Sunday, May 31, 2009


My baby is 3..........I can not believe it! He turned 3 yesterday, May 30th. Our tradition with Brady has been to have a whole day devoted to Brady's favorites...activities, food, etc. This year was no different. The only thing different this year compared to the last two was his ability to really vocalize - in detail - his requests. We started the morning with the whole family going into Brady's room to get him out of bed when he called for Daddy. He was laying there with a big smile when we went in and all wished him a Happy Birthday - camcorder rolling. Chris and I set up his b-day gift in his playroom while he was sleeping the night before so we could usher him into the playroom after he woke up to see his gift from us. We purchased him a great full size play kitchen for his birthday because he LOVES to pretend to cook and prepare yummies for us. He was very excited to receive his kitchen...and his sweet heart was so grateful...repeatedly: "Thank you Mommy, thank you Daddy. I love my kitchen. It is great. It is cool. Thank you so much. Thank you for my present." Such a grateful little boy! His breakfast request...french toast...which he was able to eat in the den while watching cartoons. Then his request was the zoo. We packed up the family and spent a good 2, 2 1/2 hours at the zoo. It was a beautiful day...nice change here..sunny, warm, and NO RAIN...YEA!! Brady had the opportunity to feed the giraffes...big fun and something new that we have not done at the zoo before. On the way home we went through Milo's drive thru for Brady's lunch request...Milo's toasted cheese. Being Brady's birthday - and a day about him - he was able to eat his toasted cheese in the den in front of a cartoon...BIG DAY!! After nap, we packed up and went to Ross Bridge - a great neighborhood close by where my friend, Ericca, lives. We enjoyed their great pool for a couple of hours and ordered and had delivered another of Brady's favorite dinner. Then we came home and got ready for bed and sang Happy Birthday to my big 3 year old with his cake request in front of him...yummy birthday cake with strawberry icing on it. Mommy made her favorite little boy a yummy birthday cake with homemade strawberry icing on it during his nap. He LOVED it! It was a great fun day of celebrating our little man...we are still shocked that he is three years old.

Friday, May 29, 2009

First Bottle

Last night, Evan had his first bottle. I pumped so Daddy could give him his first bottle. He has been nursing well so we wanted to introduce the bottle early enough so he would hopefully take to it well. He did great after a minute or two of making a face while Chris tried to put the bottle in. Once he realized milk was going to come out and it wasn't just some pacifier of sorts, he latched onto it quickly. He ate about 6.5 oz.

BIG Boys!

So I took the boys to the pediatrician on Wednesday - May 27th - for Evan's 2 week check up and Brady's 3 year check up. They are both healthy and BIG...75th percentile for height and weight for both of them. Evan came in at a whopping 9lbs 14oz...up from 8lbs. 12 oz. when he was released from the hospital a week and a half prior and he grew a half an inch...22 inches long now. His head went from a 14 inch circumference to a 15 inch circumference. Brady 35.2lbs. and 38.5 big!

After the doctor's appointment, I was nursing Evan at the kitchen table while Brady was eating his lunch. Brady looked at me and said: "Mommy that is not baby milk, that is your boobie." I smiled big...making sure not to laugh...and said: "You are right, Brady, that is my boobie. That is where baby milk comes from. That is why Mommies have boobies."

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Sweet, sweet boy!

Tuesday night Chris had a softball game so it was my first night by myself with both boys. In the evening before bed Brady gets to watch one of his recorded 30 minute shows if he is a good boy for the day...a treat he looks forward to. So I am sitting in the chair and a half nursing Evan and Brady is sitting across from us on the couch watching his show, by himself...usually Daddy would be sitting there with him. So I look over at my sweet little boy sitting on the big couch all by himself watching The Little Einsteins and ask him if he wants to come sit in the chair and a half with Evan and I. He jumps up, all excited, "yeah, yeah, yeah, Mommy, I can sit with you and Evan." He came across the den and jumped up in the chair with us so happy. He was loving on Evan and then laid his head on the Boppy while watching his show. I rubbed on his back and he said: "Mommy, that tickles me." I said: "I am sorry, baby." He said: "That's okay, were just loving on me." Oh, how I love that little boy! My heart was so full while sitting there cuddling in the chair and a half with both of my boys.

When the show was over and it was time for Brady to go to bed he asked if Evan could come too so he could hear the story.

While playing in the yard yesterday, Brady came up to me and said "Mommy I am the mans." I said: "What man Brady?" He said: "Mommy the man who stands with his hand in his pocket." So funny! I am not sure who this "mans" is that he is referring to but it cracked me up.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Which brother is which?

So it is amazing to us how much Brady and Evan resemble each other at this age as Brady has changed quite a bit since his "look" at birth. Here is a pic of Brady and a pic of Evan...who is who?

My best big brother and my beautiful brand new boy

So Evan was released from the NICU on Friday at about 5:30 p.m. FINALLY!! He left with a perfectly clean bill of health....PRAISE GOD!!! I was a little insane - had not really seen the sun or took a breath of fresh air since early Tuesday morning when the sun was barely up - but nonetheless, doing pretty well. Brady was VERY excited to come up to the hospital with Daddy to pick up his new baby brother and his Mommy. He rode in on his new Sit N Stand stroller excited about Evan riding with him.

Things at home are going well....MUCH better and EASIER than the first go round. I physically feel EXTREMELY better than I did after giving birth to Brady. Emotionally, so far so good....which is the biggest answer to prayer and I pray continues. My emotional well being suffered greatly after Brady and was something that I didn't completely realize the extent of until after I was out of it (about 7 months).

Brady is adjusting wonderfully. His only issue initially was whether Chris and/or I would be here when he went to bed at night and when he woke up - after about a week of other folks being here. He was a little clingy and insecure but seems to be past that now that things are back to "normal" - our "new normal". He adores Evan and is passionate about helping . If Evan gets upset he runs to check on him and pat him and love on him. He loves putting Evan's dirty laundry into his hamper, asks to hold him (so thankful that he asks), he kisses him, always wants to know where he is, how he is, etc. I cherish watching this bond develop. He seems SO BIG to me all of a sudden. I guess now with a little one at home, I realize how big he is. SO BIG!! I pick him up now or kiss his face and just think "you are so big" He will always be MY baby but nonetheless, with a comparison, I realize just how much he has grown!

Some Brady-isms:

Daddy: "Brady do you want a haircut like Daddy's?" (a crew cut) Brady: "Sure, I would not have any hair - like Poppy" (my Dad) who is in fact bald (balding so goes ahead and shaves it). Mommy: "That is right, Brady, Poppy does not have any hair." Brady: "Well, he has like 4 hairs, just 4." So funny!!!

In the hospital, while Evan is nursing...Brady's first time seeing this..I am pretty well covered. Brady: "What is Evan doing?" Daddy: "Evan is eating." Brady: "What is Evan eating?" "His fingers?" Mommy: "No, baby, he is not eating his fingers. He is eating baby milk." Brady: "Oh, I want to see." So precious!

We are all amazed how much Evan looks like Brady. I don't think I realized it right off the bat because he doesn't look like Brady does now but Brady does not look like he did when he was born either. He has changed so much. When we got home on Friday I pulled out Brady's scrapbook and looked at his birth pics and coming home pics and sure enough...WOW...the resemblance is amazing! I am going to post both a pic of Evan and a pic of Brady later to have them beside one another.

My heart is full...I am enjoying this new precious gift, I am cherishing my big boy as he grows up so fast in front of my eyes, and I am madly in love with my biggest boy who I appreciate immensely!! I am thankful for answered prayer. I am thankful for help and support from family and friends. I am thankful to the LORD for not giving me more than I can handle!

Thursday, May 14, 2009


Sorry for the delay...Kat hasn't had a chance to update the blog so she has asked me to do it. Evan is doing really well...he's still in NICU, but has been able to spend much of the day with us in the room which has been awesome and he has been eating like a champ.....that's the good news....the bad news is that they are going to keep him until Friday. Brookwood has a hotel attached to the hospital so we are going to get a room there tonight so we can spend time with him down in the NICU and Kat can feed's not ideal, but it is better than going home without him.

Katrina is doing great and this has been much, much easier than when Brady was born...she's healing well and under the circumstances she's solid emotionally.

My parents have been a huge help with Brady and other things and we can't really begin to express our thankfulness for that.

Big brother has been tremendous....he is always ready to see Evan and is ready to hold and help him all the time....he's the best.

Thanks for the thoughts and prayers....we really appreciate all the support that we have gotten from people that love us.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Evan Update

Now an update from Mommy. My sweet little boy was a much easier and faster delivery than his big brother. That is an answer to prayer. With the speed of his delivery we have encountered a problem...he has had what they call a grunt, which is indicative of labored breathing, some sort of respiratory trouble. They are assuming at this point it is just because of the speed in which he entered the world. They said this is common with c-section babies or babies that are born so quickly, which he was. I guess not being in the birth canal long, he wasn't "squeezed" enough to empty his lungs fully of the fluid and mucus that needs to come out. With that, he is in the NICU..which truly breaks my heart. I am fairly certain it is just monitoring and being cautious but not having my baby in the room with me and not being able to feed him right now is very hard for Mommy. The hardest thing is I will be discharged on Thursday and he will not be discharged until Friday. How hard will it be for me to leave my little angel here and go home!?!? I am thankful we are as close to our hospital this time as we are (about 10minutes). I am thankful I have my sweet little man, Brady, to keep me distracted - in a positive light - to help me get through being home with him. I am thankful things appear to be fine and just cautionary. We will know more in the morning when test results, cultures, etc. come back but your prayers are COVETED right now as we, of course, can't help but worry about him. I will post again in the morning when I know more.

On a positive note, Chris returned to my room with his parents and Brady just in time to see Evan and hold him before they took him to the NICU. Brady was very happy to see Mommy and so sweet with his little brother. He got up in the bed with me wearing his cute I am the Big Brother t-shirt on and asked to hold him...he did a wonderful job holding sweet Evan. He was happy and excited to be a part of things. After Evan left, he asked numerous times where he was and asked to see him and hold him A LOT. It saddened me a little, knowing I wanted to hold him too but also warmed my heart that he was that interested in him and viewing him in such a positive light at this point.

Prayers and support are much appreciated right now. Love to all who are keeping up with our journey and our newest Stidham. In the 7 grandchildren of Bob and Sue, I birthed the smallest baby (Brady) and the largest (Evan)...pretty funny!


He's here!

At 1:24pm Evan James Stidham entered the world......all 9lbs 5oz of him. Katrina did incredible.......she's amazing and such a trooper. We thankfully had prayer with our Doctor and now they are cleaning him up and getting all of the info they need.

Thanks to all of you....we appreciate each of you very much.

I'll update again once we get into a room.

UPDATE: Just got messured.....21 1/2 inches long.

Big Boy

D-Day 8

Alright sports fans.....we are at a 10 and +3......they are going to have her start to push........I'll update after he's here.

D-Day 7

Latest check.....she's at a 9 and a +1 station.....she's hanging in...could be anytime within the next two hours or so.

D-Day 6

Kat just got checked again....she's at an 8, but still at zero station so she's not moving much. Evan still hasn't dropped she's resting and we're waiting.

Kat's doing great....she really is good at this.

D-Day 5

Things are moving along.....Kat's at a 6-7 and she is 100% effaced and still zero station...she's doing really well....just got an epidural boost.

Dr. Adcock said he'd try to hit my guessed time of 12:05 if he could.

D-Day 4

They checked Kat again.....she's at a 5 and still station zero.....she's moving but a little slower.....she is resting now and might even be able to catch a nap.

She's doing great.

D-Day 3

They are giving Katrina her she is moving along.....I'll keep you posted.

Kat is at 4 and zero station......she doesn't start to push until she gets to 10 and station she still has some ground to cover but she and Evan are doing great.

D-Day 2

Katrina's contractions are 2-4 minutes apart and are getting stronger.....thry hurt but she is doing really, really well....I'm very proud of her.

We are moving along and I will keep everyone updated....please pray for Kat, that the pain won't be too bad and that she and Evan will be alright.


Katrina asked me to update the blog while we go through what we know is going to be a special day in our family.

We arrived at Brookwood Medical Center around 6 am this morning and they got us into a room and they started her Patocin at 7:05 and our Doctor, Dr. Adcock (He's a Dawg and a Christian) just came in and broke her water and prayed with us.....really happy to have found him.

So we are on our way and I will continue to update the blog as we progress.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Recent Quotes

As Brady is scratching his leg...Mommy: "You got a bug bite on your leg, bud. It looks like a mosquito bit you." Brady: "Yeah, a mosquito, or an ant, or a bumblebee, or a caterpillar, or a dragonfly, or a snake."

I went downstairs to my bedroom to get dressed and came back up. Brady heard me come up the stairs. Brady: "Mommy are you dressed now?" Mommy: "Yes, I am dressed, bud." Brady: "Let me see you" (from the playroom) I walked in the playroom. Brady: "You did get dressed, Mommy." Mommy: "Yes, I did, buddy." Brady: "Wow, Mommy, you look pretty."

After we went down to the basement on Sunday because of tornadoes in our area, Brady kept asking when the "tomato" was going to leave our house and go to someone else's house.

Brady looks at me in his bedroom right before nap and says: "Mommy, I am ready for Evan to be born. I want to hold him."

Friday, May 1, 2009

So we have been pretty hyper-focused on ghosts and monsters at our house for the last month or so...not quite sure why but this morning as Brady is playing independently in the house he came up to me and said - what he so often says: "Are there no ghosts and no monsters, Mommy?" I said - what I always say - "Of course there are no ghosts and no monsters; they are just pretend." "Do you want to pray with Mommy about it?" Brady: "Oh, yes, yes I do." So I prayed with him to GOD to help him not be scared and to know GOD is always with him. After our prayer, he looked up at me and said: "Thank you, Mommy, for praying with me. I feel ALL better now."

Today as we are getting out of the van at Whole Foods for story and craft time, I asked Brady if he needed to go potty before we got started. He said "No Mommy. All of my pee pee is hanging out all together inside of my penis and it is not ready to come out." VERY matter-of-fact like. I just said: "okay, Buddy, just let me know when you it is ready to come out."

So this afternoon as my little guy is sitting on the potty, I realize his toenails need to be clipped so I decide to do it then while he is seated and still. As I am finishing up, he says: "Thank you, Mommy for clipping my nails. Thank you VERY much." So sweet, so appreciative.

We are in the yard working and as I am pulling out grass from our rose bed, Brady is picking up the piles and putting them in the trash bag. He starts saying "thank you, ma'am." with each pile he scoops up and puts in the bag. He then looks at me and says: "Mommy, you did a good job. Thank you for helping me in the yard." So sweet, especially since he was the one helping me in the yard.