Monday, June 2, 2014

Many firsts and lasts

There have been a lot of firsts and lasts around here that I have not written down and want to take some time to do that before the gray hard drive between my ears has to purge to keep up.  This Spring Evan played on a t-ball team for the first time in his little life.

Brady moved up from tball to baseball where he was pitched to by the coach and they had outs (first time for him since he is playing Upward).  He made the transition smoothly.

Maddox had his last Mommy & Me swim class (which in turn is my last EVER Mommy & Me swim more babies)

Maddox's favorite part of the swim class was the hot shower in the locker room after class.

Maddox got his first BIG boy summer cut

The other two with their summer cuts
 Maddox's last music class (he always wanted to sit with Miss Abby - the teacher - but was always too shy....this is my last music class too (I did this with all three boys until they started school, Maddox starts preschool in the Fall)
Evan completed his preschool "career".
His sweet "graduation" portrait
A quick pic before I walked out the door to register Evan for kindergarten...he thought that meant he would go - right then.  When I got home he asked me if he was going to "big school" the very next day.
Evan, Daddy and I at Kindergarten Kickoff....Evan was so proud - May 8, 2014

 Evan's preschool graduation - 5/14/14 - and his last day of preschool - 5/15/14

Brady wanted to have a Father/Son backyard camp out to celebrate his birthday with his friends (just as he did last year) but the weather did not cooperate, so Brady hosted his first sleepover...they had a blast!

"......Oh (or) Not?"

Maddox has this cute way of asking yes or no questions.   He ends them all with "oh (or) not?"  "Are we going to bed....oh not?"  "Is Daddy home....oh not?"  I love it.  This may be my shortest post ever....oh not....LOL!!

3 year portrait