Friday, January 17, 2014

29 lbs. of Gratitude

I am not the most grateful person - not sure why, just being honest here - not sure if it is in my DNA, how I was raised, original sin.....not sure.  It is not something I like about myself, not something I am proud of, but - as I said - being honest here.  My little, just shy of 30lb hunk of love, is soooo grateful.  It is so awesome to watch him as he says "thank you, momma." It is so absolutely adorable, so heart warming.  If I say "You are so cute, Maddox."  He says "Thank you, Momma." - it is so sincere, so kind, so heartfelt.

My sweet baby with a sticker on his nose like Rudolph for story time at the library

Bubbles in My Peanu(t)s

Today at the gym I took Maddox potty and as he was standing on my feet (so he could reach the potty) he looked down into the potty and said "see those bubbles, Mommy."  I said "I do buddy" (as his urine hit the water in the potty it was making bubbles in the water).  He said - very matter of factly - "I don't want bubbles in my peanus (penis, he pronounces it like peanuts without the "t").  I love how his little mind and sweet imagination think.

Maddox trying to sit like a big boy at the Nutcracker

Thursday, January 9, 2014

No more babies

Let the MMPD (Mommy Multiple Personality Disorder) be exacerbated!  While I am excited to let go of the paci and move through this transition, I am also a little melancholy that this solidifies the fact that I no longer have a baby.  That is hard for me....he is my sweet little baby boy....but he is growing up.  I no longer have a crib up in my house, all three of my ducklings are in big boy underwear, and none of them sleep with a paci anymore.  Crazy that something so little, can weigh so much on a Mommy's heart.

Madman putting his paci in his Pug, the animal he chose at Build-A-Bear