Thursday, January 7, 2010


This past Tuesday it hit me......a major conviction...I am a GREEDY, GREEDY girl!! I have known that $$$ was an issue for me for quite some time...not in the typical way...I don't LOVE it, in fact, I think I actually may despise it. I despise it so much that I don't want to stress about it, fight over it, owe any of it, or focus on it. Therefore, I have always tried to make decisions that would, hopefully, keep the above from happening. I would rather make less money, have less money, etc. if I have a plan and can manage the little that I have rather than having lots of money and lots of debt, stress, burden, LOVE of the green stuff that can happen. What is wrong with this??? How does that make me GREEDY if I don't really even want much of the green stuff?!?!

Webster defines greed as having or showing a selfish desire for wealth and possessions. It doesn't say "a lot of". It is not about the amount. It is all about the desire of my heart and if that desire is for my own benefit, my family's benefit, my peace of mind, my easier life, anything me-focused then it is greed and greed is sin!!

I am GREEDY because I am always focused on how I can save money, how I can make more money, how I can sell something.... focused, focused, focused on way or another I am focused on MONEY and it's affect on MY life!!!! This is GREED because it is all about I, my, and me!!! My focus should be on GOD, you, and them!

As I work to be a good steward of all I have been blessed with...I need to remember the why, the drive, the focus......stop looking inward and start looking outward....start looking at HIM...the one - and only - who never thought of HIMSELF as HE stretched out HIS arms and laid down HIS life for little old, selfish, sinful me!!

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