Wednesday, December 9, 2015


About a month ago or so, Brady came home and told me he likes a girl.  He told me her name - a girl I know from school - and then made me swear not to tell ANYONE.  I told him that I would not tell anyone and we chatted for a bit about her, why he liked her, and how he gets nervous around her.  It was a bit hard to hear....this is my BABY.  At the same time it warmed my heart....he CHOSE to talk to ME.  I hope it is always like this.  I hope he is always comfortable enough to want to share his heart with me.  Later when he talked to both Chris and I about his first crush, Chris asked him why he liked this girl.  He looked at us and said "She is just so beautiful!" Awwww...
   Brady and I on the way to his field trip

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

This GUY!!!

Evan participated in his very first karate tournament in October.  He had only been in karate since August and he did soooo well.  He won both a first place medal and a second place proud of this kiddo....and so excited to see him really enjoy an activity....his focus clearly reflects his interest.