Monday, January 23, 2012

Conversations with Brady

While sitting with Brady waiting for guitar lessons, he was asking me question after question. Finally I said "why do you keep asking me so many questions?". He simply said: "because, mom, I am a question asker". So true Brady Mac, so true! 

So Chris, Brady, and I were sitting around the table and talking about which of our kiddos may resemble me.  I mentioned that Brady resembled me when he was younger and he said  "No, mom.  I look like Dad." So I asked him, "who looks like me?"  He said: "Daisy did."  I started cracking up.  "What?"  I know he is set on the fact that boys look like boys and girls look like girls so, in his mind, there is no way any of my children can look like me because I have all boys and I am a girl.  Since Daisy was a girl (our yellow lab), then she must look like me.  So - through my laughter - I say: "She didn't look like Mommy.  Why do you think she looked like Mommy?"  Brady - "Well, you both have eyebrows."  I guess he has a point there.  We both do/did have eyebrows.

"Mom, are we free on May 17th?"  "I don't know, Brady, why?"  "Because my friend in my class invited me to her birthday party."  "Cool.  I am not sure, Brady."  "Free means available, Mom.  That we are able to do something."  Thanks, Brady.  I need that clarification!

Observing my friendly little guy while waiting for his guitar lesson last Saturday...we were waiting for his turn when another little boy was there.  He started small talk with him and then I overheard him say:  "Do you want to be friends?"  I love that about him!

Thursday, January 12, 2012

So many thoughts.....

This journal entry has taken me forever to finish.  I need to allot some time more regularly to journaling because my kids are growing up too quickly : )

I really am wishing I had some sort of easy, convenient, mobile device right now for keeping up with my journaling.  I have had so many thoughts, conversations, activities, etc. that I wanted to journal about but with everything in my world going on, I have not had the time or opportunity to open up my laptop and document the things that I have wanted to document.  This is my attempt at just "dumping" all the things that I can remember out while I can still remember some of them.
Evan....the things he is currently saying that we LOVE.."I luh you" (I love you).  When you say I love you to him; he comes back with: "I luh you moan" (I love you more).  If you then try to come back with "I love you more", he retorts with: "I luh you mose" (I love you most).....I LOVE this most!!! (pun intended).  I have always made my boys look me square on for a direct kiss when I kiss their sweet faces.  In doing that, I have always said to them - if they looked away or turned to the side - "give me those lips".  Now whenever Evan comes in for a kiss, he says to me "Gi me dose lips".  The cool thing is that when he says it, he sounds just like me...inflection and all!  I love it!  He says costume - "costoon".  "not ri-ghat now". This is one of his favorites, especially when he doesn't want to do something we have asked of him.  "No fanks" so clearly and matter-of-factly.  He sounds like a little man.  He likes to say this when we ask him to do something; again that he does not feel like doing : )  "I got eeechee; I got eeechee" as he is scratching (I got itchies).  "Awww, cah mon."  (Awww, come on.) when things are not working.  He also gets frustrated when things don't work out that he is playing with.  He gets very mad and says, through gritted teeth: "It not wort!"; "It not wort!" (It's not working).

He is such a happy, fun child....and hilarious!  He is also VERY passionate; he definitely starts to get angry when things don't "wort"...I wonder where he gets that from : )