Saturday, January 22, 2011

Sweet Prayers

My dear Brady was praying with me today before his nap and I prayed for Grandpa Dunne to be at peace as he has been in the hospital for more than a week now and the doctors are turning the oxygen off tomorrow.  As we were praying he said "if Grandpa Dunne doesn't get better in the hospital and goes to heaven, I pray that he has fun with Jesus."

What a sweetheart.....such a sweet, kind spirit!  I am so thankful for his heart!

*just as I posted this, I got a call at 1 am to have me say goodbye to my grandfather as they don't think he is going to make it through the night...."have fun with Jesus, Grandpa"  We will see you again!

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Leah said...

Totally beautiful. My grandmother went to be with Jesus yesterday, so they will be in the welcome party together. Love your post.