Wednesday, May 26, 2010

"mmmmmmmmmhhh".....the sweet sound I hear as my lil' angel, Evan comes toward me for a it, every single second of it, especially when even when he forgets to close his mouth and it is slobbery.  This is Evan's newest "word". 

He is getting so expressive.  Chris and I are eating it up!  His "favorite" word right now is "uh-oh" after he has catapulted something across the room or overboard.  We are having a time  fun trying to teach him that "it is not an 'uh-oh' when you throw something, Evan." 

Today, when Chris came home from work at lunch, Evan looked up at him and said "my dada" clearly, it melted Chris' heart!

Evan is scooting ALL over the place and FAST, it is amazing!! It is very interesting to Chris and I that we have babies that don't crawl, just scoot on their bottoms....I guess they prefer to face the world upright and head-on....I admire what that can mean!

Weaning.......not as methodical as it was the first time....with Brady I knew I was going to nurse until he turned one or it didn't work out for all involved anymore, whatever came first.  With that in mind, things worked out fine so I planned on wrapping it up at one when it is "safe" to replace breast milk and/or formula with cow's milk.  I gave my body one week for each of the four feedings he had at that point to adjust and dry up so I would not be in pain or get an infection or anything.  With four feedings, I started a month before Brady turned one...dropping one feeding per week.  I nursed him the last time the morning of his one-year-old wellness check-up, which was the day after his birthday, then discussed introducing milk with his pediatrician and we did it that afternoon and DONE...nursing was over....methodical, neat, orderly, just like I LOVE things and with no resistance from Brady!  I went into the arena of breastfeeding with Evan with the same mindset...."if it ain't broke, don't fix it", right?  Feeding has gone wonderfully with Evan, no formula needed.  He eats whole food GREAT!!!  I did not start the weaning process 4 weeks out as planned for a variety of reasons, things going on, etc. but I did start 2 weeks out thinking: we will end up about 2 weeks past turning one, big woop!  I dropped the afternoon (after nap) feeding first, gave it a week.  Then I dropped the late morning (after morning nap) feeding, gave it a week.  This was going fine..he was turning one and I had two feedings to drop....after dinner/before bed and first thing in the morning.  First thing in the morning feeding was going to be last.  Just as I was planning to drop the before bed feeding he started having a REALLY hard time with not nursing after he woke up from his afternoon nap....he would cry, like REAL TEARS not just fussing, and dive his head toward my chest with his mouth open, so sadly.  It broke my heart...this was new to me....too sad for me.  I thought he was just hungry as he was used to eating at this time of day so I increased his snack, that didn't change anything.  He sat in his high chair eating while crying with tears streaming down his face looking at me so was like I was rejecting him or something.  I decided to nurse him after afternoon nap in place of the bedtime is working.  It is still just two times per day and it is not associated with sleeping, since it is the two times per day when he wakes the a.m. and after nap, this is good for later weaning...not needing nursing or ME to sleep.  He eats whole food so well that he seems to get plenty to eat at dinner to sleep fine at night and still sleep his 12 hours per night.  So for now, at one year and 2 weeks old, he is still nursing two times per day.  This is not exactly what I planned - "Many are the plans of a man's heart, but it is the LORD's purpose that prevails" Proverbs 19:21 - but it appears to be what he needs right now and it is not harming him, myself, or others in my family so I am still "doing my job" here in the Stidham household!  There is something sweet about him needing that special time with just his mommy still, I must admit!

BRADY MAC finished his first year of school......I can not believe it.  Tuesday was his last day of school - the 25th - and we all went up there for a picnic outside his school with his class.  It was fun but hard to believe his first year is already over...what a quick 9 months that was!  Our very first summer vacation is many fun things in mind for summer.  Last night Chris gave Brady his "summer cut"...we did it last year for the first time.  It makes him look so "grown" to me...he is so handsome!!!

Sunday, May 23, 2010

May Daze!!!!!!!!!!

May has been busy, busy, busy - and FUN for our family.  We had Evan's first birthday party on the 8th - in Atlanta so we traveled to the ATL on the 7th, had the party on the 8th, enjoyed some semblance of Supper Club that night, celebrated Mother's Day with a breakfast date at the Waffle House with my boys while Chris enjoyed church with his mother and then we celebrated the occasion with Chris' family on the 9th and then headed back home. 

The 12th - Evan's ACTUAL lil' angel is a whole year old..........WHAT??...Chris took the day off so we could have a whole day about Evan for his fun!!! We took him out to breakfast at the Ranch House after we dropped Brady off at school, then we took him to the mall to enjoy his first carousel ride...the carousel conductor played a special b-day song for him so we got an extra long ride.  He really seemed to enjoy this.   Then we brought the little fellow home and just gave him some undivided attention from BOTH parents and just played with him and had lunch with him before picking Brady up from school.  After his nap, we took him out to eat to the same Mexican restaurant we went to the night he was conceived....I know he is going to read this one day and think - thanks, mom, that is way too much information!!!....and they sang to him and gave him some sort of special cinnamon/sugar tortilla dessert.  When we got home he had a cupcake waiting for he and Brady that I made and we put a candle in it and sang to him.  We had a GREAT day celebrating the littlest Stidham! 

Brady started his first ever one-on-one swim lessons.  We signed up for these lessons with Mr. Chaz at the YMCA.  I have been VERY proud of how much progress he has made with him.  Evan and I did his first Mommy & Me swim class...which was GREAT.  It was nice having an activity for just he and I and having that one-on-one time with him.  Such special time for Evan & I.

We have had a few fun end-of-year things going on at Brady's of which was celebrating his "pretend" birthday.  Since his birthday is when school is out for Summer, his teacher gives us the opportunity to do a "pretend" celebration.  She makes a sweet little crown for the birthday boy or girl to wear for the day and the parents can bring something "special" for that day's snack time if they want to.  I brought some yummy chocolate chip cookies and juice boxes in for the class for snack time and then I read a fun book to the class.  It was nice to be a part of my big boy's school day!
I had lots of fun preparing personalized thematic party favors for both the boys' parties and getting family together to pool our money for one big gift that they will enjoy for years to come.  I finished up Evan's one year journal and now am going to commit to doing my best to keep a great journal of his doings, growing, and updates via my blog.  On the 13th, I took Evan to his one year well check-up and he received a good bill of health.  He is quite a big boy - 90th percentile in height at 30.5 inches, 30th percentile for weight at 21 lbs. 2 oz. and 95th percentile for his head circumference at 18 3/4 inches!!  Such a big guy! 
On the 13th we had Brittney photograph the boys for their 1 year and 4 year portraits.  She, of course, did a GREAT job! 

Evan added another word to his vocabulary "uh-oh" cute the way he says it with inflection.  He nows says "Momma", "DaDa", his version of Brady "Bray-ee", "bye bye", "night night", and now "uh-oh".  I love it!!  We had a blast at Brady's birthday party.  We had a fun, cooking birthday party for Brady on the 22nd at Super Suppers.  What a wonderful time!  Each little chef decorated their own chef's hat, wore aprons and made little personal pizzas, decorated yummy strawberry cupcakes (Brady chose strawberry everything), and then birthday boy, Chef Brady, made a yummy, homemade strawberry ice cream.  They had a fantastic time and proved to be quite talented in their cooking skills.  MiMi & PopPop and Poppy traveled from Georgia to enjoy the festivities.

It was very exciting to see Brady's face when we arrived home from his party with the surprise gift in the backyard for he and Evan.  We - along with MiMi & PopPop, Nonnie, Uncle Rich, & Poppy - bought Brady and Evan a great wooden playset for the backyard and had it delivered and assembled while we were at Brady's party.  He was VERY was awesome!!I have to be honest now that May is coming to a close in the next week......WOW!!! While we have had a lot of FUN, it is nice to just be laying on my couch at the moment with my feet up and catching up on my journaling while my babies rest. It has been hectic and busy and I am ready for some down time (funny with a one year old and almost four year old to write that) and regular routine stuff. I am excited about summer vacation for Brady...his last day of preschool is Tuesday....and all the fun things that I am looking forward to doing with he and Evan this summer.