Tuesday, December 4, 2012


Evan made me chuckle a couple of times today. Chris, Maddox, and I have the flu 😞. We are trying to prevent Evan and Brady from catching it so we are constantly telling them to stay away from us.

Today as I am trying to get Evan ready for preschool, I call him over to me to put his shoes on him. Remembering what I have told him about staying away from us, he looks at me as he is walking in front of me and says: "Now I have the flute". "I am near you, I have the flute now. I don't want the flute."

Later this afternoon, Brady is on my laptop doing spelling homework. Evan never sees Brady on my laptop because it is not often that he is on it and usually when Brady is doing his homework it is when Evan is still napping. Evan looks over at Brady on my laptop and says, with the cutest little giggle, "you a mom, Brady." I guess in Evan's little mind, only moms use laptops 😀