Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Straight from Heaven!

Chris and I had quite a year and a half...starting with his lay off in January of 2008! When we found out I was pregnant with Evan...we were stunned! After infertility with Brady, we didn't think it was possible on our own and, therefore, did not prevent pregnancy. We always wanted our children 3 years apart and if Chris had been employed we would have been trying - with my doctor's help - to get pregnant last fall. So when we found out I was pregnant on September 7, 2008 we were stunned!!! We were both VERY excited and we both felt VERY blessed to anticipate this new little life. I remember how anxious I felt knowing that I had not taken prenatal vitamins, that I had drank alcohol, that I had taken ibuprofen, allergy medicine, etc. ALL things I did not do with Brady because everything was so planned out and controlled (with the specialists, etc.) that I always knew at which points of the month I MIGHT be pregnant! I was also EXTREMELY anxious to think about the fact that Chris was not employed...YIKES!!!..that was the reason we were not "trying" yet. Six weeks later, Chris got a GREAT job at ADT and still really, really likes it! We continued with a lot of rough spots after finding out Evan was on the way...which is part of the "quite a year and a half" but throughout the pregnancy - on several occasions I said to Chris: "maybe this baby is going to be the end of all this yuck", "we always wanted our children three years apart and they are going to be exactly three years apart..the birth of Evan is going to be the bright spot at the end of all this junk.", etc., etc.

I wanted to take the time to journal about just how bright of a spot our little man is! He is amazing! His smile is contagious...he lights up a room...even as a little guy. He warms our heart...melts it actually...INSTANTLY!!!

Such a sweet, sweet guy even in the midst of the most sour days! We thank GOD for this unexpected, so untimely in ways...but obviously SO VERY timely in all the right ways!

We LOVE you, Evan...with every ounce of our beings! Thank you, GOD, for the most precious gift you could have bestowed upon us at just the right time in our lives!

Brady Funnies!

Brady thinks anyone who wears glasses is a grandpa...even if they are a woman..funny!

Today we were reading his devotional before his nap and it was talking about how GOD created everything...all creatures...all things good. It then asked what has GOD created that you think is good; so I ask Brady and he says - in ALL seriousness - octopus!

As Brady and I were reading together today he started picking his nose (fun stage for Mommy). I asked him to not pick his nose that it was gross and that it is how we spread germs. I looked over and his finger was all up in his nose again. So I ask him "Brady, what are you doing?" He looks at me - in ALL seriousness - "I'm putting it back, Mommy." "It" being his booger...nice! So funny, so cute how his little mind works!