Wednesday, February 5, 2014

A BIG week for the conductor of this caboose

Last Monday I signed my last baby up for school for the first time.  Maddox will start preschool in August at Shades Crest Baptist Church.

Then on Tuesday we celebrated Maddox's 3rd birthday with a marionette puppet show birthday party.

Then on Friday (his actual birthday) a young couple came to pick up our crib, changing table and glider/rocker that we finally sold (Maddox has been out of the crib since June).

Then, of course, on Friday my caboose officially turned three, no more baby!  Of course he will ALWAYS be MY baby!

    Madman sooo excited at his party

Be still my ❤️ and Father Time ⏰ please!!! 

"I 'BOUT TO BE FREE!!!!!!!!!!"

This was yelled at the top of Maddox's lungs repeatedly in the van last week on the way to his birthday party - out of the clear blue...IT.WAS.ADORABLE!!!

We were driving along quietedly - the three boys & I - and SUDDENLY - he started yelling "I 'BOUT TO BE FREE!!!!, I 'BOUT TO BE FREE, I 'BOUT TO BE FREE!!!!" so joyfully, so sweetly.  Brady, Evan, and I started laughing happily.  It was so cute as I am pretty certain that in his mind he truly believed he turned three the minute his party started.

  Happy little guy at his birthday party