Friday, January 18, 2013

Funny Words

One of the best parts about spending so much time with these little people is the funny things they say.  Some of them Chris and I do not even attempt to correct because they are so darn cute and we know...soon enough, way too soon....they will be saying them correctly.  Some of my current favorites from Evan are:

Star Hores (Star Wars)
bamana (banana)
Garote muntrol (remote control)
puter (computer)
Buzz Lightcheer

Maddox's vocabulary has EXPLODED all of a sudden.  He is at the fun stage where he will say anything that we do.  "Maddox say _______" and he says it.  It is so fun, so adorable.  Some of his newer words:

Brayee (Brady)
Evee (Evan)
yyyeah (yeah)
y'maaa (yes ma'am)
homas (Thomas, the train)
memo (Nemo)
melmo (Elmo)
baf (bath)
bur (bird)
luh you (love you)
mo, mo (more)
baby (to any baby, toddler or child younger than him or within a couple of years older than him)
mawf (mouth)
choo choo
pain (plane)
dawee (doggy, he LOVES dogs)
pappy (paci)
jaf (giraffe)
baw (ball)
bye....bye (EVERY time he walks away, even if it is just from the den to the playroom for a few minutes)...very cute
boo (blue)
geen (green)
jojah (Georgia)
fobah (football)

I am sure there are many more that are not coming to mind but those are many of the ones that he says pretty frequently.  I love the sound of his sweet little voice!

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Grain of Gratitude

It is always heart-warming when my lil' men express gratitude....even in the tiniest moments.  Today while making a quick run to the dollar store with Brady after his guitar lesson, he found a little Phineas & Ferb coloring book he wanted so we picked it up and picked a Toy Story one up for Evan and a Cars movie one for Maddox.  Evan was so happy to get his little coloring book. 

After dinner he came running into the kitchen and said "Mommy it was so sweet that you bought me that Toy Story book" and he gave me the biggest, tightest hug.  Then he pulled away and said "Mommy, why did you buy me that coloring book?"  I said "because I thought you would like it buddy and I love you."  He looked at me with so much joy and said "Mommy, that is so great." and he grabbed me so tightly around the neck and squeezed with all his might with complete, unbridled love and affection for his momma.  LOVE it!!!!  LOVE him!!!!

Friday, January 11, 2013

My perceptive pal

I am always surprised at the things that Brady picks up on, especially when I don't even think he is paying attention.   He is always in tune, always aware.  Earlier this week, as he was getting set up to practice his guitar, I was trying to prep dinner, and rally the rest of the troops (Evan & Maddox), Brady looks at me and says: "Being a mom is hard.  Isn't it?"

Yes, Brady.  Yes, it is.

We then had a little heartfelt talk about anything worth having (like my boys) is hard work....I love these little impromptu heart-to-hearts....but, more than that, I love my little perceptive pal, Brady.

Monday, January 7, 2013

Tis the Season.....

to be jolly....and entertained.  So fun enjoying the Christmas fun with these boys.

"patiently" awaiting their ornaments

This Christmas season has been a lot of fun.  A lot of sweet memories with the little men in my life.  This year is the first year that Maddox has been able to talk about - and enjoy - so many of the festivities.  He is loving all the Christmas lights around town and gleefully yells "lights, lights" every time he sees them.  He is dancing in his car seat to all the Christmas music.  Although he was very afraid of Santa Claus this year when we went to visit him and have their picture made,

he still loves any picture, yard blow up, statue, decoration, etc. of Santa he sees. Even Santa himself - from a distance.  When he sees him - he says, very excitedly - "Sanna Cause", "Sanna Cause"!  The best part is if you ask Maddox "What does Santa Claus say?"  He says "Ho, ho, ho!"  It is so stinkin' cute!!

sweet Maddox saying "ho, ho, ho" after Zoolight Safari

He has enjoyed looking at, grabbing, and stealing "annie cayes" (candy canes).  This was the first year he really played with the kids' nativity set and he liked standing in front of the fireplace and pointing at each stocking and saying who it belongs to...."Daaah-eee" (Daddy), "Mommy", "Eh-vee" (Evie, one of Evan's nicknames), "Bray-ee" (Brady), and "My-ahn, My-ahn" (Mine).

Brady was awesome when we went to see Santa.  We went really early, I believe it was the Sunday before Thanksgiving, although I usually have a rule preference: "no Christmas until Thanksgiving is over."  With that said, since we went early, apparently Brady had not had the time to think through what he wanted to ask Santa for.  So as we are walking through the not-yet-crowded mall to go stand in the non-existent line to see Santa (benefit of going before Thanksgiving), I notice Brady has a concerned look on his face.  I ask him what is bothering him - and in all seriousness - he says "Nothing, Mom.  I am just thinking about what I am going to ask Santa.  I have not had a chance to think about it yet."  So he continued his focused thought as we walked the rest of the way through the mall to where Santa was waiting.   His focus and mature seriousness was so he really only 6 1/2 years old?

The two older ones went and sat with Santa first - wanted to give them a minute to chat with Santa and get them in perfect picture position - before adding Maddox to the mix for the picture (we had a strong feeling this would be the year he would be afraid of Santa - we were right).  They chatted for a bit (again, the benefit of going early - no line) and then we threw Maddox on his lap for the typical crying pic that all three of my boys have at about the same age.

When we walked away from Santa to head to our car, Chris and I asked Brady about his conversation with Santa.  He told us what he asked Santa for and then he looked at Chris and said that he asked Santa the questions they discussed.  I asked what questions he was talking about.  He said - in all seriousness, all business - "I asked him about the abominable snowman and the reindeer."  "He said that he has heard some rumblings...probably the abominable snowman.  He said the reindeer are ready to make the deliveries."  I love his matter-of-fact deliveries and his very serious inquisitiveness - that mixed with a dose of "I am still 6 years old so I am young and innocent enough to believe the sweet joys of things like Santa Claus" make him pretty irresistible.

making a gingerbread house with Brady in his class

Evan has been enjoying singing some of his favorite Christmas songs this Christmas season.  One in particular that he has really gotten into, and proclaimed his favorite - and Chris and I have immensely enjoyed hearing him sing - is the 1984 song "Last Christmas I Gave you my Heart" by Wham!  Whenever it comes on the radio, Evan will quickly say: "this is my song".  He will then proceed to belt out every last word to his Christmas favorite.  The sound of his sweet voice singing is - of course - a "joyful noise".  Also, the seriousness and attention to detail that is put into his performances, is impeccable...remarkably so for a three-year-old.

Evan singing his little heart out, even with all the distractions as we drove around looking at Christmas lights

Thursday, January 3, 2013

First I love you

or more accurately "uhv you"! Oh melt my heart. Last night as I am getting ready to walk out the door for work, I am telling all my boys good bye and I love you. Little man, Maddox, is about to sit on his potty and I had just finished freshening up on the bathroom when I say "Bye baby, I love you." He looks at me and says - for the FIRST TIME - "uhv you"....oh my, love this little man a little bit more now, if possible.

 Sweet Maddox with his Rudolph nose at story time