Friday, December 20, 2013

The Most Wonderful Time of the Year (Part 2)

A couple of years ago I purchased an AWESOME story set for my boys entitled "What GOD Wants for Christmas".  They definitely enjoy it.  I love reading it to them.  This is by far one of my favorite things we enjoy at Christmas time.  I think this is a GREAT tradition and one all should enjoy.

"The Most Wonderful Time of the Year..."

The Heavy Heart of Being a Mommy

Today I learned of something horrific, easily one of my worst fears as a Mommy.   A guy that works at the Baptist Church in walking distance of our house was arrested for what the police report describes as "horrific"...sodomy, child rape, electronic solicitation of a child, child pornography...held with a 6 million dollar bond.  Unfortunately these types of stories are not rare, happens everyday, and is something that builds anxiety in me more than I care to admit.  With this being so close to home....did I mention we could walk to this church?? reminds me of the fallen, dark world that I have to subject my children to.  So today I had yet another conversation with Brady about the things to be careful of in regard to this evilness - of course edited to a 7 year old level - and how to handle such a situation if he - PLEASE LORD NO!!! - finds himself in one.  I hate that I have to have this conversation with him.  I hate that I have to rob him of his complete and total innocence by broaching such a subject.  I hate that my heart has been heavy all day thinking about this poor child....about this tortured mother.  Oh the heavy heart of mommyhood.....LORD hold my children tight in your arms, envelope them in your protective love, grow my faith to a strength that can surpass ANYTHING that comes my way in this fallen world.

fun time watching the Veteran's Day parade with my loves

Saturday, December 14, 2013

The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

One of my favorite parts of this Christmas season is taking the boys to the Live Nativity at Briarwood Presbyterian Church.  They do such a spectacular job with reenacting the story of Jesus' birth and life with more than 12 scenes of people and animals.  Every year I am amazed at how attentative my boys are of this depiction. It is a part of our Christmas tradition that absolutely warms my heart.  Their attention - and focus - on the real meaning of Christmas, even if for just a half hour or so, thrills me.
Last night when we walked through the early scenes, Evan looked at me and said "Mommy, I like Gabriel in the middle of the place like that."  A few scenes later I overhead Maddox saying to Evan: "Look Evan, there is Jesus."  Later on the second to the last scene, the crucifixion, Brady looked at me and said: "If I saw Jesus die like that I would pass out.  I would be so sad."

Warms this momma's soul.

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Fuh course!

Recently there have been some great things to hear Maddox say.  I LOVE the words coming out of my sweet two year old.  One of my favorites is "fuh course" (of course).  It is so cute the way he says it...ask him a question and if the answer is affirmative, he will definitively say "fuh course".  Another fun thing to hear him say is anything that starts with an "s".  He does not pronounce the "s".  For example, instead of snowman, he says "noman".  I love it.

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Too young to be baptized

because I am still learning about Jesus. This was Brady's response when we discussed our friend, Annabelle's, baptism.  

He told me "I am too young to be baptized."  I asked him why he thought that and he said "Because I am still learning about Jesus."  I ❤️ how his young mind processes things.

Friday, October 18, 2013

Sweet Slumber

is what I am praying for my sweet Brady. I just said "Good Night" to Brady for his first sleepover.  His best bud - Grayson - turned 8 yesterday so he had a fun front yard bonfire super hero birthday party for a couple of friends.  We all hung out enjoying the beautiful crisp Fall weather and then it was time for me to put the little ones down so I had to say goodbye to Brady.  Grayson invited the older boys to sleep over.  Brady was very excited to go to his first sleepover - especially at Grayson's.  

This afternoon when he got home from school we were talking about the sleepover and Brady said "Mommy, can I bring Lucky (his stuffed frog) and my blanket over to Grayson's to sleep with so I can be comfortable."  I said "Yes, you can bring Lucky and your blanket.  If you are not comfortable, bud, you can stay here.  You do not have to spend the night."  He said "No, mom, I want to stay there but where will you be?"  I said "I will be here, sleeping here in my bed". Brady - "Okay, mom, I just want to make sure you are going to be okay."  He is so sweet....he was worried about me.

So tonight when I carried his bag over with his jammies, toothbrush, etc.  he came running out of Grayson's room, wrapped his arms so tightly around me, and said "MOMMY.....I love you." and would not let me go for a good, solid sweet.

Another first!

    All dressed up for the bday fun 🎈

Friday, September 20, 2013

"The End"....

....and other Evan funnies....

  • Last night before dinner Evan wanted to pray.  At the end of the prayer he said "The End" instead of "Amen".
  • "It's Looking at Me" - while going potty I hear Evan yell this from the bathroom, yes, he was indeed referring to his "manhood"
  • After getting my hair cut short today - one of my fears with wearing my hair short is that I will get "helmet head", that it will get too puffy, too full.  When I picked Evan up from preschool he looked at me and said "I like your haircut, Mommy.  It looks like a helmet."
  • While going over letters with Evan in the bath tub, we were saying words that begin with each letter.  When we got to the letter "n", his "word" that begins with "n" was "In the beginning GOD created the heavens and the earth - Genesis 1:1"  Precious!
  • What a card!  This past summer Evan exchanged naps for rest/quiet times.  He does not do as well with this as I would like so I usually have to go in there at least once to remind him that it is not play time but rather rest time.  Today I went in the play room to tell him this and he layed down on the futon as he heard me coming.  When I get in there he is laying there fake snoring...oh my!

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Hairy = Grown

A couple of days ago, while driving down the road, Evan yells "Mom, Mom, I am growing hair!" Me: " Growing hair?"  While studying his legs, he says: "Yes, on my legs.  Look!! I am growing hair on my legs.  I am growing up!"


Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Catching Up

Over the past month or so I have had lots of thoughts, many moments, and several conversations that I have wanted to journal and record for prosperity sake.  I have not taken the time to do it is time for me to just dump out the hodge podge of things I can remember and have thought: "I want/need to remember that so I can journal it."

  • Evie (Ehhvie) - the only name Maddox has for Evan
  • "I wuv you"
  • wahgola bar (granola bar)
  • Me drink water, me go potty, etc.  Instead of "I", he says "Me"
  • Instead of cute, he says coot and he argues who is cute.  If you tell him he is cute, he says: "I not coot, you coot."
  • He has extended the above to all things..."I not funny, you funny."  "I not hot, you hot"
  • "No, I do it!"  He says this often and quite determined.  He is quite the Mr. Independent.
  • You can tell he has two older brothers and the influence they have on this sweet little two year old:
    • "You mean, Mommy" (when things are not going their way)
    • "You nice, Mommy" (when things have taken a turn their way)
    • "You cray cray, Mommy" (so funny/inappropriate/cray cray for his age)
    • AND at the most random times....."I jus keeding.  Wattevah"  (I'm just kidding.  Whatever."  Chris and I LOVE how his sweet little voice sounds when he says this.
  • My favorite.....for the first time, a week ago - in the most angelic & sincere voice - he looked in my eyes, with no alterior motive, and said "Momma, you my bess fren" (best friend)

"Chillaxing" in the sun
Evan has amused/warmed me with some funny statements/sweet actions as well:
  • Last week while playing in the playroom I came to check on Evan and he pulled on the waistband of his shorts, looked in and said - out of the clear blue sky - "It's always changing, Mom."  Me: "What is always changing?"  Evan: "My penis.  It keeps changing.  All the time.  It changes, then changes back."  Good times : )
  • This summer I took care of my friend's baby a few times and Evan was so sweet, so nurturing that it just touched my soul (knowing how crazy and rambunctious he can be).  He would get his lovie out of his bed because "it will help Baby Levi sleep better".
Sharing a cupcake on a date with Mr. Adorable
  • I am so proud of this guy...this summer our number for Shades Cliff pool was finally up. I was so excited for us to have the pool to enjoy for the summer.  I decided to sign Brady up for the swim team in order to strengthen his swimming skills and to build his confidence in his ability.  He had a hard time at first...not knowing the terminology and feeling inadequate.  He quickly recovered with GREAT, caring, cool coaches.  Then they moved to the DEEP end and he felt like he would sink to the bottom.  He was so afraid.  A lot of coaxing, tears, encouraging, loving, etc and he finally overcame his fear.  The coaches were phenomenal...they were kind, patient, and extremely encouraging.  Coach David took Brady under his wing and he really built Brady's confidence and developed his swimming skills.
Brady at his first swim meet

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Hairy as a Grandpa

Today I had to work at Prince of Peace for their staff development at their preschool. While I had the kiddos on the playground, Evan said: "You are starting to look like a grandpa.". I looked at him and said: "What?".  He looked at my arm where I have a mole on it - It has a lovely black hair growing out of it (a REAL beauty) -  and says: "What is that?" (pointing at my arm).  I said: "It is a hair."  He says: "You are going to look like Daddy if you grow hair there."  HILARIOUS!!!

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

End of an Era

"I am sitting in the hospital bed waiting for my surgery.  This morning I am closing a chapter in my life.  I am having my tubes tied and a uterine ablation.  At 38 years old, with three healthy beautiful boys, the time for Chris & I to create our own children has come to an end.  So why is this hard?  Why am I sad?  I guess it is because it is the end of an era, the closing of a chapter, a forever farewell."

As I waited for the nurse and the anesthesiologist to come get me and wheel me back to the O.R. the above is what I journaled.  This was on July 1st.  I did not get to complete my post before they came to get me so I am taking the time to do that today - 3 weeks post op.  I remember how I felt that day and the fear I had in regard to going under anesthesia.  I had gone under anesthesia two other times in my life and woke up just fine but neither time was I a mother.  I woke up fine.  I recovered - for the most part - fine, albeit an allergic reaction and 8 consecutive days with a fever.  I still feel Chris and I made the right choice for our family but I still feel sad at the end of babies and the reality of not having a daughter - if I let myself.

Thank you LORD for my three healthy, beautiful, fun-loving boys!!  I am not worthy of such a gift.

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Swingin' Good Time

Guess who can swing all by himself now?



Yesterday while playing outside he jumped on the swing and started swinging.  I was relaxing in the sun when I looked over and realized that Brady was swinging all by himself.  This is something we have talked about and I have tried to push encourage him to do for a couple years now so I was shocked.  I asked him how he learned.  He said: "I learned last night."  The night before we were over at a friend's house with some other kids and apparently he taught himself or decided to do what they were doing.....either way, he did it and he was soooo excited about it.  Several times yesterday and today he asked if he could go outside and these little progressions : )

Saturday, May 25, 2013


has been invited to my house.  Chris and I (okay, not fair to share the blame with someone who did not ask for it) decided to move Maddox in to the bedroom with Brady & Evan.  I found a loft bed on Craigslist that was elevated for Evan but not as high as the top bunk that Brady sleeps in.  I painted it and we put it in Brady & Evan's room next to their bunkbeds. 

Evan's first time in his new bed - 5/24/13
Then we moved Maddox into the bottom bunk that Evan used to sleep in.  He looked so tiny in that big full bed.  He was so excited to sleep in his big boy bed - "new beeg bed, mommy."  But he definitely was much more excited to be sleeping in the same bedroom with his brothers.  They are his favorite people on the planet!

Maddox in his big boy bed for the first time - 5/24/13
I am probably crazy for doing this....odds are I will regret it.  I won't know unless I try it and the extra space with the nursery freed up will be nice to have.  Last night they all did great....went right to sleep.  We went to a friend's house for a get together so the kids went to bed later than usual.  It helped as they were so worn out that the novelty of all being together was overshadowed by their fatigue.  The first night was a success.  Night two - tonight - not so well, as I am typing this, Chris had to evict Maddox and put him back in his crib in the nursery.  After many warnings and the threat of an eviction, it had to be done.  He and Evan were just being too rambunctious and chatty.  All the while, Brady was out cold!  Hopefully, with Maddox's disappointment over the "move", tomorrow night will go much smoother.  Here's hoping...

Evan is four!

Our EvJ turned four on the 12th. It is really hard to believe that it has been four years since Evan was born. He is a feisty boy, spicy and full of life and oh, so passionate! He brings me to my knees in anguish and fatigue at times. He squeezes me so hard at times with passion that I can not breathe. He reminds me often, "you my princess, momma, I love you".  And what a prince he is!  I'm afraid this little love bug is gonna be quite a heart breaker.  

Saturday, May 18, 2013

"That's a nice hug"

My sweet EvJ said this to me today while snuggling with me on the couch as I watched the end of a show and their was a couple lip locked on the screen. Then he looked up at me, with the biggest grin ever, "I love you, Mommy."

Friday, May 10, 2013

Guess who is wearing underwear?

           This guy....
So after a couple of months of using the potty pretty well I knew it was time to REALLY potty train (out of diapers and in underwear) Maddox. The tricky part was - the typical tricky part with everything these days - scheduling the best time to do it amongst the juggling act that is our lives right now.

 I felt like if we had a week at home we could do it...again the tricky part.  With the end of the school year approaching, all of our activities were coming to an end - story time, music class, etc. - so we finally had a week with nothing much on the calendar.  I also knew we had to do it BEFORE Brady & Evan were done with school.  The distraction of them at home would be too much to be successful.  Last week was our week!  I ended up subbing at Prince of Peace's MDO program on Tuesday so we had a partial week to try it.  We stayed home all day Wednesday and Thursday and wore underwear.  I tried the same tactic with him that I tried with his brothers.  With underwear that brandishes their favorite characters, I teach them that they do not want to pee or poop on their friends...that it is gross.  So we wore Thomas underwear.  We wore Toy Story underwear.  He peed in his underwear a few times the first couple of days.  I started wondering if maybe he wasn't ready yet.  Maybe I was forgetting how to do this....amazing how long ago two years seems in these moments.  Friday we had to leave the house so I could teach my class at the gym.  I put a pull on diaper on Maddox since we would not be home for about an hour and a half.  It had Tigger on it so we had the "Do not pee on Tigger, he is our friend" talk.  He kept Tigger dry at the gym.  We went home so we could put underwear on and continue the process....he stayed dry all day.  I was so excited.  Day three and he was dry all day....would it be that easy?

Saturday we left the house for a Kentucky Derby party and he kept the Tigger pull on diaper dry.  Two days dry...YEA!! Sunday we left for church in the morning and small group in the evening and he stayed dry in his pull on diaper.  On Monday we stayed home all day in underwear and he did great....not a single accident. 

The BIG test was upon us...leaving the house in underwear.  On Tuesday we left for MOPS and Maddox did great.  He stayed dry all day.  Wednesday I subbed at Prince of Peace's MDO again and Maddox wore underwear there and....yes....he STAYED DRY!!!  So he just is wearing underwear everywhere he goes now and is doing fine!  I am very excited and I pray it lasts.  Of course, this also means another step toward "no more babies". 

I sure do love my little man in underwear!

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

The Silver Lining

We had a first tonight in our house. Our little caboose, Maddox, threw up. It was so sad seeing someone so little hurting and heaving. As firsts go, I had to document this of course. However, the truly noteworthy part, the silver lining, is his incredible Daddy. How many Daddies would drop everything and hold their sweet pukey baby in their arms?

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Green with Envy

Penis envy anyone? I know a shocking statement for most but there is nothing shocking about it at my house. With three boys and a husband, penises and talks about them, abound. Most of my humorous penis journaling has been in regard to the funny things that Evan has said so it is no surprise that he has continued to amuse me with his comments.

His latest:

While I was getting ready to get in the shower recently, Evan fell and punctured his lip with his tooth. I had to run out of the bathroom naked to tend to Evan. When I finally got him calmed down and the bleeding to stop, he looked at me with true concern and said "Mommy without a penis, you dead. You need a penis." WOW! That definitely puts quite an exclamation point on the notion of men loving their man parts - without one, is death.

Then while playing in the yard with our neighbor's dog, River, Evan noticed River's penis. He said "Mommy, look, he has one." I said "Yes, he has one of the balls (because they were playing ball in the yard)." Evan said: "No, Mommy, he has a penis." I said: "Of course he has a penis, Evan, he is a boy." To which Evan replied, "But it is not a very good one. It is not too long." Seriously?!?

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Hi Cootie

My favorite salutation as of late. I have been saying "Hi cutie." to my little Maddox for quite some time. A couple of weeks ago my little man said it back to me for the first time. I melted as his little face lit up and he said, in his sweet little voice, "Hi cootie." Perfection!

Friday, March 15, 2013

Princesses are for Girls!

Evan has clearly defined lines for boys and girls. One of which is that girls like princesses. A couple of weeks ago he stated that when it was my birthday, I would have a princess cake. I said "Oh yeah, a princess cake?" I was amused by his declaration seeing that I never discuss princesses. He said "of course, Mommy, you like princesses because you are a grirl (girl). Right, mommy?" "Sure, buddy, I like princesses." He was so proud of his knowledge how could I say otherwise 😀

A week or so after that, while at the gym, he colored a picture out of a coloring book of a princess for me. When I picked him up after my class he was very excited to give me his princess picture. "Look Mommy, a princess for you."

My very own Prince Charming...I am so blessed!


Maddox used to say "yeah" for the affirmative. Recently he started saying "YESSSS", very clearly annunciating it with quite a bit of emphasis and drag on the "s". It is awesome in his cute little voice. I love it!!

Wednesday, February 27, 2013


My dear youngest, the caboose is two now!  In honor of my little man, Maddox, turning two I thought I would journal about my two favorite things about him:

1.  His smile - sounds so simple, so trite, but it is true. It lights up an entire room - and definitely warms my soul.

2.  His cuddles - I love how he immediately lays his head on my shoulder and begins nuzzling into my neck when I hold him to pray before nap time and bed time.  He is such a passionate, sweet, snuggler and I.Love.It. 

My sweet snuggler snuggling with his Uncle Rich - September 2012

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

The dangers of beards

Last week while we were all around the dinner table, Chris asked Evan if he was going to grow a beard like him when he grew up.  Evan said "No, Daddy.  You are gonna sniff that hair up your nose", referring to Chris' mustache.  Although he was truly concerned, Chris and I could not help but erupt in laughter.  I love these moments....gems!

Me and My Brown Eyed Boy

A couple of  Mondays ago Evan and I were driving home from his basketball class.  He says: "Mommy what color are my eyes" Me: "Your eyes are brown."  Evan: "What color are Daddy's eyes?" Me: "Daddy's eyes are blue."  Evan: "What color are Brady's eyes?"  Me: "Brady's eyes are blue."  Evan: "I want blue eyes." Me: "Well, you have brown eyes like Mommy and Maddox."  Evan: "Are they blue under the brown?" Me: "No, they are brown, buddy."  Evan: "Why are they brown.  I like blue."  Me: "That is how GOD made you, Evan.  GOD gave you, Maddox, and Mommy brown eyes and Brady and Daddy blue eyes."  Evan:  "GOD gave me brown eyes?...Okay, that is cool then.  I like brown."

I love these little conversations of discovery.  I love the one on one time we are able to have...however infrequent or short.  I love how okay he was with brown eyes when he understood that GOD gave them to him.  I just LOVE him!

Friday, January 18, 2013

Funny Words

One of the best parts about spending so much time with these little people is the funny things they say.  Some of them Chris and I do not even attempt to correct because they are so darn cute and we know...soon enough, way too soon....they will be saying them correctly.  Some of my current favorites from Evan are:

Star Hores (Star Wars)
bamana (banana)
Garote muntrol (remote control)
puter (computer)
Buzz Lightcheer

Maddox's vocabulary has EXPLODED all of a sudden.  He is at the fun stage where he will say anything that we do.  "Maddox say _______" and he says it.  It is so fun, so adorable.  Some of his newer words:

Brayee (Brady)
Evee (Evan)
yyyeah (yeah)
y'maaa (yes ma'am)
homas (Thomas, the train)
memo (Nemo)
melmo (Elmo)
baf (bath)
bur (bird)
luh you (love you)
mo, mo (more)
baby (to any baby, toddler or child younger than him or within a couple of years older than him)
mawf (mouth)
choo choo
pain (plane)
dawee (doggy, he LOVES dogs)
pappy (paci)
jaf (giraffe)
baw (ball)
bye....bye (EVERY time he walks away, even if it is just from the den to the playroom for a few minutes)...very cute
boo (blue)
geen (green)
jojah (Georgia)
fobah (football)

I am sure there are many more that are not coming to mind but those are many of the ones that he says pretty frequently.  I love the sound of his sweet little voice!

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Grain of Gratitude

It is always heart-warming when my lil' men express gratitude....even in the tiniest moments.  Today while making a quick run to the dollar store with Brady after his guitar lesson, he found a little Phineas & Ferb coloring book he wanted so we picked it up and picked a Toy Story one up for Evan and a Cars movie one for Maddox.  Evan was so happy to get his little coloring book. 

After dinner he came running into the kitchen and said "Mommy it was so sweet that you bought me that Toy Story book" and he gave me the biggest, tightest hug.  Then he pulled away and said "Mommy, why did you buy me that coloring book?"  I said "because I thought you would like it buddy and I love you."  He looked at me with so much joy and said "Mommy, that is so great." and he grabbed me so tightly around the neck and squeezed with all his might with complete, unbridled love and affection for his momma.  LOVE it!!!!  LOVE him!!!!

Friday, January 11, 2013

My perceptive pal

I am always surprised at the things that Brady picks up on, especially when I don't even think he is paying attention.   He is always in tune, always aware.  Earlier this week, as he was getting set up to practice his guitar, I was trying to prep dinner, and rally the rest of the troops (Evan & Maddox), Brady looks at me and says: "Being a mom is hard.  Isn't it?"

Yes, Brady.  Yes, it is.

We then had a little heartfelt talk about anything worth having (like my boys) is hard work....I love these little impromptu heart-to-hearts....but, more than that, I love my little perceptive pal, Brady.

Monday, January 7, 2013

Tis the Season.....

to be jolly....and entertained.  So fun enjoying the Christmas fun with these boys.

"patiently" awaiting their ornaments

This Christmas season has been a lot of fun.  A lot of sweet memories with the little men in my life.  This year is the first year that Maddox has been able to talk about - and enjoy - so many of the festivities.  He is loving all the Christmas lights around town and gleefully yells "lights, lights" every time he sees them.  He is dancing in his car seat to all the Christmas music.  Although he was very afraid of Santa Claus this year when we went to visit him and have their picture made,

he still loves any picture, yard blow up, statue, decoration, etc. of Santa he sees. Even Santa himself - from a distance.  When he sees him - he says, very excitedly - "Sanna Cause", "Sanna Cause"!  The best part is if you ask Maddox "What does Santa Claus say?"  He says "Ho, ho, ho!"  It is so stinkin' cute!!

sweet Maddox saying "ho, ho, ho" after Zoolight Safari

He has enjoyed looking at, grabbing, and stealing "annie cayes" (candy canes).  This was the first year he really played with the kids' nativity set and he liked standing in front of the fireplace and pointing at each stocking and saying who it belongs to...."Daaah-eee" (Daddy), "Mommy", "Eh-vee" (Evie, one of Evan's nicknames), "Bray-ee" (Brady), and "My-ahn, My-ahn" (Mine).

Brady was awesome when we went to see Santa.  We went really early, I believe it was the Sunday before Thanksgiving, although I usually have a rule preference: "no Christmas until Thanksgiving is over."  With that said, since we went early, apparently Brady had not had the time to think through what he wanted to ask Santa for.  So as we are walking through the not-yet-crowded mall to go stand in the non-existent line to see Santa (benefit of going before Thanksgiving), I notice Brady has a concerned look on his face.  I ask him what is bothering him - and in all seriousness - he says "Nothing, Mom.  I am just thinking about what I am going to ask Santa.  I have not had a chance to think about it yet."  So he continued his focused thought as we walked the rest of the way through the mall to where Santa was waiting.   His focus and mature seriousness was so he really only 6 1/2 years old?

The two older ones went and sat with Santa first - wanted to give them a minute to chat with Santa and get them in perfect picture position - before adding Maddox to the mix for the picture (we had a strong feeling this would be the year he would be afraid of Santa - we were right).  They chatted for a bit (again, the benefit of going early - no line) and then we threw Maddox on his lap for the typical crying pic that all three of my boys have at about the same age.

When we walked away from Santa to head to our car, Chris and I asked Brady about his conversation with Santa.  He told us what he asked Santa for and then he looked at Chris and said that he asked Santa the questions they discussed.  I asked what questions he was talking about.  He said - in all seriousness, all business - "I asked him about the abominable snowman and the reindeer."  "He said that he has heard some rumblings...probably the abominable snowman.  He said the reindeer are ready to make the deliveries."  I love his matter-of-fact deliveries and his very serious inquisitiveness - that mixed with a dose of "I am still 6 years old so I am young and innocent enough to believe the sweet joys of things like Santa Claus" make him pretty irresistible.

making a gingerbread house with Brady in his class

Evan has been enjoying singing some of his favorite Christmas songs this Christmas season.  One in particular that he has really gotten into, and proclaimed his favorite - and Chris and I have immensely enjoyed hearing him sing - is the 1984 song "Last Christmas I Gave you my Heart" by Wham!  Whenever it comes on the radio, Evan will quickly say: "this is my song".  He will then proceed to belt out every last word to his Christmas favorite.  The sound of his sweet voice singing is - of course - a "joyful noise".  Also, the seriousness and attention to detail that is put into his performances, is impeccable...remarkably so for a three-year-old.

Evan singing his little heart out, even with all the distractions as we drove around looking at Christmas lights

Thursday, January 3, 2013

First I love you

or more accurately "uhv you"! Oh melt my heart. Last night as I am getting ready to walk out the door for work, I am telling all my boys good bye and I love you. Little man, Maddox, is about to sit on his potty and I had just finished freshening up on the bathroom when I say "Bye baby, I love you." He looks at me and says - for the FIRST TIME - "uhv you"....oh my, love this little man a little bit more now, if possible.

 Sweet Maddox with his Rudolph nose at story time