Tuesday, June 28, 2011


We have had all three boys at the pediatrician recently for well check-ups.  Evan's 2 year check-up...sized up at 34.5 inches (60th percentile) and 27 lbs. (40th percentile) with a clean bill of health.  Brady's 5 year check-up.....sized up at 45.5 inches tall and 46.5 lbs. - 75th percentile for weight and OFF THE CHARTS for height!!  I have never had a child measure off the charts.  Dr. Anderson said he is the size of a 6 year!  I felt so bad for Brady.  The vaccinations end at the 2 year well check-up until 5 which is when they come back to prepare for school - 4 shots in the thighs...ouch!!! Chris came to this appt. with us.   I was proud of how he handled it.  He also received a clean bill of health.  Maddox had his 4 month well check-up yesterday....5 vaccinations in ONE day!  He did well and measured in at 26.5 inches tall and 13 lbs. 6.5 oz. - 95th percentile for height (my tallest boy at this age) and only 25th percentile for weight....LONG and LEAN!  He also received a clean bill of health.  I am a very THANKFUL Mommy - and Daughter of the KING - for having healthy, beautiful boys!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

AMEN little love!

Evan has started praying before his meals.  He bows his head says: "Geejus"...speaks in tongues, then nods his head and says "Amen".  LOVE it!!! LOVE him!!

Friday, June 10, 2011

Firsts and Lasts

It seems much of my journaling regarding my kiddos and memories that I want to cherish is regarding firsts and lasts.  I feel like we have had so many firsts and lasts as of late....

  • Brady had his last day of preschool...........FOREVER!

  • Brady had his last (first) t-ball game!

  • Evan turned two!
  • Brady got fitted and wore a tuxedo (oh, I teared grown and handsome)! He was the ring bearer in Uncle Rich's wedding.

  • We celebrated Brady's 5th birthday with a fun fire station birthday party with his friends!

  • Maddox has stopped "needing me" in the middle of the night.
  • I registered my FIRST baby for the FIRST time for school (kindergarten is coming up).

  • Evan has been sporadically going pee pee and poop in the potty (the FIRST step toward potty training)!  AND telling us when he needs to go poop.
  • Instead of just calling him "beebee" (which he still does : )), Evan has started calling Maddox by his name - "mannex" - so sweet!

  • Evan and Maddox had their first hotel stay (The Partridge Inn in Augusta for Uncle Rich's wedding) - this was also Maddox's first trip to Augusta.

  • My boys and I shared two firsts together...playing in the creek with friends (what a BOY thing to do) and we went strawberry fun!

So much going many memories...May was quite full, especially with two birthdays, a graduation (Nicholas) and a wedding (Rich) so I have jokingly dubbed May of 2011 - "MAYhem".