Wednesday, July 29, 2009


"Hyperfocused" - I will never forget the first time I was called that. I was insulted as I took it instantly as an insult. Perhaps it was the context, perhaps the messenger, perhaps the ignorance in its definition, maybe - as is often the case - the truth behind it. This was some time ago and I haven't really thought TOO much about it since then.

Recently that word has come up again so I decided to look it up - according to Webster what does this mean? It is not in does it not exist? I tend to live by the "if it is not in the dictionary it is not a word" philosophy. So I decided to use what brain I feel like I have left these days - I do have an 11 week old - and I used Webster to look up "hyper" - adjective - "high-strung, excitable, extremely active". Then I looked up "focused" - the intransitive verb form is defined as "to concentrate attention or effort." So if I now use my math skills (not so brain fried after all) and add these words together, I can assume hyperfocused means "extreme in actively concentrating attention or effort".

I would say "yes, I can be hyperfocused when something is important enough to me". I have also decided that, unless I am "hyperfocused" on something bad, being hyperfocused is not a bad thing, rather a good thing when I am actively concentrating my attention and effort on something good, important, valuable, etc.

Friday, July 17, 2009

Our "little" lineman

Evan went for his 2 month well check up on Wednesday and weighed in at a whopping 13lbs. 9oz. and measuring 24 1/2 inches....that is a gain of 4lbs. 4oz. and 3 inches in just 2 months.......90th percentile for both height and weight! Chris may get his dream of having a football player!

Family of Friends

I have gone through a lot of my life thinking family is always there for you, family is the most important thing, the relationships in your family are incomparable, "blood is thicker than water". I have come to a place in life where I believe there is nothing better than a true friend; not a sweeter compliment than someone sincerely looking you in the eye and calling you "friend".
You do not get to choose your family but you do get to choose your friends. When a friend is standing beside you in hard times it is because they WANT to be there, not out of some familial obligation.
I know many sisters who are best friends, mothers and daughters who are best friends, aunt and niece, etc. So when you look at a family member and call them a friend, that is a choice...that is elevating them above their family title and saying "I choose you." How sweet is that?
I love my friends!

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Happy Birthday USA!

Brady enjoyed his first Fourth of July Fireworks Show last night. We enjoyed the Fourth of July Festival in downtown Homewood which is a great location to view the largest display of fireworks in the state of Alabama...the fireworks show over Vulcan!

My SUPER heroes had a BLAST enjoying the festivities!

BQ's (Brady Quotes)

So, as always, this journal is loaded down with great sayings from the first lil' guy to capture my heart...Bradester! I just love the wide open, honest statements that flow from lil' ones' mouths so matter-of-factly; those statements you can not wait to share with someone because they are so endearing or so hilarious! This was the drive for my journal as I knew I would never remember those quotes from my babies and I would later want to sit around smiling and say "remember when Brady said...." or "remember when Evan said...." and I know I will want to share with them the moments that warmed my heart!

Brady, on the way to church: "my teachers love me at church, Mommy, and I can not wait to get there and tell them that I love them too."

Brady, out in the yard with Chris and I, kept saying "Mom" this, "Dad" that. Mommy: "Brady you call me 'Mom' all the time now." Brady: "Yeah, I do." Mommy: "Well, you used to always call me Mommy, now you are always calling me 'Mom'. I didn't think you would call me that until you were older. Are you too old to call me 'Mommy' now?" Brady, very matter-of-fact like: "Yes, Mom, I am too old."

I was out on a walk with Brady and Evan in the sit 'n stand stroller and Brady and I were talking about obedience. He said: "Yeah, mom, and we say 'yes ma'am' to moms and 'yes sir' to dads and we say trufe (truth) to everyone." LOVE it!! Mommy: "yes, buddy, we do say the truth to everyone, all the time."

Such insight for such a little munchkin!

All Smiles

Evan smiles ALL the time! If he is not eating or fighting his sleep (pretty much the only time he cries), he is just smiling! It is sooo cute. We get all types of smiles...cute little coy smiles, flirty smiles, big open mouth smiles, laughing smiles (he has already started laughing...squeaking...cooing constantly). It is great. I love this stage when they start "communicating" with you. It is awesome...the start of a relationship.

Friday, July 3, 2009

The Nuzzler

Holding my sweet bundle of joy is so, so, so precious!!! Evan is The Nuzzler. When I hold him up against my right shoulder - his favorite way to be held by his Mommy, he takes his right cheek and nuzzles up against my right cheek until his little face is all snuggled up into the crook of my neck... I LOVE IT!!!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009


I remember several friends informing me that 3 for their boys was harder than the proverbial "terrible twos". I am thankful for these words of wisdom, shared experiences, etc. as they help prepare me for the future stages of my parenting. Brady was a "PERFECT" two year old....quotes on purpose as we all know that no man is "perfect" but a mother's love can be blinding, and all love in retrospect is blinding (you always seem to focus on the good stuff...I think this is why we (the human race) keep having babies (oh, the newborn stage)). In all fairness and honesty though, I LOVED and ADORED Brady the two-year-old...we had so much fun, just the two of us during the week...exploring the world, learning, growing, laughing!

THREE...still for the most part, Brady, you are a very sweet, pleasant boy. It is very obvious to Daddy and I though that you are "growing up" in more ways than one. You are flexing not only your physical muscles but the muscles of your will, as well. I think there is a level of testing and independence perhaps that comes with three. Perhaps there is the need to become your own "man". Is it that - just the three and the "what happens if I do this?"..."what happens if I don't comply?" - or is it your adjustment, the transition to becoming a big brother. Are you pulling away a little, testing, or are you doing whatever you feel like will draw attention to you? I LOVE you dearly my perfect slice of pumpkin pie, and I hope when you look back on the time that your little brother entered our family, you smile and remember feeling especially special by Daddy and I!


More Notable Quotables

So last week I go for the dreaded postpartum check up with my OB/GYN...of course, I have both boys with completely oblivious, the other trying to distract and position well enough that he is somewhat oblivious. After we head out of the doctor's office toward the elevator, Brady looks at me and says "Mommy, you did a great job at the doctor's." So sweet!

This morning I help Brady untangle the string on his toy crane...he looks at me and, very seriously, says: "Mommy you are a super hero!" (In my mind...thanks bud, everyone needs to feel like a super hero sometimes)