Saturday, February 28, 2009

Best Big Brother

Today Chris, Brady, and I registered at Babies R Us. My dearest friends, Kerry and Deana, are hosting a Sprinkle for Evan. Brady was so helpful and sweet shooting everything with the scanning gun. Later in the day, after nap, Brady and Daddy are playing GeoTrax in the basement when I hear Brady coming up the stairs with a small photo album saying he needed to get stuff for Evan. He proceeds to have Chris follow him from room to room as he looks through his "growth chart" (the small photo album) to "see what Evan needs". He grabs stuff from his nursery, from his big boy room, from his playroom, the kitchen, etc. and piles all of these items on the couch for Evan. He was so determined, so focused, and spent a LONG time preparing all the things Evan needs. How blessed is Evan to have such a helpful big brother!

Thursday, February 26, 2009

The Sweetest Things

So of course I think Brady says the cutest things because he is my child but it is really hard for me to think that I would not think the following is cute from any child.

A week or so ago I had to spank Brady and while we were having our chat after I was telling him how sad it makes me to have to spank him so I told him it hurt my heart..he looked at me all seriously: "Does it hurt Evan?" through his little tears.

On Monday we were at a consignment sale and Brady walked up to a little baby in an infant carrier sitting on the floor. He said "Hi Baby. We are having a baby too. His name is Evan." Then he looked up at me and said "Mommy this baby is so cute."

So same consignment sale, we are walking out and as we are leaving Brady calls out: "Bye everyone" to the room full of women trying to find great deals.

A few weeks back we are at an appointment to check on Evan and we have an ultrasound. Brady is watching the large flat screen on the wall to look at his baby brother. Among all the sweet things that he said, the one I love: "I want to touch Evan, Mommy. I want to hold him."

Too Precious!

State your name...your full name

So the other night Brady is in his bathroom with his Daddy brushing his teeth before bed. Chris calls him some cute name and Brady says "I am not a ________, I'm Brady." Chris said "Brady what?" Brady says: "Brady Stidham and you are Daddy Stidham". I love how his little mind works!

Another Step

So in addition to the multitude of changes going on in the Stidham household and the growing up of my baby boy, I found out yesterday that Brady got into the preschool that we chose for him. He will be starting preschool in August. He will attend 3 days per week from 9am - 1pm Tues, Wed, Thurs. He was very excited when I told him about it - I think he will love school but I am sad at the thought of letting my lil' one go.......

Big Boy Bed

I need to post pics soon but today was the day...Brady moved into his big boy room today. We have been working on it for some time. He moved into our room and we moved into the bedroom downstairs so it was a lot of rearranging, we had to paint, wait for everything to come in - as we purchased everything for it off of the internet, and then Chris had to put his big boy bed (a twin over full bunk bed) together. It all came together nicely today. It actually looks as I hoped that it would, which makes me very happy. It is UGA themed! I took tonight off of work to be there for the big transition and to support Chris if there was any major issues. It - so far (it is only 10:35pm here) - is going GREAT! He was all cute laying in his big full bed after being in a crib while Daddy read his night night story. He called for his Daddy twice but seemed fine and then finally went to sleep...anxious to see how the morning goes. He has been very excited about his new room and talking about it often as he has watched it come together. Another big boy step....growing up too fast!


So I did it...I got a minivan and I am SOOOOO EXCITED that I can hardly stand it. Although I am also nervous...we haven't had a car payment in more than 5 years. It was time...we had to sell the Jetta while we could still get money out of it AND we needed to stop putting money into it! We sold it last Friday night and found a GREAT deal - I have been researching vans FOREVER - on a Honda Odyssey on Monday and purchased it last night at about 6pm, just in time for me to ride off into the work!

So today at Kid's Gym during Brady's little gym class one of the mom's said "oh, so you are a Hodyssey now?" I had never heard that term but it made me laugh. If that at all indicates that I am a hottie, I will take it : ) I have wanted an Odyssey since Brady was Evan's age so I am thankful the time has come.

So many changes coming together here all at once for us...Chris is celebrating 4 months at ADT tomorrow, last Friday the refinance on our house closed, last Friday night we sold the Jetta, last night we bought the Odyssey, and today my baby boy moved into his big boy room.....and in 10 weeks we are expecting Evan James......WOW! So much so quickly...some of which I honestly have to admit at times I thought would never happen!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

"I will be right there and I will help you"

So this morning my sweet baby boy overheard a conversation between his Daddy and I. I had mentioned to Chris that my stomach was hurting. He, of course concerned, asked if it was like baby pain. I said that it was more like an upset stomach pain. Freshly awoken little ears were sitting on the potty in his bathroom - flipping through a book. He yelled: "Mommy, you are upset?" I said: "No, baby, I am fine. My stomach is just hurting a little bit." He said: "Okay, Mommy. I will be right there when I am done and I will help you." What a sweet little boy GOD has chosen to share with me!

"That's Barack Obama, Mommy"

This past Saturday, Brady and I were looking for something fun to watch on television so I had the DirecTV guide up on the TV. When the guide is up, whatever channel the TV is on while you are looking at the guide is really small in the right corner of the TV. Some news program was on and Brady said: "That's Barack Obama"....clear as a bell and perfectly pronounced. I am still not sure how he knew that or how he retained that at whatever point that information entered his mind. What a smartie pants!

Sunday, February 1, 2009

My Dear Husband

A couple of weeks ago, Beatrice Stidham/Grandma Stidham/Big Granny left this earth to spend eternity with Jesus and reunite with her husband who had gone on before her many years ago. Bob Stidham/Pop Pop was her only child. It was difficult for him to let go of the only remaining member of his immediate family as he had already lost his Dad and does not have any siblings. He asked his children to speak on behalf of the family about how wonderful, how strong, and how loved Grandma Stidham was. Jeff and Missy did not feel they could do it. This left the baby of the family, my sweet husband, Chris. He, of course, could not let his Dad down - he admires and loves his Dad very much. So he said he would be honored to do it.

He was nervous leading up to it....this is a big job...speaking about your deceased loved one to a room full of people. I think he was nervous mostly because he wanted to do a good job for many reasons - all of which were completely selfless: (1) he wanted to make his Dad proud and to feel like he did for his Dad what he felt he himself was emotionally unable to do (2) he wanted everyone to know and love his Grandma Stidham the way he and the rest of the family did when they walked out of the ceremony (3) he wanted to represent her so perfectly and mention all those who loved her and what they would want everyone to know about her (4) he wanted to keep his emotions in check so he could get through it without breaking to the point of being inaudible. He achieved this and much more! He talked about her with such love and personality, it was very touching. I learned things about her I did not know. I felt the love each of her family members had for her. I laughed at cute stories about her. I felt Bob's pride and love for both is mother who he was so devoted to and his son who is so devoted to him. I fell in love with my husband again! He was so touching, so strong, so dependable! I knew these things about him from our 6 years of marriage but to have a visual reminder like this from time to time is a gift from GOD. I love you, Bunkie! What a rock!