Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Notable Quotables

These are some of the more notable things to come out of my kiddos' mouths in the past couple of months:

  • Evan: while trying to use his napkin at the dinner table as a prop, diligently works to make things disappear, "make magic" as he says.   When things he is covering with his napkin do not disappear, Brady says "magic is not real".  Evan says "I want it to be so that I can make all of you disappear and then I can rule the world."  WOW!! I am not sure whether to be scared or amused!
  • Maddox - in a very serious tone, a couple of times has said "Mommy, I'm sorry that I let you down." I have no idea where he has learned this from but it always makes me feel so terrible inside.  When I have asked him what he means or what he did to let me down (because this does not follow some terrible action) he just says "I don't know", making me think that he does not know what it means.
  • Evan so sweetly at the dinner table said "Mom, your my best girl in the whole town"
  • On our little "staycation" over Spring Break, Brady looked at me and said "Mom you look so beautiful."  I said "thank you, buddy." He said "No, mom, you look really beautiful; like really, really, really beautiful.  You look like someone else, someone different."
  • Maddox has taken to singing - "loudly for all to hear" (Elf) - "I will wait" (Mumford & Sons) has been his song of choice - adorable out of his sweet little voice.  Today when I went to get him up from his nap he was up on his knees in his bed belting "Let it Go" from the Disney Frozen movie.  Then he got down off the bed and said "Mommy, I just need a guitar and a stage and I could sing that."  Apparently I have a little performer on my hands.
  • Two weeks ago was Kindergarten registration for Evan at the Elementary school.  He was very excited to get registered....he tried to head out the door with me as I was leaving to register him, although this was the parent sign up only, so he did not go with me on this evening.  When I got back he and his brothers were already in bed but not yet asleep so I went in their room to tell them good night.  When I got in there he said "Mommy, did you get me signed up Mommy?"  I told him I did.  He said "Brady, maybe I will be in your class" (so sweetly with a noticeable bit of anticipation in his voice).  I held my breath for a pause knowing how excited Evan was in that moment and not wanting Brady to burst his bubble.  Brady said "Buddy, I will be in third grade next year." Phew!! He did not crush Evan's bubble.  In the proudest voice, Evan said "I am gonna be in kindergarten."  
Evan & I as I was walking out the door to register him for kindergarten

Is it really time for BIG boy stuff?

Brady is almost 8.  When he was 7 1/2 (you do not ignore those halves at this age).  During Christmas break (he "officially turned 7.5 on Nov. 30th) I had to buy him deodorant for the first time.  Of course this is something I knew would come sooner rather than later, although I was thinking I had at least a year before this was necessary.  While brushing his teeth one night (yes, I still do it before bed - he does it the other two times per day - as I like knowing that at least one time per day it gets done well/thoroughly)....control freak?? I plea the 5th...I noticed (he was musky after just playing inside and it was not hot) he needed it so we had a little talk about it then.  Then Chris showed him his deodorant and talked to him about how he needed it so he wouldn't stink.  We tried to "normalize" it as much as possible.   Then when we were in Atlanta over Christmas break I bought him his first stick of deodorant.  He has done great the past 4 months using it every day as part of his morning routine when he brushes his teeth.  Now that is BIG boy stuff!