Thursday, August 7, 2014

Summah, Summah, Summer Time

This is what Summer 2014 looks like:

LOVE this pic of Evan of "chillaxing"

We have been THOROUGHLY enjoying our community pool.  Brady & Evan our on swim team.  This is Brady's second year to do it and Evan's first year.   They have practice every morning at 10 a.m. so we pack a lunch and enjoy the pool most days until nap time.

 Evan with the best swim coach ever!  

Coach David was so GREAT with Brady last year in overcoming his fear of the deep end.  Now he is so deliberate and intentional with guiding Evan through his first year of swim team.

First pic - scaling the wall, Second pic - finally swimming, Third pic - with his ribbon...he was so proud of it that he never wanted to put it down!

Evan's very first swim meet.  When they jump in it is in the deep end.  Evan believes if he cannot touch the bottom then he can not swim.  So he jumped in, grabbed the wall and scaled it hand over hand - QUICKLY -  until he got to where he can touch and then swam the short distance left to the end of the lane where he won the ribbon!  He scaled the wall so quickly that he beat the kids he was swimming against.  It was exhilarating to watch him.  All the spectators were cheering him on, clapping, laughing in sweet amusement at his speed on the wall.

Brady in the treading portion of the swim test

Brady passed the pool's swim test.  In order for kids at the pool to be able to swim "beyond the rope" and in the "well" (the 10 ft. area where the diving board is) they have to pass the swim test - each year.  This was Brady's first year to take the test and he passed on the very first attempt.  They have to swim the width of the pool - across and back - and then tread water for 2 minutes straight.  I was so proud of this big guy for passing on his first attempt....he has come a LONG way from his fear of the deep end.  A key part of this picture that is worthy to be noted is the tan calves and feet jumping up and down for his best friend.  Grayson stood there encouraging Brady on and cheering for him the whole time he was testing.  He counted down the last 30 some odd seconds that Brady treaded water.  It was touching!

Brady at the driving range

Brady went to a couple of one day golf clinics last summer and enjoyed them so we decided this summer we would let him try golf for the summer.  He attended a weekly golf class on Wednesdays from 3:30-5pm.  He enjoyed it a little bit but realized that golf may not be the sport for him, at least not at this time.

Evan attended VBS for the first time

  Evan & Maddox playing tennis - they attended once per week on Friday afternoons for the month of July....this was Maddox's first time trying tennis and he enjoyed it.

We enjoyed a week at the beach with Chris' family....including the 4th of July....

The boys and I attended most of the summer shows at the Hoover Public Library, which are always entertaining

 Enjoying Bubblemania