Thursday, March 31, 2011


My last name was Dunne.  Now my middle name is Dunne.  I thought about this the other day in relation to the word "done".  I am obsessed  focused on getting things done.  When I think about the homonyms "Dunne" and "done", I can not help but think it is quite interesting that "Dunne" is my given name.  Mmmmhh...things that I think about it.

PEE PEE in the Potty!

Evan went pee pee on the big potty yesterday for the first time.  I am so excited!  We are not really potty training right now but we sit him on the potty before bath and sometimes before nap.  He seems to prefer the big potty with the Cars movie seat on top of it versus the little potty.  I sat him on the Cars potty seat yesterday before his nap and then went into his room to get his clothes ready for his nap.  Then I heard the sound of liquid hitting liquid and ran in there to find him sitting there with a wide-eyed surprised look on his face.  It was obvious what his thoughts were: "What am I doing?  What is this?" I was so excited and of course made a big deal about it, had Brady make a big deal about it, had Evan call Daddy at work about it and gave Evan a little candy.  He was excited.  It was very cute.  We will see where this leads as I do not think he is really ready for full on potty training...nor am I with a six week old : )

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

First Field Trip

Brady went on his first field trip with school today.  I was nervous about sending him off with other mothers without me.  I have not let him ride off with anyone else yet so I was a little nervous for him to ride on the interstate without me.  While helping him with his shoes this morning I told him a few little "rules" to make sure he will be safe...regarding his booster seat, seat belt, using the restroom at California Pizza Kitchen (where his field trip was) by himself, etc.  He was listening well to me and then as he hopped up to head toward the door, he said "thanks, mom, for the rules.  On my next field trip you can come and watch on me."  He is such a sweet young guy!  He had a GREAT first field trip...touring the restaurant, making his own pizza, and, of course, enjoying the tasty food.  I am excited for the next field trip when I get to tag along as a chaperone.

Monday, March 21, 2011

The End of an Era

I had a moment at Babies R Us the other day.  It was a small moment but big in what it represented.  I hurried into Babies R Us while Chris and the boys were in the van.  They were having a GREAT diaper deal that I could not pass on, so I ran it to grab two boxes of diapers for Maddox.  Walking to the back of the store, I passed through the clothes.  I have been keeping my eyes open for coordinating Easter outfits for the boys.  As I passed some things I looked and had my MOMENT...the sizes stop at 4T!!!  Brady will be 5 on May 30th but he has been wearing (and in some things, outgrowing) size 5 for a while.  The realization I had in that moment....that just kinda snuck up on me in a weird that I can no longer shop for my baby big boy at Babies R Us.  It just hit me - BAM - unexpectedly, unprepared - in the retail world, at least - he is no longer a baby!

Sunday, March 20, 2011

So Independent!

Evan wants to be a big boy most of the time.  He has quite an independent streak!  He wants to do so many things himself.  He gets very frustrated when he can not or when you try to help him do something.  It is funny to me at times because I remember so clearly my mother telling me how independent I always was as a young girl and how much I wanted to do things "myself".  Thursday we went to the Shades Mountain Elementary playground and Evan wanted to swing in the big swing just like a big boy.  This was his first time in a big boy swing.  I sure hope he doesn't push in to many arenas to be a big boy...I want to cherish this sweet toddler stage while I have it!

2 months from 2 years!!

Evan is 22 months old!!! What a doll we have!  What a true gift!  He is a GREAT big brother...not a single moment of jealousy toward his little brother yet....hopefully it stays that way : ) 

He is continually adding to his vocabulary: Poppy (my dad),     He continually says bee bee (baby) in reference to his baby brother, Maddox.  He says: "hahiday" (holiday...a word Brady taught him).  He is at the point where he will repeat most words you ask him to repeat.  When Brady says: "Evan, say holiday" - or whatever word it may be - he always tries it...very cute.

He still enjoys anything related to sports/balls and Toy Story.

He met his Aunt Staci for the first time this past month and warmed up to her very quickly.  He enjoyed playing with her and hanging out with her a lot!

He is very defensive toward his big brother, Brady.  Whenever Brady is misbehaving and Chris or I have to get onto him, Evan looks at us and sternly says "NO" and sometimes even gives us the hitting gesture.  I think he actually wants to whack us for it!

A week or two ago we were getting ready to pray before dinner and I asked him: "Are you ready to pray?" and I bowed my head...Brady usually prays before our meals....when we bowed our heads, Evan started right was in tongues of course so we were not quite sure what he said but he was into it and then at the end he said: "aymeh".  I loved it!

It is very hard for me to believe that he is going to be 2 years old in just 2 short months...I have already planned his birthday did it get here so quickly?

22 months on March 12th...WOW!!! That sure snuck up on me!

Sunday, March 6, 2011


A week or so ago we were all sitting at the dinner table and Brady asked me: "Mom, who am I going to marry?"  I said: "I don't know, buddy.  Who do you want to marry?"  B - "I don't know."  me - "Well, you don't have to know right now, you are still young.  You will not get married for a while....until you are a grown up so you have time to figure it out."  "Daddy and I did not meet until we were grown-ups."  "It may be someone you already know but it may be someone you have not even met yet."  "Trust GOD and pray about it and he will guide you to the perfect girl for you."

About 3 days later.........
I am sitting in the floor playing with Brady and Evan..tickling them and just having fun.  Brady looks at me and says - out of nowhere - "Mommy, I wish you were the perfect girl." me - "what do you mean, Brady?" B - "I wish GOD sent you for me to marry."

What a sweetheart!!!

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Evan at 21 months old

I have been working on this entry for a few weeks now...making sure I capture it all.  Hopefully I do.  This 21st month has been quite full!

Evan is sooo much fun.  He cracks us up...and he knows it!  He turned 21 months old on the 12th of February.  He has really expanded his vocabulary in the past month as well.  He has added (I am sure I will forget some of them here): Pop Pop (Chris' Dad), Buss (Buzz from Toy Story), dane choo (thank you), i d'no (I don't know...which is ALWAYS followed by a laugh), shoes, socks, choo choo, see see (as he is pointing at something he wants you to see), otto (for Lotso from Toy Story 3), eye-eee-ah (for Olivia when the cartoon comes on Saturday mornings and he and Brady are soooo excited), nose, eye, wi-eee (for his little Winnie the pooh bear)

He RUNS everywhere...never walks anymore.  When he is disciplined and we get on to him for something, his immediate reaction is to reach out and hug it is his way of saying "sorry". 

He is very into "helping" with Maddox and being a big brother.  He brings Maddox his paci, he brings his blanket, he "swings" his swing for him, he squats down in front of him in the bouncy seat, swing, etc. to check on is very endearing.

He has started sitting on his little potty before bath, just to try it out and get comfortable with the idea and start to incorporate it into his routine so it is not foreign or scary when we get ready to really work on it.  He is so cute and eager to sit on the potty and be a big boy.  He has not done anything on it yet...he sits on it, smiles big (like "aren't you proud?") and then hops up to get in the bathtub...not quite getting the fact that you are supposed to do something while you are there.

He is so full of life, love, and energy.  I LOVE it!