Tuesday, March 9, 2010

We finally did it!

After 4 years, Chris and I finally went away over night by ourselves and it was MAGICAL!!! We attempted this a couple of times since Brady was born but life kept getting in the way....moves, lay-offs, pregnancies, breast-feeding, money, you name it!  I surprised Chris for Valentine's Day weekend by booking the perfect bed and breakfast...The Forsyth Park Inn in Savannah, GA.  We stayed there once...before we became parents and absolutely loved it and, of course, Savannah is one of the greatest cities in the country!  I arranged for the boys to be with Chris' parents.  I talked to his boss in advance for him to have Friday, February 12th off and I kept it all a secret.  He had no idea.  The Tuesday before I told him that we were heading to his folks on Thursday to spend the night and get the boys settled and then heading out of town for our first overnight trip without our kiddos on Friday morning.  He was definitely surprised!  We had so much fun....yummy food, great atmosphere (it even snowed on Friday night...first time in Savannah in 14 years), beautiful accomodations, relaxation, and PERFECT COMPANY!  I hope and pray it does not take another 4 years to go on a fabulous getaway with my man!

The best Valentine's Day EVER!!!

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