Tuesday, March 24, 2015


 This little star did AWESOME at the Bluff Park Elementary School Living Museum.  All the third graders are assigned to choose a famous person that is either retired from their known profession or deceased.  They have to create their background and research, write, and memorize their biographical speech.  They are all lined up in the halls of the school and as visitors approach them they introduce themselves and then recite their speech.  Brady chose to Michael Jordan and he rocked it....absolutely nailed it!  He enjoyed this school project a lot!  He was one of the only ones that memorized his whole speech and he had A LOT of facts!!!

Monday, March 23, 2015

Thankful Little Soul

I am enamored with Maddox's thankful spirit.  He has a way of noticing all the little things in the world and pausing to thank GOD for them.  So often he will say "I want to tell GOD ______" and then he will bow his head and say "GOD thank you for _____".  Just last week Maddox and I were driving in the van and he said "Mommy aren't the trees that GOD made beautiful?"  I told him yes and then he said "I am gonna tell GOD."  Then he said "GOD, thank you for the beautiful trees."  This continued for a while as he prayed for everything and everyone that GOD created.  It was so it!

My sweet pea praying at school before lunch