Thursday, June 28, 2012


So last year when May came around, we jokingly dubbed it MAYhem around here.  There was just so much going on....all good stuff, but a lot to juggle nonetheless.  I have come to the conclusion this will probably just be how May goes for our little family every year.  With two birthdays, then the birthday parties, the close of the school year, Mother's Day, the end of t-ball/baseball season, etc. it is just enough "extra" added to our full lives to make it "MAYhem". 
We had a fun month.  Our big guy, Brady, finished kindergarten.  I have felt all year long that I was adjusting to the fact that he was in "big school" and now his first year is over. .
(Brady's last day of kindergarten)
Maddox is cruising. He is getting brave in his walking. I think he is ready to let go and would do fine, he just doesn't know it yet.
(Maddox sporting a dew rag)
Evan is three - preschool age - sending him off next year just doesn't seem right. He still seems so little and still talks like such a little guy. Babies don't go to school! In honor of him turning three, I want to journal my top three favorite "Ev" things:
(Evan at the Heart of Dixie Railroad Museum - his 3rd Bday party)
1. His snuggle-bugness. He will lay with me in his bed before nap, before bed, any ol' time and just hold me tight. He will put my face into his little dimples-where-knuckles-will-grow hands and hold me while staring into my eyes or kissing my face. He will scratch my back and say: "Mommy I tickle you back? You like that Mommy?"
(Evan & I at his train birthday party)
2. His big, big smile that includes the most endearing (identical to his Dad's) dimples I have ever had the pleasure of seeing light up!
(Evan's last picture as a two-year-old)
3. His lil' NJ accent....he cracks us up with the way he talks - so Jersey via Alabama. Chris and I often joke that Evan should be on the reality show "Jersey Shore".

18 days later our big guy, Brady, turned six years old.  He is such a big boy - and sooo big for his age.  At his 6 year well check up, Dr. Anderson said he is the size of a healthy 7 1/2-year-old....needless to say he is off of the charts.  I wonder how old he will be when he passes me!

(Brady & Evan during the National Anthem at the Birmingham Barons game)

So May is well behind us now and I have finally completed journaling about the things that I wanted to journal about.  Some of the highlights of our CRAZY month, our MAYhem.