Wednesday, February 27, 2013


My dear youngest, the caboose is two now!  In honor of my little man, Maddox, turning two I thought I would journal about my two favorite things about him:

1.  His smile - sounds so simple, so trite, but it is true. It lights up an entire room - and definitely warms my soul.

2.  His cuddles - I love how he immediately lays his head on my shoulder and begins nuzzling into my neck when I hold him to pray before nap time and bed time.  He is such a passionate, sweet, snuggler and I.Love.It. 

My sweet snuggler snuggling with his Uncle Rich - September 2012

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

The dangers of beards

Last week while we were all around the dinner table, Chris asked Evan if he was going to grow a beard like him when he grew up.  Evan said "No, Daddy.  You are gonna sniff that hair up your nose", referring to Chris' mustache.  Although he was truly concerned, Chris and I could not help but erupt in laughter.  I love these moments....gems!

Me and My Brown Eyed Boy

A couple of  Mondays ago Evan and I were driving home from his basketball class.  He says: "Mommy what color are my eyes" Me: "Your eyes are brown."  Evan: "What color are Daddy's eyes?" Me: "Daddy's eyes are blue."  Evan: "What color are Brady's eyes?"  Me: "Brady's eyes are blue."  Evan: "I want blue eyes." Me: "Well, you have brown eyes like Mommy and Maddox."  Evan: "Are they blue under the brown?" Me: "No, they are brown, buddy."  Evan: "Why are they brown.  I like blue."  Me: "That is how GOD made you, Evan.  GOD gave you, Maddox, and Mommy brown eyes and Brady and Daddy blue eyes."  Evan:  "GOD gave me brown eyes?...Okay, that is cool then.  I like brown."

I love these little conversations of discovery.  I love the one on one time we are able to have...however infrequent or short.  I love how okay he was with brown eyes when he understood that GOD gave them to him.  I just LOVE him!