Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Catching Up

Over the past month or so I have had lots of thoughts, many moments, and several conversations that I have wanted to journal and record for prosperity sake.  I have not taken the time to do it is time for me to just dump out the hodge podge of things I can remember and have thought: "I want/need to remember that so I can journal it."

  • Evie (Ehhvie) - the only name Maddox has for Evan
  • "I wuv you"
  • wahgola bar (granola bar)
  • Me drink water, me go potty, etc.  Instead of "I", he says "Me"
  • Instead of cute, he says coot and he argues who is cute.  If you tell him he is cute, he says: "I not coot, you coot."
  • He has extended the above to all things..."I not funny, you funny."  "I not hot, you hot"
  • "No, I do it!"  He says this often and quite determined.  He is quite the Mr. Independent.
  • You can tell he has two older brothers and the influence they have on this sweet little two year old:
    • "You mean, Mommy" (when things are not going their way)
    • "You nice, Mommy" (when things have taken a turn their way)
    • "You cray cray, Mommy" (so funny/inappropriate/cray cray for his age)
    • AND at the most random times....."I jus keeding.  Wattevah"  (I'm just kidding.  Whatever."  Chris and I LOVE how his sweet little voice sounds when he says this.
  • My favorite.....for the first time, a week ago - in the most angelic & sincere voice - he looked in my eyes, with no alterior motive, and said "Momma, you my bess fren" (best friend)

"Chillaxing" in the sun
Evan has amused/warmed me with some funny statements/sweet actions as well:
  • Last week while playing in the playroom I came to check on Evan and he pulled on the waistband of his shorts, looked in and said - out of the clear blue sky - "It's always changing, Mom."  Me: "What is always changing?"  Evan: "My penis.  It keeps changing.  All the time.  It changes, then changes back."  Good times : )
  • This summer I took care of my friend's baby a few times and Evan was so sweet, so nurturing that it just touched my soul (knowing how crazy and rambunctious he can be).  He would get his lovie out of his bed because "it will help Baby Levi sleep better".
Sharing a cupcake on a date with Mr. Adorable
  • I am so proud of this guy...this summer our number for Shades Cliff pool was finally up. I was so excited for us to have the pool to enjoy for the summer.  I decided to sign Brady up for the swim team in order to strengthen his swimming skills and to build his confidence in his ability.  He had a hard time at first...not knowing the terminology and feeling inadequate.  He quickly recovered with GREAT, caring, cool coaches.  Then they moved to the DEEP end and he felt like he would sink to the bottom.  He was so afraid.  A lot of coaxing, tears, encouraging, loving, etc and he finally overcame his fear.  The coaches were phenomenal...they were kind, patient, and extremely encouraging.  Coach David took Brady under his wing and he really built Brady's confidence and developed his swimming skills.
Brady at his first swim meet

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Hairy as a Grandpa

Today I had to work at Prince of Peace for their staff development at their preschool. While I had the kiddos on the playground, Evan said: "You are starting to look like a grandpa.". I looked at him and said: "What?".  He looked at my arm where I have a mole on it - It has a lovely black hair growing out of it (a REAL beauty) -  and says: "What is that?" (pointing at my arm).  I said: "It is a hair."  He says: "You are going to look like Daddy if you grow hair there."  HILARIOUS!!!