Thursday, October 20, 2011

Not Just Me

A couple of weeks ago we finally pulled the big Graco swing out of Maddox's room.  About a month ago it stopped working...the motor was trying - you could hear it - but it wasn't moving.  After three kids...and almost to the point of Maddox being out of conked out on us. 

Chris was going to investigate and check it out; make sure it was not fixable before we put it to the curb for this morning's trash pick up.  After careful examination, we pronounced the swing dead.  I was sad...not very surprising for me.  Was I sad because the swing was dead broken?  No, not really.  I was a little disappointed as I would have liked to pass it on to someone else when we were done with it.   I was sad because of what the swing represents.....all three of my sweet babies have enjoyed the swing.  There have been millions many naps in that swing....especially for Brady who would not nap in his crib FOREVER!  I remember stressing out when he was little that he would still be napping in the swing when he was 5 years old.

Chris took the swing outside and then when he came back in he said "I am really upset."  I asked him why he was upset and he said that he was sad about putting the swing out for the trash.  I could tell by his demeanor that he truly was sad.  I was surprised that something inanimate like a swing did that to him.  At the same time, I found it very endearing and was glad that it was not just me.

He went back outside to take the rest of the trash out, when he did he informed me that he had to take the swing apart and put it in the can because if he woke up and saw the intact swing sitting there it would really sadden him and he might grab it and bring it back in, unable to let it go.  Then he pulled something out from behind his back....the seat cover and headrest where our lil' angels sat.  He looked at me and said: "I couldn't throw this part away."  "This pattern, this material...I can't throw it away."  Of course I could understand.  It has nothing to do with the material or the pattern but - again - what it represents...that blue and brown plaid is our babies infanthood...their swing, their pack-n-play.  I picked up the headrest and smelled it....awww...smells like our sweet Maddox. 

So no more big swing in our house - and with Maddox being the baby - there will not be a replacement.  This is the end of an era.  I am just so happy - and touched - that it is not just me.

Brady at 3 1/2 months
Evan at 3 months
Maddox at 2 months old

Updates of my Kindergartener

I still have times were it is hard to believe that I have a kindergartener...even though we are a good two months in.  Brady is doing great.  He has made friends, enjoys his teachers (and they him), gets his lunch in the cafeteria with his pin number like a big boy, and so many other big boy things.  He is "reading".  I use quotation marks because at this point it is still just sight words, but excites and fills me with pride nonetheless. 

He is playing in his second season of soccer with Upward and it is amazing the difference in development in one year.  He enjoys it so much.  He is not one of the more competitive or aggressive ones in the group but he enjoys being a part of the team just the same.  He still will tell you - when asked what his favorite part is - that snack is his favorite part!  He has played in 5 games so far this season and has scored 3 goals (a singleton in 3 different games) - very exciting - last year he did not score any...not that it bothered him at all.  He just enjoyed being out there and running around with his teammates. 

We just signed up for basketball for the first time.  It will be fun for him to try a new sport. 

I was able to chaperone him on one of his field trips.  We went to Old Baker Farm - we LOVE that place.  It is where we go as a family every year to cut down our Christmas tree.  My sweet husband took a vacation day to sit with Evan and Maddox so that I could join Brady as a chaperone on one of his trips.  It was a fun time together....we rode in the very backseat of the school bus and Brady was a little nervous with how bumpy it was, he kept saying it was kind of like a roller coaster.  I liked it because he held my hand or wanted me to have my hand on his leg the whole time to help him feel safe.  I will take my cuddles where I can get them, especially now as he is growing up.

We can join Brady at school for lunch so today I am going to join him at 11:20 a.m. to have lunch with him.  He was very happy when I told him this morning that I put a note in his backpack with my lunch choice.  He and I have been talking for a couple of weeks about me coming to his school to have lunch with him.  This is something that he has been wanting me to do for a little while so he was very excited to learn that today I would be joining him.  Of course as a mommy that made my heart swell and I looked forward to the idea of that special time with him.  He and I sitting at the family table enjoying lunch.  He smiled big and gave me a big hug and then said: "I am going to invite Preston to join us."  Apparently when the kiddos have a parent or guest come eat lunch with them they are allowed to invite one friend to join them if they want to.  I guess I am having lunch today with my sweet Brady and his buddy Preston.  That is not exactly what I had in mind but I guess this is the beginning of that stage of life....I had to hide my minor disappointment in not having the one on one lunch that I had envisioned.  I am still looking forward to this experience with my big boy!

Thursday, October 13, 2011


Evan is such a sweet & funny little fella.  He is at the delightful age where he is constantly saying new fun and so cute!  Our favorites - not necessarily for WHAT he says but rather, HOW he says it are (translations are in parentheses):

  • did ya heeya (hear) dat? (did you hear that?)
  • whew (pronounced where with a "w" sound instead of an "r" sound) aww (are) you?
  • hehwa (hair)
  • sawdee (sorry)
  • ahhh meenit (a minute, just a minute)
  • hode me, hode me (hold me)
  • wahh doin'? (what are you doing?)
  • ah lud you (I love you)
  • pop it (stop it)
  • pupcake (cupcake)
What a delight!

    Thursday, September 8, 2011

    So often I am struck by the differences in personalities between my two older boys. I had a little glimpse of it yesterday during lunch with my sweet Evan. We often take his shirt off when he eats thing that can stain and put on an "eating shirt" (old t-shirts that we don't care if they get stained), in lieu of a bib. I took off his shirt and as I reached for an "eating shirt", Evan says: "No mommy not eating belly." Me: "You don't want to wear an eating shirt? You just want to eat without a shirt on?" E: "Yes, mommy. Just my belly." I just smiled and thought back to Brady's younger days - and even now - how uncomfortable he is without a shirt on. Swimming, eating, anything, Brady will ask: "Am I just going to - fill in the blank - in my belly?" He always prefers a shirt and has since he was very little. Evan, on the other hand, is completely comfortable being topless!

    Monday, September 5, 2011


    A couple of Sundays ago I had what I consider a perfect kind of day.  I realized it at the end of the day when I was walking with my boys.  I looked over at Chris as we were walking in our neighborhood with our boys and just felt this complete feeling of contentment.  I realized that the day was the kind of day I enjoy most. 

    It started with working my new part time job in the nursery at Prince of Peace Catholic Church (working toward our cause of paying off our unemployment debt) for their first mass.  Then I picked up all my boys and went to church.  After church we had lunch as a family, all my boys napped/rested well and I was able to rest some and also accomplish things around the house to feel ready to start the week.  When my boys woke up we enjoyed a great time playing outside and then a yummy dinner.  Chris grilled and I cooked some sides inside.  We had a great dinner and then enjoyed a walk through the neighborhood as a family.  The overwhelming feeling of contentment was unmistakable.  The reason this stuck out to me was the day was so ordinary.  We weren't on vacation, we didn't win any prize or money, we didn't make any grand purchase or learn of any extraordinary was just a nice, simple ordinary day but it was the kind of day I love.  I thought this was here it is, for me to remember that so many of my favorite days are ordinary days where there is fun, good food, a sense of accomplishment, a little exercise, great relationships, some rest, and an adequate amount of time outdoors.

    Just something that I want to be able to remember and look back on!

    Monday, August 29, 2011

    Appreciating the Appreciation

    It is amazing what a heartfelt "Thank you" can do for one's soul, especially if your love language is words of affirmation like myself. 

    Tuesday night Chris had a work dinner to attend so he was not coming home after work.  On his way to the restaurant from his office, Chris called me and said -- "I just wanted to call and tell you 'thank you'"  He proceeded to thank me for taking care of his children, for staying home where he does not have to worry about their care or how they are being influenced. 

    It is nice to hear the appreciation.  I would much rather stay home and raise our children full time than go to work outside of the home and leave them in someone else's care.  However, hearing that you are appreciated for such a hard job is GREAT.

    Thursday, August 25, 2011

    His heart

    that is where "Blessed are the peacemakers for they shall be called the sons of GOD."  That was the answer I received from Brady when we were reviewing this week's memory verse.  After reciting his verse to me, I said: "Where is that?" - meaning where is that verse located in the Bible?  He answered,in all seriousness, "my heart".  LOVE it!! 

    That was not the answer I was looking for (Matthew 5:9) but it sure is THE answer...the whole reason we are doing order to have GOD's word tucked away in our hearts.  Awesome...thank you LORD for this boy and this little moment of clarity with him.


    as just our little family of five (never even happened as a family of 3 or 4)!  It was a wonderful time and very cherished.  It was just a couple days in Orange Beach, Alabama but it was just what we needed.  Only a 4 hour drive, cute little house, steps from the ocean, 2 nights away, rest and relaxation....exactly what we wanted.  Thankful for this memory of my little family of five! 

    • watching Brady crab "hunt" with Daddy 
    • witnessing Evan's expression the first time he walked in the sand (he was 9 weeks old the first and only time he went to the beach before this trip)
    • experiencing my sweet lovey dovey (Maddox) sleeping in my arms on the beach listening to the waves
    • sipping ice cold beers with my hubby while marveling over our sweet little life

      Monday, August 22, 2011

      after school chat

      Brady cracks me up with the way he organizes and expresses his thoughts. 

      He completed his first week of school last Friday.

      We have started a little after school chat time.  We are very blessed that a neighbor is able to bring Brady home from school every afternoon.  This has worked out great for a couple of reasons.  The reason we did it was so that my lil' guys - Evan & Maddox - can get their afternoon naps, instead of spending that precious time in carpool line.

      I have enjoyed this time with Brady where we can sit and talk and read stories, read the Bible....good one on one time.  On Friday Brady and I are chatting about his day and I asked him about making new friends.  He said that when he meets someone new, he "charges them" with do you know Star Wars? If they do, I ask them their name.  Maybe I can ask them for a map to their house and we can go to their house mom to see if they have Star Wars toys at their house?

      He is obsessed with Star Wars now!  Chris decided that this past summer was the perfect time/age for he and Brady to bond over Star Wars...and now Brady is OBSESSED

      Tuesday, August 16, 2011

      HERE WE ARE!

      I have had a lot of "okay they are growing up" moments lately.  Letting go - however small these steps are right now - is always hard.  Brady lost his first tooth last week - total shock to me as he got his first tooth later than average.  He started kindergarten yesterday.   This is BIG stuff....BIG school, all day, every day.

      Evan is wearing big boy underwear and doing better sleeping in his big boy bed...after a short stint of putting him in his pack n play in his bedroom to sleep because he repeatedly got out of his bed...and sometimes climbed the ladder to Brady's bed.

      Maddox is a half of a year old...........NOOOOOOOOOO!  This is so hard for me to swallow.  I don't want him to grow up...he is my caboose and I want him to stay a cute, snuggly little baby for a LONG time or FOREVER!!!  I love having the sweetest baby in the world to cuddle and fall asleep on me and stare at me with an adoration that only a little angel has for his momma!

      So here we are.  I do not have a choice.  Time is going to continue to tick by regardless of how I feel or what I choose to focus on.  I am trying to enjoy the little moments and each little limb on each little tree in the middle of this forest.  I love my boys immensely!

      Friday, July 29, 2011


      I never REALLY understood "oVeRsTiMulAtiOn" until I became a  Mother.  Yes, I could comprehend - cerebrally - what it means to be overstimulated but I did not UNDERSTAND what it means...there was not empathy for the child who is overstimulated....."just relax"....what exactly does that mean?? 

      Then I became a mom and I so often feel like I am going to scream overstimulated. I didn't know it was possible but with 3 little people in my care, that I am responsible for, I am OftEn overstimulated....the constant noise, the constant chatter, the constant NEED....WOWSERS!!! I so often feel like my nerves are tapped to the hilt. 

      So I this me?  the "job"?  my kiddos?

      I am working on figuring out how to "manage" this.  Sometimes in my "peaked" overstimulation my solution is "okay, quiet time now.  we are taking a talking..."  I hope my overstimulation does not scar my sweet Brady but rather teach him some self control, some patience, some appreciation for the quiet pauses in life.

      BLAST OFF!!

      Brady, Evan, and I sitting around the table eating lunch a couple of days ago...

      B - "Mommy, how will we (Evan and I) die?"
      Me - "I don't know buddy.  Hopefully that does not happen for a really long time; like when you are A LOT older."
      B - "But how does Jesus come and get us?"  "Does he send a rocket down here to get us and then we blast off with Jesus to heaven?"
      Me - "Not exactly."  "Our bodies are not going to heaven.  Just our spirits.  Remember when we have talked about that before.  It is just our spirits that will go to heaven to be with Jesus."
      B - "So in heaven we do not have any bodies...just our hearts go up to heaven."
      Me - "Kind of."  "It is hard to really explain and we do not know for sure exactly how that part will be because the only people that know are in heaven.  They are dead do they can't tell us."
      B - "Right, Right."  "So I won't go there until I am a lot older."
      Me - "I hope so."
      B - "Are MiMi and PopPop old?"
      Me - "They are oldER but not real old"
      B - "Right.  They are not REAL old, not that old yet.  They are just a little bit old."

      Oh the wheels are turning...I love these thought-out REAL conversations that we have.  Most of the time we have the mindless chatter where it is obvious that Brady just wants to hear himself talk.  These are the talks I know I will cherish.  The talks I want to remember for a lifetime.

      Evan at the end of this conversation contributes with a boisterous blast off motion and sound him!

      Sunday, July 17, 2011

      "I don't wanta....."

      Evan's famous words right now...even if it is something that he likes.  "Evan let's go eat lunch." E - "I don't want eat lunch."  "Evan, let's go pee pee." E - "I don't want go pee pee."  Evan apparently is exercising his will in enjoying letting us know what he "don't wanta" do.

      Evan LOVES Woody from Toy Story.  He also like playing with the other characters, in particular Buzz Lightyear.  Buzz Lightyear's famous quote is "From infinity and beyond".  Evan has started saying that - this is his twist on it: "from insinitee an yon" with such enthusiasm and the best and brightest smile.

      He now says EVERYTHING that we say, even if we do not understand it.  Some in particular tha I like and are noteworthy: "nuk" for milk (he uses this word for wanting any drink, even if he is drinking water; "belbum" (you're welcome); "baf" (bath); "backboes" (crackers); "Un wich" (Uncle Rich); "samsich" (sandwich); "ine cited" (I am excited); "an wait" (I can't wait) endearing : )

      LOVE Evan such a sweet and cool kiddo!

      Friday, July 15, 2011

      Sweet Words

      I sure do love when I receive unsolicited words of affirmation from my boys.  Thursday morning before heading out of our house, Brady climbed into my arms and said "I wish I could marry you, Mommy."  Very touched, I looked at him and said "Why do you say that, baby?"  "Because, Mommy, I love you."  Awww, thanks buddy!

      After arriving in Atlanta for a visit, I asked Brady to help me with getting some things out of the van.  He followed me outside and I told him that I was glad he was my big boy helping me and that I had him as my big boy.  He said "I am happy that I have you as my mommy."  I said, "Yeah, why do you say that?"  "Because, mom, you are cool AND cute."  How sweet!

      At MiMi & PopPop's house, Brady's boo boo was starting to bleed again so he needed a band aid.  We looked in the bathroom with MiMi and found one.  I said that is great MiMi has a band aid for you.  He said, "Yeah, I knew she would have a special one for me."  Love it!

      After having a stomach bug through the night, Brady and I prayed for his belly to feel better.  He woke up and the stomach part of his illness was gone.  I said, "Oh, baby, we need to thank Jesus for your belly feeling better."  He said, "Yeah, mommy.  We asked Jesus to make it better and he said 'Well, alright'."  He said this all smiles.   Precious!

      Tuesday, July 12, 2011

      BIG BOY NEWS!!!

      Evan is really taking to the idea of potty training (we introduced it over the past two weeks while Brady was in VBS) so I guess we are going to dive in now....full force : /  That is my mixed emotions face.  I have mixed emotions because, of course, I am so excited at the thought of getting Evan out of diapers....especially with another one in diapers.  I also am sad at the thought of my sweet lil' Evee growing up : (  I am also not looking forward to the work involved!  Let's face is much easier to go out and about with 3 little kiddos when you don't have one trying hard to stay dry.  Since he seems so ready I need to move forward with it before I miss the "sweet spot" when he is so ready. 

      Last night Evan moved out of his crib into his big boy bed.  He will be sleeping in the bottom bunk of Brady's bed.  This was quite emotional for me...he is only 2 - 25 months to be exact.  Brady was much older when he moved into his big boy bed.  Evan looked so tiny in that big, full size bed.  My baby not in his crib anymore...hard for Mommy.  With Brady's great bunk beds and large bedroom we had always planned for the boys to share the bedroom even if we had chosen to not have a third child.  With Maddox here we are going to use the nursery again for him.  With that in mind, we are moving Evan into his big boy bed a little sooner than we probably otherwise would have.  He was soooo excited about sleeping in his big boy bed.  One of my concerns definitely came to fun-loving, loud, easily excitable little guy was very interested in the fact that his best buddy - his big brother, Brady was sleeping in the bed right above him.  We kept hearing: "Baydee" (Brady), "BAYDEE?".  We had to go in there several times and "threaten" him.  We had to tell Brady to ignore him, hoping the novelty would wear out and he would tire of calling for him.  Eventually it got quiet in there and he was out - so was Brady.  Daddy slept upstairs to make sure he was okay all night and so I could get a good, full night's sleep (what a sweet hubby).  At about 3 a.m. Evan called out because somehow in his sleep he got his arm caught in the slats of the bed above him.   He woke up at another time because he could not find his paci.  Then Chris said at 6:15 a.m. (he doesn't usually wake up until 7:30 or 8) he heard Evan again: "BAYDEE?"  Not a great night sleep, but a start.  Hopefully the novelty of sharing a room tires sooner rather than later.  We shall see.  

      Hard for me to believe that my baby is potty training and sleeping in a big boy bed.

      Update:  about 2 weeks later....the "novelty" is wearing off - good and is wearing off for potty training (not good) and the big boy bed and sharing a room with Brady (good).  With VBS over and us out and about Evan needed to be in a diaper, then being out of town for an entire week - I feel like we lost some ground with potty training.  The novelty is gone so the "fun" of being a big boy and using the potty is over.   So now - yea me! - I am working on reviving the excitement of potty training now that we are back in town.  This is my second least favorite parenting responsibility to date (sleep trainig being my first)!

      At least we can put both boys to bed in the same room at the same time and within 15 - 20 minutes they are quiet and asleep and we do not hear from them until - the earliest - 7 a.m.  That, at least, is some progress so that is what I will focus on.

      Tuesday, June 28, 2011


      We have had all three boys at the pediatrician recently for well check-ups.  Evan's 2 year check-up...sized up at 34.5 inches (60th percentile) and 27 lbs. (40th percentile) with a clean bill of health.  Brady's 5 year check-up.....sized up at 45.5 inches tall and 46.5 lbs. - 75th percentile for weight and OFF THE CHARTS for height!!  I have never had a child measure off the charts.  Dr. Anderson said he is the size of a 6 year!  I felt so bad for Brady.  The vaccinations end at the 2 year well check-up until 5 which is when they come back to prepare for school - 4 shots in the thighs...ouch!!! Chris came to this appt. with us.   I was proud of how he handled it.  He also received a clean bill of health.  Maddox had his 4 month well check-up yesterday....5 vaccinations in ONE day!  He did well and measured in at 26.5 inches tall and 13 lbs. 6.5 oz. - 95th percentile for height (my tallest boy at this age) and only 25th percentile for weight....LONG and LEAN!  He also received a clean bill of health.  I am a very THANKFUL Mommy - and Daughter of the KING - for having healthy, beautiful boys!

      Wednesday, June 15, 2011

      AMEN little love!

      Evan has started praying before his meals.  He bows his head says: "Geejus"...speaks in tongues, then nods his head and says "Amen".  LOVE it!!! LOVE him!!

      Friday, June 10, 2011

      Firsts and Lasts

      It seems much of my journaling regarding my kiddos and memories that I want to cherish is regarding firsts and lasts.  I feel like we have had so many firsts and lasts as of late....

      • Brady had his last day of preschool...........FOREVER!

      • Brady had his last (first) t-ball game!

      • Evan turned two!
      • Brady got fitted and wore a tuxedo (oh, I teared grown and handsome)! He was the ring bearer in Uncle Rich's wedding.

      • We celebrated Brady's 5th birthday with a fun fire station birthday party with his friends!

      • Maddox has stopped "needing me" in the middle of the night.
      • I registered my FIRST baby for the FIRST time for school (kindergarten is coming up).

      • Evan has been sporadically going pee pee and poop in the potty (the FIRST step toward potty training)!  AND telling us when he needs to go poop.
      • Instead of just calling him "beebee" (which he still does : )), Evan has started calling Maddox by his name - "mannex" - so sweet!

      • Evan and Maddox had their first hotel stay (The Partridge Inn in Augusta for Uncle Rich's wedding) - this was also Maddox's first trip to Augusta.

      • My boys and I shared two firsts together...playing in the creek with friends (what a BOY thing to do) and we went strawberry fun!

      So much going many memories...May was quite full, especially with two birthdays, a graduation (Nicholas) and a wedding (Rich) so I have jokingly dubbed May of 2011 - "MAYhem".

      Saturday, May 14, 2011


      My EvJ turned TWO today (5/12/11).  I can not believe it.  I clearly remember two years ago when I sat in the NICU rubbing your back while you were in the little plastic crib hooked up to all the monitors.  I sat there for hours trying to not pass out from exhaustion as I did not want to leave your side.  It did not seem right to leave your side.  Finally Daddy came back from taking Brady & MiMi & PopPop home and encouraged me to say good night to you and head back upstairs to sleep.  It is hard to believe that was only two years ago.   

      You are such a BIG boy…BIG fun, BIG personality, BIG laughs, BIG love.  You fight fiercely and LOVE fiercely.  You are always running – and always falling down.  You always have a “boo boo” but are soooo tough!!  You are a joy to all of us….the perfect addition to our family.   

      You have so many more words…your vocabulary is taking off!  There is not anything that you will not say or try to say : )  You are starting to use the potty.  Growing up so fast! 

      In honor of turning two I thought I would decide my top two favorite Evan things (even though it is so hard to focus on just two): 

      (1)   Your nurturing, maternal/paternal way….such a LOVER…you will grab my face and give me such a yummy, big kiss.

      (2)   Your laugh…so sweet, so contagious…the best sound, the best medicine! 

      Happy Birthday, Evan!  I love you!!!

      Unsolicited LOVE!

      Tuesday night you went to t-ball practice with Daddy and Brady.  You were having fun with Daddy as he was tickling you and playing while Brady was practicing with his team.  You were laughing with Daddy and you looked up at Daddy and, while laughing, said “Daddy, I love you!”  That is the BEST!  It is one thing to hear “I love you” after we say it to you.  It is quite another thing to hear it without first saying it.  Unsolicited love is the BEST!!!

      Kindergarten is Kicking Off

      I can’t believe it….we are here.  We are wrapping up 4K and getting ready for our future as a kindergartner and a family of a kindergartner.  A few weeks ago I registered Brady for kindergarten.  I had never set foot into Bluff Park Elementary before.  In fact when I went inside I had the realization that I have not stepped foot into a big school (not just a little preschool) since I was in school….WOW!!  As I walked through that big school and filled out all the information needed for my Brady Mac, I got sooo emotional…this is the start of my baby’s school career.   I got worried about so many things for him…mean kids, getting lost in that big building, using the big bathroom in the hall with strangers, figuring out how to get his lunch at the cafeteria, mean kids, getting abducted from the playground, mean kids……YIKES!!! I got emotionally, definitely teary.  I kept thinking: “If I am this teary just registering you in April…how on earth am I going to be in August when I actually drop you off here?”

      Friday, May 6, 2011


      I have started reading this little "My First Bible" stories kind of book with Evan and, of course, there are several stories - and pictures - of Jesus in it.  He has really gotten into this book as he grabs it and wants to look at it all the time saying: "Geejus", "Geejus" and reaching for it.  Last night after brushing his teeth, the book was sitting on the bathroom floor and, when walking by it, he looked down at it, waved, and said: "Night, night, Geejus" him!!! Too cute!!!

      I DID IT!!!

      Tonight Evan pooped in the potty for the first time.  He was sooo cute when he got off of the potty he and Brady were dancing around celebrating naked and we all kept saying: "Evan, you did it.  You went poop in the potty!"  He started saying (for the first time in the CUTEST voice): "I did it!"  Soooo adorable...he was so proud and so darn cute!!!


      A few weeks ago we were going to meet some friends at the playground.  Brady wanted to know which friends we would be meeting so I told him.  One of those friends is my friend from Mom's Club: "Miss Paige".  I told Brady this and he said: "Miss Paige? in a book?" (very seriously). 

      Hazeling....the weather was getting really bad prior to the tornadoes that came through Alabama.  It was hailing and we were talking about it while driving in it.  Brady later repeated what he thought I was saying and it came out "hazeling".  I explained that I had said "hailing" not "hazeling".  He said "you can say hazeling too if you want."  Okay : )

      Sunday, May 1, 2011


      Tornado Alley....that is where I feel I live at the moment.  This past week was intense with storms throughout central Alabama.  More than 200 people lost their lives in Alabama.  Tuscaloosa was hit very much of it leveled.  There was so much devastation there that the University of Alabama has postponed graduation. 

      In our neighborhood - right around the corner from our house...a 2 minute walk - there are huge, 100 year old (or older) trees completely uprooted like a giant plucked them out of the ground the way I could pluck a weed.  So many of these trees are on top of houses.  I have never actually seen devastation like this in person, only on television.  I drove down Park Avenue and a very small portion of Shades Crest Road (because it was blocked fully by very large trees going both directions) and just could not believe my eyes.  It was like watching television, not my neighborhood.  The sadness, relief, and joy I felt was insurmountable.  I felt very sad for those with homes damaged (moreso fearing injuries, or worse, loss of life).  I felt relief that this did not happen to us and all we had to worry about was power outage.  I felt joy that I just dropped off my fully intact 4 year old at preschool and my 23 month old and 11 week old were sitting right behind me, SAFELY, in our van.

      A fear went through me like no other when I thought about just how CLOSE this is to my house, how many HUGE old trees I have in my yard, how my two oldest children sleep upstairs while Chris, Maddox and I are downstairs in the basement, and how Chris and I had NO IDEA that this was coming, heard nothing during those early morning hours, and were doing NOTHING to protect Evan and Brady sleeping upstairs.  I am certain the tornado went right over our house....thank GOD it didn't touch down on my sweet boys sleeping. 

      The fear started dissipating as I thought about the simple yet heartfelt prayer I pray over my children every time I lay them down in their beds: "Lord, please protect Evan (Brady), please keep him healthy and safe....."   I quickly shifted from feeling frightened to feeling blessed.  Thank you, LORD, for protecting my boys.  Thank you for blessing my family and I.  Thank you for these reminders of what is really important and just how much I have to be thankful for.  Please, as I am blessed, help me to be a blessing to those in need at this time.  AMEN!!!!!

      Saturday, April 30, 2011

      23 months old!

      Evan is 23 months old and sooo spunky!!! He cracks me up and angers me everyday!!! He is on the move non-stop...ALL boy, ALL the time! He has the cutest laugh, the biggest, brightest smile, and has such a sense of humor so young. He loves to play with his big brother, Brady. He loves to "take care of" his baby brother, Maddox. He has so many new words, off the top of my head and some of my favorites are: "stawbehee" (strawberry), "sawdee" (sorry) - always accompanied by a hug, "choo" (bless you), "yesth" (yes, said very matter-of-factly), "boo" (blue, always pointing at the right color), "hep" (help), and we LOVE the way he says "hey" when he talks to Maddox...all high-pitched and old lady sounding : )....just like a little old grandma would!
      With Spring coming to an end...and his 2nd birthday fast approaching...a lot of our activities for the year have wrapped up. We had our last story time with Miss Ne Ne this past Tuesday and we had our last music class last week. I am looking forward to some fun summer time activities with my spunky little guy.
      He helped me wash the van last week before our trip to Georgia. He has his bathing suit and crocs on and took his job very seriously. He is a very determined little man...even when it comes to work.

      Thursday, March 31, 2011


      My last name was Dunne.  Now my middle name is Dunne.  I thought about this the other day in relation to the word "done".  I am obsessed  focused on getting things done.  When I think about the homonyms "Dunne" and "done", I can not help but think it is quite interesting that "Dunne" is my given name.  Mmmmhh...things that I think about it.

      PEE PEE in the Potty!

      Evan went pee pee on the big potty yesterday for the first time.  I am so excited!  We are not really potty training right now but we sit him on the potty before bath and sometimes before nap.  He seems to prefer the big potty with the Cars movie seat on top of it versus the little potty.  I sat him on the Cars potty seat yesterday before his nap and then went into his room to get his clothes ready for his nap.  Then I heard the sound of liquid hitting liquid and ran in there to find him sitting there with a wide-eyed surprised look on his face.  It was obvious what his thoughts were: "What am I doing?  What is this?" I was so excited and of course made a big deal about it, had Brady make a big deal about it, had Evan call Daddy at work about it and gave Evan a little candy.  He was excited.  It was very cute.  We will see where this leads as I do not think he is really ready for full on potty training...nor am I with a six week old : )

      Wednesday, March 23, 2011

      First Field Trip

      Brady went on his first field trip with school today.  I was nervous about sending him off with other mothers without me.  I have not let him ride off with anyone else yet so I was a little nervous for him to ride on the interstate without me.  While helping him with his shoes this morning I told him a few little "rules" to make sure he will be safe...regarding his booster seat, seat belt, using the restroom at California Pizza Kitchen (where his field trip was) by himself, etc.  He was listening well to me and then as he hopped up to head toward the door, he said "thanks, mom, for the rules.  On my next field trip you can come and watch on me."  He is such a sweet young guy!  He had a GREAT first field trip...touring the restaurant, making his own pizza, and, of course, enjoying the tasty food.  I am excited for the next field trip when I get to tag along as a chaperone.

      Monday, March 21, 2011

      The End of an Era

      I had a moment at Babies R Us the other day.  It was a small moment but big in what it represented.  I hurried into Babies R Us while Chris and the boys were in the van.  They were having a GREAT diaper deal that I could not pass on, so I ran it to grab two boxes of diapers for Maddox.  Walking to the back of the store, I passed through the clothes.  I have been keeping my eyes open for coordinating Easter outfits for the boys.  As I passed some things I looked and had my MOMENT...the sizes stop at 4T!!!  Brady will be 5 on May 30th but he has been wearing (and in some things, outgrowing) size 5 for a while.  The realization I had in that moment....that just kinda snuck up on me in a weird that I can no longer shop for my baby big boy at Babies R Us.  It just hit me - BAM - unexpectedly, unprepared - in the retail world, at least - he is no longer a baby!

      Sunday, March 20, 2011

      So Independent!

      Evan wants to be a big boy most of the time.  He has quite an independent streak!  He wants to do so many things himself.  He gets very frustrated when he can not or when you try to help him do something.  It is funny to me at times because I remember so clearly my mother telling me how independent I always was as a young girl and how much I wanted to do things "myself".  Thursday we went to the Shades Mountain Elementary playground and Evan wanted to swing in the big swing just like a big boy.  This was his first time in a big boy swing.  I sure hope he doesn't push in to many arenas to be a big boy...I want to cherish this sweet toddler stage while I have it!

      2 months from 2 years!!

      Evan is 22 months old!!! What a doll we have!  What a true gift!  He is a GREAT big brother...not a single moment of jealousy toward his little brother yet....hopefully it stays that way : ) 

      He is continually adding to his vocabulary: Poppy (my dad),     He continually says bee bee (baby) in reference to his baby brother, Maddox.  He says: "hahiday" (holiday...a word Brady taught him).  He is at the point where he will repeat most words you ask him to repeat.  When Brady says: "Evan, say holiday" - or whatever word it may be - he always tries it...very cute.

      He still enjoys anything related to sports/balls and Toy Story.

      He met his Aunt Staci for the first time this past month and warmed up to her very quickly.  He enjoyed playing with her and hanging out with her a lot!

      He is very defensive toward his big brother, Brady.  Whenever Brady is misbehaving and Chris or I have to get onto him, Evan looks at us and sternly says "NO" and sometimes even gives us the hitting gesture.  I think he actually wants to whack us for it!

      A week or two ago we were getting ready to pray before dinner and I asked him: "Are you ready to pray?" and I bowed my head...Brady usually prays before our meals....when we bowed our heads, Evan started right was in tongues of course so we were not quite sure what he said but he was into it and then at the end he said: "aymeh".  I loved it!

      It is very hard for me to believe that he is going to be 2 years old in just 2 short months...I have already planned his birthday did it get here so quickly?

      22 months on March 12th...WOW!!! That sure snuck up on me!

      Sunday, March 6, 2011


      A week or so ago we were all sitting at the dinner table and Brady asked me: "Mom, who am I going to marry?"  I said: "I don't know, buddy.  Who do you want to marry?"  B - "I don't know."  me - "Well, you don't have to know right now, you are still young.  You will not get married for a while....until you are a grown up so you have time to figure it out."  "Daddy and I did not meet until we were grown-ups."  "It may be someone you already know but it may be someone you have not even met yet."  "Trust GOD and pray about it and he will guide you to the perfect girl for you."

      About 3 days later.........
      I am sitting in the floor playing with Brady and Evan..tickling them and just having fun.  Brady looks at me and says - out of nowhere - "Mommy, I wish you were the perfect girl." me - "what do you mean, Brady?" B - "I wish GOD sent you for me to marry."

      What a sweetheart!!!

      Thursday, March 3, 2011

      Evan at 21 months old

      I have been working on this entry for a few weeks now...making sure I capture it all.  Hopefully I do.  This 21st month has been quite full!

      Evan is sooo much fun.  He cracks us up...and he knows it!  He turned 21 months old on the 12th of February.  He has really expanded his vocabulary in the past month as well.  He has added (I am sure I will forget some of them here): Pop Pop (Chris' Dad), Buss (Buzz from Toy Story), dane choo (thank you), i d'no (I don't know...which is ALWAYS followed by a laugh), shoes, socks, choo choo, see see (as he is pointing at something he wants you to see), otto (for Lotso from Toy Story 3), eye-eee-ah (for Olivia when the cartoon comes on Saturday mornings and he and Brady are soooo excited), nose, eye, wi-eee (for his little Winnie the pooh bear)

      He RUNS everywhere...never walks anymore.  When he is disciplined and we get on to him for something, his immediate reaction is to reach out and hug it is his way of saying "sorry". 

      He is very into "helping" with Maddox and being a big brother.  He brings Maddox his paci, he brings his blanket, he "swings" his swing for him, he squats down in front of him in the bouncy seat, swing, etc. to check on is very endearing.

      He has started sitting on his little potty before bath, just to try it out and get comfortable with the idea and start to incorporate it into his routine so it is not foreign or scary when we get ready to really work on it.  He is so cute and eager to sit on the potty and be a big boy.  He has not done anything on it yet...he sits on it, smiles big (like "aren't you proud?") and then hops up to get in the bathtub...not quite getting the fact that you are supposed to do something while you are there.

      He is so full of life, love, and energy.  I LOVE it!

      Friday, February 18, 2011

      Home Sweet Home

      We reluctantly left the hospital on Wednesday, February 9th.  I did not want to leave as it is so nice to just relax holding my sweet baby and rest as much as possible while my nurturing nurses brought me grape juice (I think I drank my weight in it) and changed Maddox's diapers.  It was GREAT!  I was also a little nervous about figuring out the juggling act of being the Mommy to 3 boys.

      The other side of me was anxious to get home and be with Brady and Evan for more of the day than we were able to get with them at the hospital.  I missed my big guys and I know they missed Chris and I.

      MiMi & Pop Pop drove the van up to the hospital with the bigger boys so we could ride home as a family.  Pop Pop drove the Civic home for us since Chris and I arrived at the hospital separately on the 7th since I did not think I was in labor.  They were very excited to see us and pick us up to take us was a warm welcome!

      I dressed Maddox up in his sweet coming home outfit and took a few snapshots and then we headed home. 

      We quickly turned around from home and went out for Mexican...Maddox's first outing at 2 days old...yummy Mexican food.  He slept the whole time, having no idea that he was at a restaurant. 

      The coolest thing ever....driving home to take our 3rd boy was SNOWING.  It was so pretty.  It was interesting how different it was....with Evan and Brady it was daylight and warm when we brought them home; with Maddox it was snowing and dark.

      Friday, February 11, 2011

      Welcomed with Love!

      Maddox entered this world at 3:17 p.m. and was welcomed with love by friends and family pretty soon after.  Brittney was on her way to the hospital as I was pushing.  She had packed her school work thinking she would get some things done with she waited in the waiting room for Maddox's arrival.  She was sitting there for about 5 minutes when Chris came to get her...."Do you want to meet Maddox?"  She could not believe he was here that quickly.  She gave us the best gift...her photography skills.  She came into the labor and delivery room so that she could meet Maddox and capture his first moments in this world.  This is truly a gift! 

      While we were getting changed and Maddox was going through his tests, Nicole Sanders came by to say hello and visit me while I was laboring.  She happened to have her own appointment that day so was there anyway.  When she found out I was having Maddox a day early and she was going to be at Brookwood anyway for her ultrasound appointment, she said she would stop by if I was okay with it.  I told her we were in labor & delivery room 8 so swing on by.  She came by the room and knocked but because of security reasons right at that moment, the nurse said she couldn't come in just yet.  We talked a little through the open door and she was wondering if it was almost time for me to start pushing.  When I told her he was already here, she could not believe it.  He was born so quickly.  She made plans to come back the next evening to meet him and visit with us.  She caught a quick glimpse of him through the door in Chris' arms.

      A couple of hours later we were upstairs in our post partum room and Chris left to pick up his parents and Brady & Evan to come to the hospital to meet Maddox.  We were very excited to introduce Maddox to his big brothers.  They came in the room very excited to see him.  Evan kept reaching out to him "Baby", "Baby" and patting his legs and wanting to pat his face.  Brady wanted to hold him and know all about him.  It was very sweet.  Maddox had big brother gifts for both his big brothers; toy story toys.  They were very excited to get these new toys and they came in with a sweet monkey lovey for Maddox.  It was a real sweet time to see the boys all together.

      The only time Evan got upset was when Brady sat in the chair to hold Maddox.  Evan started crying and leaning in toward his Daddy.  We were not sure if he was jealous or what was upsetting him.  I then realized he wanted to be a big brother and hold Maddox just like Brady was.  I told Chris to put him in the chair next to Brady so he could "hold" Maddox too.  Once he put Evan in the chair he got very happy and started smiling and you could see the pride he had in being a big brother.  It was AWESOME!!! priceless!

      So much love for such a little guy on his first day of life!  I know I could not possibly love him more...I think the rest of his family feels the same way!

      MiMi & Pop Pop were just excited to meet him and love on him - their 8th grandchild - as I have seen them with all the others.

      Wednesday, February 9, 2011

      I could not fall any harder

      in LOVE with this GOD-given gift.  He is just so perfect.  He is such a snuggle bug.  He has not spent even a minute in his little hospital crib except to have his diaper changed.  I have held him and cuddled him every minute he has been on this earth unless I have had to go to the bathroom or unselfishly let a visitor hold him.  I am enjoying holding him and I have been trying to figure out a way I can freeze him in this this size and stage.  I have not figured out a way yet....if I do I will document my remarkable idea here!

      I love you Maddox Christopher.  I am so very thankful for you!

      Tuesday, February 8, 2011

      I thought I would be on my way....

      to the hospital now for my scheduled induction at 6am.  Instead I am snuggling you, Maddox in the dim, quiet of our room while you eat and I just stare at you in perfect, so beautiful.

      I want to add some pics of you from soon after entering the world to capture here in my journal:

      Monday, February 7, 2011

      Postpartum Room

      We hung out in our delivery room until 4:45pm and then we were wheeled to our postpartum 210.  He nursed really well after birth and again about 30 minutes ago.  My food just came....thank you LORD...I am starving!!! I have not eaten since jello last night at about 10pm. 

      He came quickly....everything so similar to Evan...the same amount of time from when I got settled in the labor & delivery room until he came as the amount of time Evan took from when they started the induction until he arrived.  3 pushes for both of them...a VERY fast arrival and they weighed the EXACT same...9lbs. 5.4 oz.  The differences....Evan was 21.5 inches long and Maddox is just 21 inches long.  Evan was an induction with pitocin; Maddox decided when he was going to enter this world and with zero pitocin.  Evan was one day late and Maddox is 8 days early.

      It is funny how little the BIG brother seems now...only 7lbs. 4 oz and 19.75 inches long at birth.  He is a big boy now in the 80th percentile for height and weight; but compared to his LITTLE brothers he sure did enter this world smaller.

      We are settled in our room and bonding.  I am going to eat while my food is still hot and before the big brothers and MiMi & PopPop get here to meet him....they are on their way.  That will be exciting; from what I hear Brady is VERY excited to meet his baby brother!

      I'm Glad I didn't order the cheeseburger.........

      He's here.........really quickly......

      My corndog is still in my throat.......

      9 lbs 5 oz

      21 inches long

      Momma and baby are doing well.....


      So as I am on the way back from grabbing something to eat I get a call from Kat....."I'm pushing...where are you?.......I AM RUNNING....


      Kat just got checked and is now dialated to 7......she's resting and waiting....

      Update #2

      Got a boost of drugs because my body absorbs medicine soooo easily and quickly and I was hurting bad....this was at 1:30 pm so I am going to rest.

      Update on Maddox

      Dr. Ross came in at 11:25 am to check my progress and I was 4 cm. dilated and completely effaced. He went ahead and broke my water……OWWWW!!!

      Once I had my first contraction without my water, I thought I would lose it.  So at 11:45am, the anesthesiologist came in and gave me the epidural...thank you, Jesus!!!!

      So now I am trying to relax and let my body progress...first time doing this without experience...Maddox is coming on his own and 8 days early!

      Can't wait to hold him and show him off!

      He's Coming!!!!!

      7:30 am I headed into the hospital to go to my doctor’s office to be checked since I had lots of cramping and contractions yesterday. I was awake and calling the doctor’s office early this morning, at about 4am. My doctor, Dr. Adcock was on call over the weekend so he is who I spoke with and he told me to come in to be checked and if the contractions got stronger or closer together to go ahead and come in.

      I saw Dr. Ross as Dr. Adcock’s call schedule ended at 7am. He checked me, all the while I was having contractions. I was 3 cm. dilated, completely thinned out, and he told me to head downstairs to Labor & Delivery as I was going to be having a baby today rather than tomorrow.

      WHAT???? I called my in-laws who were loading up their car to head to Birmingham to sit with our boys to tell them to get on the road NOW rather than later as Maddox was going to come today.

      I then immediately called Chris to tell him “I am not coming home”. He definitely was in shock to hear that. We then had to scramble for childcare…who is going to sit with the boys until MiMi & PopPop arrive? I called Brittney at Samford who was more than willing to come to the house but she does not own a car. Chris’ car only had the carseat for Evan in it, not a booster seat for Brady so he was unable to leave the house to go pick her up. She was scrambling to get friends on the phone to borrow a car while I tried to call neighbors who could run to Samford to pick her up for us. She finally got in touch with a friend who let her borrow her car so she could come to my house to stay with Evan and Brady.


      So I then felt like I could head to Labor & Delivery as Brady and Evan were going to be taken care of and Chris was going to be able to join me in welcoming Maddox to the world.

      I headed to L&D and was welcomed warmly as they were expecting me. I was taken to L&D room 8 and made to quickly change into my gown. That was at 8:50 am. I was hooked up to an IV and monitor by 9am. My contractions were monitored at 5-6 minutes a part. Nurse Joan (who was my nurse when Evan was born) told me that Dr. Ross wanted to come and break my water after we had my IV all hooked up. I asked her if he would wait until my husband got here as I did not want to do this alone. She said she would wait to call him until Chris got here. Chris arrived at about 9:45am. We were informed that there is an emergency going on so Dr. Ross has not been in to see me or break my water yet.  We also got a new nurse with this change, Mary Lee.

      Sunday, February 6, 2011

      Precious Preparations

      We have been busy bees getting things ready for Maddox Christopher to arrive (scheduled induction at 6am on Feb. 8th).  I have been trying to finish projects and cleaning around the house....knowing time for such things will not exist for a while.  I have scheduled Maddox's newborn portrait excited for that!  Evan and I went ahead and took our Mommy & Me swim class because I will not be able to get in the pool with him for quite some time.  We turned our office/craft room downstairs next to my bedroom into a temporary nursery...this turned out much nicer and "finished" looking that I had envisioned.  I ordered and have the cutest "Biggest Brother", "Big Brother", and "Baby Brother" t-shirts ready for the boys to wear when they meet.  I have Maddox's sweet outfit purchased, monogrammed, washed, and packed.  We have the infant car seat washed, installed, and inspected.  The boys took the Big Brother class at Brookwood Medical Center.  They have Maddox's gift to give him when he is born (his sweet lil' lovey).  Maddox has done his shopping so he can give Brady and Evan their big brother gifts when he meets them in the hospital.  We have so many things ready for him that now we are all just ready to meet him, hold him, love on him!

      I have wondered how Evan will react to a little baby in our home, how he will react to his Mommy being so needed by someone other than him.  He is a lot younger than Brady was when he was born.  He will be just shy of 21 months when Maddox is born (Brady was just shy of 3 years old) and, as we all know, we are all different.  I have an idea how Brady will react because we have done this before (although things can always be different this time) but I have had no idea how Evan will react or how much he understands or will understand.  I feel like I have gotten some glimpse of it lately..not sure if this is a taste of how he will be or just wishful thinking but he has a real interest in babies...real and dolls.  Whenever there is a baby doll our Moms' Club Christmas party, at MiMi & PopPop's house, at other friends' houses...he goes to it and holds it and loves on it, saying "baby, baby".  A couple of weeks ago, we were at story time at Whole Foods with our friends Alli, Eli, and Shephard Nations.  I held Shephard (about 7 months old) for Alli and Evan was watching me.  I purposely held him close, snuggling on him, loving on him to see how Evan would react.  Would he notice?  Would he get jealous?  Would he care?  He was SO SWEET!!!! He watched me hug on him and patted his leg and his little feet so sweetly and just continued to sweetly say "Baby, Baby".  He leaned in to hug him.  It was so sweet.  I was so happy to see this hoping that this is how he will respond to Maddox. 

      Then just this past week, we were at Chick-fil-A and in the play area again with the Nations and her sister Melissa and her kiddos.  There was two babies that day for him to notice - or not - both Shepard and John Whitten.  He noticed and was enthralled and "in love" with both of them.  It was so cute to watch.  So in less than 2 days, I will get to see first hand how my sweet Evan responds to being a Big Brother. 

      I still have a hard time with this notion, my sweet little baby is a "Big Brother"..that just doesn't seem seems WAY too soon, too young, too early....he is still my baby!! I hope the adjustment is not too hard for Evan, but I also hope this adjustment is not too hard for Mommy...I do not want to miss out on this sweet age and stage with my Evan.  I want to enjoy Evan, not mourn his babyhood.

      I am praying hard for a smooth transition for us all.

      Saturday, January 22, 2011

      Sweet Prayers

      My dear Brady was praying with me today before his nap and I prayed for Grandpa Dunne to be at peace as he has been in the hospital for more than a week now and the doctors are turning the oxygen off tomorrow.  As we were praying he said "if Grandpa Dunne doesn't get better in the hospital and goes to heaven, I pray that he has fun with Jesus."

      What a sweetheart.....such a sweet, kind spirit!  I am so thankful for his heart!

      *just as I posted this, I got a call at 1 am to have me say goodbye to my grandfather as they don't think he is going to make it through the night...."have fun with Jesus, Grandpa"  We will see you again!

      Sunday, January 16, 2011

      20 Months Old...ALREADY!!

      There are so many fun things with this fireball (Evan) at 20 months old. He is “talking” a lot…in what we call “mandarin”…isn’t he so smart? He totes his Woody (“Wooeee”) doll around with him and will say the things Woody says…”yeehaw” and “hello” and he will laugh like Woody at the times Woody laughs.

      We are still so in love with his affectionate side…he pats your back when you’re holding him, if you rub his back while hugging him, he reciprocates on yours. When he wants to be picked up, he reaches up his arms high for you to pick him up.

      He has added some words to his vocabulary: “MiMi’, “sue me” (excuse me), instead of the previous “bye bye” we used to get, it is just the very succinct “bye” now. He says “eyes” now and points to his eyes. He says “ah-knee-en” (alien) when he sees the alien toys from Toy Story 3.

      What a singer I have!! So adorable. He sings ALL the time…driving in the car, around the house, in the bathtub…I absolutely LOVE that!!!

      Some recent firsts as we have approached this 20 month mark is sitting on the potty and sitting on the time out stool. We pulled the potty out with Brady at about this age …just to introduce it…so when the time came it would not be a new, scary thing. We decided to do the same with Evan. We have him sit on the potty before nap, before bath…just to sit there and get used to the idea, used to the habit. Often, Brady will be on the big potty next to him and say things like: “Here that, Evan? That is the pee pee. You could go pee pee too. Do you want to try it? Did you hear that, Evan? That is the poop splashing. Did you hear that?” Then we he gets up, he says: “Come here, Evan. See…See the poop in the potty. You can do that too.” All of this is said in such a sweet, parent-type tone. It is so cute. Evan seems to listen and nod and watch Brady.

      The time out stool….so sad. Evan has already had his first time out. We would just put him in his room and shut the door. Well I figured it was time to introduce the time out stool in the hall and for him to have to learn the restraint and self control and discipline of actually having to sit there, without getting up, until we come to get him. We put him on the stool for the first time last week and it was so pitiful. His sad little face crying…breaks your heart!

      He has the big "oooooo" face when he sees something he likes or something that is exciting to him!! It is such a dramatic long "o" face that distorts his entire face as he points at whatever it is and says "ooooo".  We went to the McWane Science Center not that long ago and with everything he enjoyed seeing (which is a lot there), he just kept pointing...elbow up against his body, index finger pointing at the object from right against his cheek saying "ooooo". 

      He has also managed to impress us with stairs.  We have never really taught him how to go up and down stairs because we live mainly on one story.  The first time I noticed it was at the playground.  He just walked right up to the stairs to the play area, grabbed the railing, and walked himself right up to the top of the play problem.  When it was time to come down, he did the same thing.  He did not do the typical climb up on your knees, come down on your bottom that most little ones do when they are first figuring out stairs...just walked right up them and right down them.  Pretty good...especially for someone who had only been walking at the time for less than 3 months and does not encounter stairs in his day to day life at home.