Sunday, January 10, 2016

We called it!

Chris and I have always known that we have been blessed to be boy parents for 9.5 years without a trip to the ER with a broken bone or stitches.  We have also known for quite some time that Maddox would be the one to take us there first.  We knew it!  Luckily it was not a broken bone or stitches but he did have to have his tooth extracted.  I got a call about two months ago that Maddox had fallen on the playground at preschool and landed on his front teeth.  I took him to the dentist and the verdict - his injury could lead to damage to one of his adult tooth - so we had to extract the baby tooth to prevent damage to his permanent tooth.  We called it!  Poor little guy...a bit young for a tooth out already but, he handled it like a champ and - of course - is still has cute as can be.  He was also very excited about the tooth fairy visiting him. 

 at the dentist right before his extraction; last pic with that front tooth

my brave boy in the dentist chair

 Maddox's first visit from the tooth fairy; he was very excited!