calling the doctor’s office early this morning, at about 4am. My doctor, Dr. Adcock was on call over the weekend so he is who I spoke with and he told me to come in to be checked and if the contractions got stronger or closer together to go ahead and come in.

I saw Dr. Ross as Dr. Adcock’s call schedule ended at 7am. He checked me, all the while I was having contractions. I was 3 cm. dilated, completely thinned out, and he told me to head downstairs to Labor & Delivery as I was going to be having a baby today rather than tomorrow.

WHAT???? I called my in-laws who were loading up their car to head to Birmingham to sit with our boys to tell them to get on the road NOW rather than later as Maddox was going to come today.

I then immediately called Chris to tell him “I am not coming home”. He definitely was in shock to hear that. We then had to scramble for childcare…who is going to sit with the boys until MiMi & PopPop arrive? I called Brittney at Samford who was more than willing to come to the house but she does not own a car. Chris’ car only had the carseat for Evan in it, not a booster seat for Brady so he was unable to leave the house to go pick her up. She was scrambling to get friends on the phone to borrow a car while I tried to call neighbors who could run to Samford to pick her up for us. She finally got in touch with a friend who let her borrow her car so she could come to my house to stay with Evan and Brady.


So I then felt like I could head to Labor & Delivery as Brady and Evan were going to be taken care of and Chris was going to be able to join me in welcoming Maddox to the world.

I headed to L&D and was welcomed warmly as they were expecting me. I was taken to L&D room 8 and made to quickly change into my gown. That was at 8:50 am. I was hooked up to an IV and monitor by 9am. My contractions were monitored at 5-6 minutes a part. Nurse Joan (who was my nurse when Evan was born) told me that Dr. Ross wanted to come and break my water after we had my IV all hooked up. I asked her if he would wait until my husband got here as I did not want to do this alone. She said she would wait to call him until Chris got here. Chris arrived at about 9:45am. We were informed that there is an emergency going on so Dr. Ross has not been in to see me or break my water yet.  We also got a new nurse with this change, Mary Lee.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Precious Preparations

We have been busy bees getting things ready for Maddox Christopher to arrive (scheduled induction at 6am on Feb. 8th).  I have been trying to finish projects and cleaning around the house....knowing time for such things will not exist for a while.  I have scheduled Maddox's newborn portrait excited for that!  Evan and I went ahead and took our Mommy & Me swim class because I will not be able to get in the pool with him for quite some time.  We turned our office/craft room downstairs next to my bedroom into a temporary nursery...this turned out much nicer and "finished" looking that I had envisioned.  I ordered and have the cutest "Biggest Brother", "Big Brother", and "Baby Brother" t-shirts ready for the boys to wear when they meet.  I have Maddox's sweet outfit purchased, monogrammed, washed, and packed.  We have the infant car seat washed, installed, and inspected.  The boys took the Big Brother class at Brookwood Medical Center.  They have Maddox's gift to give him when he is born (his sweet lil' lovey).  Maddox has done his shopping so he can give Brady and Evan their big brother gifts when he meets them in the hospital.  We have so many things ready for him that now we are all just ready to meet him, hold him, love on him!

I have wondered how Evan will react to a little baby in our home, how he will react to his Mommy being so needed by someone other than him.  He is a lot younger than Brady was when he was born.  He will be just shy of 21 months when Maddox is born (Brady was just shy of 3 years old) and, as we all know, we are all different.  I have an idea how Brady will react because we have done this before (although things can always be different this time) but I have had no idea how Evan will react or how much he understands or will understand.  I feel like I have gotten some glimpse of it lately..not sure if this is a taste of how he will be or just wishful thinking but he has a real interest in babies...real and dolls.  Whenever there is a baby doll our Moms' Club Christmas party, at MiMi & PopPop's house, at other friends' houses...he goes to it and holds it and loves on it, saying "baby, baby".  A couple of weeks ago, we were at story time at Whole Foods with our friends Alli, Eli, and Shephard Nations.  I held Shephard (about 7 months old) for Alli and Evan was watching me.  I purposely held him close, snuggling on him, loving on him to see how Evan would react.  Would he notice?  Would he get jealous?  Would he care?  He was SO SWEET!!!! He watched me hug on him and patted his leg and his little feet so sweetly and just continued to sweetly say "Baby, Baby".  He leaned in to hug him.  It was so sweet.  I was so happy to see this hoping that this is how he will respond to Maddox. 

Then just this past week, we were at Chick-fil-A and in the play area again with the Nations and her sister Melissa and her kiddos.  There was two babies that day for him to notice - or not - both Shepard and John Whitten.  He noticed and was enthralled and "in love" with both of them.  It was so cute to watch.  So in less than 2 days, I will get to see first hand how my sweet Evan responds to being a Big Brother. 

I still have a hard time with this notion, my sweet little baby is a "Big Brother"..that just doesn't seem seems WAY too soon, too young, too early....he is still my baby!! I hope the adjustment is not too hard for Evan, but I also hope this adjustment is not too hard for Mommy...I do not want to miss out on this sweet age and stage with my Evan.  I want to enjoy Evan, not mourn his babyhood.

I am praying hard for a smooth transition for us all.