Thursday, June 24, 2010

Brady went to his first Vacation Bible School last week.  It was four days - Mon. - Thurs. and he loved it.  I was a little nervous dropping him off somewhere new but he really enjoyed it and learned some great things.  They had a singing program the last day and Chris, Evan, and I went up there to watch him was so cute.  He was really into it and did a GREAT job.  One of the songs he sang has this line: "every day I'm growing up a little bit, a little bit more".  I actually teared cheesey am I?!?!  After his program, we went out to eat chinese food and after lunch, as Chris was heading back to work, Brady said "Daddy why do you have to go to work?"  Chris said: "Brady why does Daddy go to work?"  Brady: "to make the money."  Then Brady looks at me, IN ALL SERIOUSNESS and says: "So Daddy makes the money and Mommy you make the milk?"  Too cute!!!  Of course he asks this in an outside voice inside this little chinese restaurant FULL at lunch time.  I just looked at him and said: "Sure, buddy.  Something like that."   Too cute!!

Evan's 13th Month

I can't believe my lil' baby is 13 months old already!!! He is sooooo his little scootin' way.  He gets into EVERYTHING!!!!  He definitely keeps me on my toes....or face (as he wears me down...sooo tired with him)!  He cut a new tooth this past Monday...the bottom right one, next to the center right one...if that makes sense!  Today I noticed the opposing tooth is starting to break through as well....this will make tooth number 8.  He says "yeah" in context with a nice, little nod.   "Do you want milk?" Evan: "Yeah" with a big nod.  He has a VERY passionate personality...when he is happy, you know it; when he is angry, you know it!  He laughs a lot!!! A very fun, out loud, belly is GREAT!!!  He loves to give his Mommy kisses.  He leans toward me and says "mmmmmm" and then plants one on my lips....usually with his mouth open.   He has these adorable curls at the nape of his them.  Chris thinks we need to cut these "strays" but since they are sweet lil' curls, I don't want to.  He is such a cuddler.  When you hold him he tucks his arms up underneath himself and snuggles in against your chest...I LOVE it!!  He LOVES playing with his big brother so much.....he laughs at Brady's silliness constantly.  It is so fun to watch them enjoy one another.  He is LOUD!!! When he wants something, he lets you know it and if you don't get what he is wanting quickly, he SCREAMS...oh my, some days I am afraid I am going to be deaf from the screaming - or insane!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Latest in the Stidham Household

Weaning ....has turned to WEANED!! We are done....Evan did fine with dropping his last feeding and finally my boobs are not hard as a rock, about to rip open, and unbearable to be even brushed up against.  That was unbearable!!! I have no idea why it was so bad this time.  It was not like that when I weaned Brady.  So glad that pain is gone!

BRADY MAC a couple of weeks ago before Brady was going to bed (we were hanging out in his room as he waited for Chris to come in and read and pray with him....he was getting Evan in the bed) he said "Mommy, will you sing me a lullaby?"  "Of course, buddy, I will sing you a lullably"  In my mind I am something with my sweet boy that is getting to cuddle him and him be my baby??? YES, PLEASE!!!
So I put him in my lap and rocked with him and sang a lullaby and  LOVED EVERY MINUTE OF IT!!!  After Chris put him to bed, about 5 minutes later or so, Brady called for me in his room.  I went in there and he said "Mommy, thank you for singing me a lullaby.  I love you!" 

Oh, Brady!  I LOVE you too!!!

Good Mommy Day!

Last Friday was one of those GREAT Mommy Days.  Both boys were enjoying their days, behaving well, and just in great spirits overall.  We had a fun day together playing, enjoying the pool, and spending time together.  I LOVE these kind of days and wanted to take a minute to note such a wonderful mommy day with my boys.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Weaning...So Sunday morning when I got Evan up I decided that was going to be the last time I nursed him as I would have given my body an entire week from the previous feeding that I dropped.  Of course, this was all going to depend on how he reacted.  So Monday morning, I didn't feed him and, other than changing his diaper prior to taking him to the kitchen to give him his food - which of course angered him - which he felt the need to communicate his hunger with me, he was fine.  So...that was more nursing.  I am not exactly sure how I feel about it all.  There is a part of me that is RELIEVED to be finished, there is part of me that is wistful about my baby not "officially" being a baby anymore, and then there is part of me that is SAD as I may never experience that bonding ever again.   Chris and I do not know if we want any more children or that may have been it!

Last week Evan started pulling up some.  He threw a toy into the bathtub while hanging out with me when I was trying to get ready and then he started pulling himself up to look over the tub to see the toy.  While sitting in Chris' lap this weekend, he started pulling on the back of the chair and a half to stand up.  Growing up too fast, if you ask me!


Today, Brady had his first tennis class.  They worked on both forehand and backhand.  After some time on backhand, Mr. Glenn wanted to go back to forehand.  He said "Alright, Brady how do we get in position for our forehand?"   He looked at Mr. Glenn, in all seriousness, and said (while holding his hands up) "how can I do that?  I don't have four hands."


Wednesday, June 2, 2010 today will be day three of not nursing Evan after his afternoon nap.  We are now down to just one feeding per day...when he wakes up in the morning.  On Monday I decided to see how he would do after his nap without nursing so instead we cuddled and I gave him a sippy cup of milk.  He did fine so I decided to drop that feeding and so far, so good!! 

On Sunday, we witnessed one of Evan's firsts...just a cute lil' thing I want to remember.  When I went to get him up from his nap he was sitting up in his crib, just looking around.  He, of course, has been sitting up on his own for a while but this was the first time that he was sitting up in his bed waiting for us when we have gone to get him out of bed.

Bruiser........Brady went today for his 4-year-old well check-up and, luckily, everything is a-okay!! We are thankful for that....very thankful!!  He is a BIG boy!!! 90th percentile in height and in weight at 42.5 inches tall and 41lb. 2 oz.