Thursday, April 30, 2009

May 12th

May 12th is D-Day.........If Evan does not make his own arrival before May 12th, Dr. Adcock will induce my labor that morning. I am excited, and VERY ready to have him on the other side of me. I can not wait to meet him. I am so curious to see him, how he will look..will he look like his Daddy, me, his brother?? I can't wait to hold him and kiss his sweet newborn face.

The BIG 5-0!!!

So I didn't think I would be journaling about the big 5-0 for another 16 years and 2 months. Now with that written, obviously I am not close to turning 50 years old yet but, yesterday, at my OB check up I learned that I have gained the big 5-0!!! WOW!! 50 lbs. with two weeks to go. Let me just say that I am glad my husband is not some little guy but, rather, the hunk of love and muscle that he is. I don't think I could stand it if my husband weighed less than matter how temporary it is.

The end of the Mommy & Me Era

So sad....Brady is exactly a month from turning hard to believe he is growing up so fast!! He has gotten so tall, so independent, he looks like such a boy more toddler : ( It is fun and rewarding watching him grow and change and learn but I also long for and mourn the days of him being ALL MINE!!!

Last Thursday was our last Mommy & Me class...swim class...once he turns three all of his little sports/activities will be just him with Mommy watching. Monday was our last Toddler class at the is for little ones 24-36 months...they don't meet in May as they gear up for their summer reading program. Come June..he is 3!
Tuesday was our last story time at the library...they wrapped things up for this school year. It will resume in September and my lil' man will be in preschool on Tuesdays. This coming Wednesday will be our last music class as the following Wednesday - May 13th - is the last class for this school year and I will have a newborn then and will not be attending. Next year, my lil' man will be in preschool on Wednesdays!!! Oh preschool....I am excited about it for him and yet so sad about it taking my boy away from me....letting go is already so hard, how will I make it through all the other chapters that are to come?!?!?


PRAISE GOD!! My dear hubby is fine! Last Wednesday was the arteriogram and they learned that the stress test produced a false abnormality in his heart!!! YEA!!! They did however discover plaque in his arteries. At his age that is both abnormal and not good. It is not so much that they have to do something about it but it is proof that his body does not process/metabolize cholesterol as it should. Definitely a blessing in disguise!! Most people would not learn this about their heart at this early stage or age and the plaque would continue to build. This, of course, would lead to bypass surgery later in life - or worse - a heart attack. Armed with this knowledge at this early stage, we are blessed to start my Bunkie on Crestor to prevent further plaque build up and hopefully to prevent bypass surgery and save his life.

His father saved his life! Bob with his heart issues and our LORD with leading us down the road to learning about Chris' issue so young and preventable. Again, I say, PRAISE GOD!!!

Saturday, April 18, 2009

My sweetHEART

So my hubby has been going through a few minor health issues, but in the midst of all that has been going around us, and the fact that it involves his heart, there has definitely been an elevated level of anxiety and - and maybe this is the reason for all of increased level of appreciation. Chris learned he had higher than ideal cholesterol three years ago when we did our life insurance tests when I was pregnant with Brady. It was not "high" in Chris' mind so he didn't take it that seriously...of course, I did! In a recent physical - about a year or so ago - he found out it had gone up some 250...then I got all over him about how serious that continue to rise at his young age (34 at this point). He didn't understand it based on his weight, exercise routine, lack of family history, diet, etc. but genetics are what they are.

Fast forward to a month ago when my sweet friend from MOPS suddenly lost her husband to a massive heart attack at almost 39 years old in the middle of the night...these tragic events so often are major eye openers as I reminded Chris that he was supposed to have his 6 month follow up at our doctor to see if he successfully lowered his cholesterol with diet and exercise - in January!! It was mid-March.

A week later, Chris's Dad went to the doctor for what he thought was gal bladder issues and discovered it was his heart and was moved to ICU after a heart attack and then later had SIX bypasses...again none of the typical warning signs...not high cholesterol, not high blood pressure, not a high heart rate, not family history, not overweight, and a non-smoker. This really opened Chris' eyes as he thought about how this put him in the "family history" category now. He called our doctor once we returned to Birmingham to have his follow up and his cholesterol rechecked. while hew was there he told Dr. Gilstrap about his Dad and his blood pressure was elevated for the first time. While Dr. Gilstrap was certain this was probably just anxiety based on what all had happened, he felt like with three factors - blood pressure, cholesterol, and now family history - it would be wise to schedule a stress test. So on Wednesday, April 8th Chris returned to Dr. Gilstrap's office for his stress test. He found out while he was there that he had lowered his cholesterol on his own from 250 to 207...which is GREAT. The stress test appeared to go well and they were impressed how long it took him to get his heart to its maximum rate on the treadmill. He was scheduled to come back a week later for his follow up to see what the stress test revealed.

On April 15th he returned to the doctor's office for his stress test results. He was told they found an abnormality and had scheduled him to see the cardiologist on Friday morning the 17th. SCARY!!! So all along as he has had anxiety during some of this with the "what-ifs", etc. I have been thinking things are fine, will be fine. The doctor is being thorough and we are being responsible...that is all this is.

And then the day...I hear "they found an abnormality in my heart they have scheduled my appointment with the cardiologist for Friday morning." WHAT??? an abnormality...a cardiologist appointment for my 35-year-old husband????? and they didn't say "we think you should follow up with is his number." they made the appointment for him for two days later!! Okay, what goodness and I am due to give birth in 3 weeks!!!! During this week we also found out that Chris' Aunt Robby's best friend lost her husband to a heart attack as well.

So Chris goes to the cardiologist on Friday morning. They drew blood, ran an EKG and decided they need to do an arteriogram on him on Wednesday. The abnormality on the stress test showed the tracer did not run through the bottom chambers of his heart completely/efficiently/sufficiently. Was he not positioned well for those pictures of his heart, does he have narrowing arteries, does he have a blockage already at 35??? that is what the arteriogram will tell the doctors on Wednesday. They will sedate him and catherize him. He will need to be driven home and, depending on what they find, he may have to stay overnight. If they find a blockage, they will either do angioplasty or put a stint in his heart while they are already in. Hopefully after Wednesday (2 1/2 weeks before my baby boy is expected to arrive), my hubby will be all clear, have a clean bill of health and be home feeling well with nothing for us to worry about anymore...that is our prayer!!

With this going on....something affecting his heart...I think of his heart, his sweet heart that is the best Daddy in the world, that is a giving spouse, that is a loving son, that is a loyal friend, that is a devoted son, that is a faithful servant, that is a concerned member of society, that is my BEST FRIEND and I think: "How can something be wrong with his sweet, sweet heart?" I have also had the thought: "how can I do this life, raise my boys, without him?" I know - with GOD - I can...but I want to scream: "I don't want to do this life thing without my sweetHEART!" He is great...not perfect, but perfect for ME!

Some recent one liners....

While coloring Easter eggs with MiMi and PopPop on Easter Eve in Atlanta... Chris: "What do you want to write on this egg (with the clear crayon that shows up white after you dye the egg)?" Brady: "a "K" for Bob" (PopPop)

While handing Miss Ericca a box of kettle corn popcorn that we got her at had a picture of popcorn in the shape of a heart...."Here Miss Ericca...this will make your heart feel all better."

After his friend Jacob used the potty like a big boy at Chick-fil-A, everyone was telling him how great he did and how proud we were of him...Brady looked at him and said "You're a rock star!"

"I am right here, Mommy!"

My little angel at Macy's....

Brady, Miss Ericca (my friend I work with at Starbuck's that Brady ADORES - and she ADORES him too), and I went to Macy's on Wednesday to shop for a wedding gift for a co-worker of ours. While we are at the store, Brady asks to walk "like a big boy" so I let him out of the stroller while we were checking out. He was walking under the clothing racks, etc. and I kept telling him that to walk like a big boy he needed to stay with us, that I needed to be able to see him. After a few minutes of walking under racks, etc. and making it difficult for me to see him at points, I knelt down and called him over so we could be eye to eye. I said "Hey Buddy, Mommy needs you to be where I can see you know why?" He just looked at me, wide-eyed, and I said "Mommy is not being mean when I ask you to stay near me...Mommy says that because I need to be able to see you to make sure you are safe. It is DANGEROUS to walk away where Mommy can't see you. If I can't see you someone could take you and then I wouldn't see you again and I would be so sad. So Mommy asks you to stay where she can see you because I love you and need to take care of you and protect you." Brady looks at me, nodding, and then gives me the biggest hug and tightest squeeze, while patting my back, says: "It is okay, Mommy, I am right here, okay?" "It is okay, I am right here".

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Bye Bye Paci

On March 23rd we took Brady to Build-A-Bear to pick out an animal and put his paci inside. We told him we were going on a big boy adventure and that it was time to say "bye bye" to his paci. We let him choose the animal...he chose a frog with shamrocks for dimples that he named "Lucky". We told him he would put his paci inside and anytime he missed his paci (it has always been in his bed) then he would have Lucky to hold onto and his paci would be right inside. He was excited and put his paci in and had a great time creating Lucky, bathing him, printing his birth certificate, etc. This was our first experience with Build-a-Bear. After we made Lucky, we rode the carousel and got an ice cream. Our plan was "celebrating being a big boy" instead of just "taking something away" from our little guy. We had a great time and then came home to get ready for bed......yikes!! We missed our paci - there was crying, asking why, calling out to Daddy and Mommy for about an hour and a half. He finally fell asleep and he woke up at about 4:30 a.m. calling for his Daddy. Chris went up and talked to him and then calmed him down. He went back to sleep. Tuesday nap we cried out and whined for about an hour...Tuesday night about 45 minutes, Wednesday nap about 45 minutes, Wednesday night about 30 minutes, Thursday nap about 30 minutes, Thursday bed time about 10 minutes, Friday nap..pretty much no crying or whining, Friday night nothing, Saturday and Sunday nothing. It only took a week and he is over it...back to sleeping his normal hours, sleeping without getting up, no whining, etc. Again....such a big boy!! The big boy bed has been so simple and now the paci is a thing of the past. How can he grow up this fast????