Monday, August 22, 2011

after school chat

Brady cracks me up with the way he organizes and expresses his thoughts. 

He completed his first week of school last Friday.

We have started a little after school chat time.  We are very blessed that a neighbor is able to bring Brady home from school every afternoon.  This has worked out great for a couple of reasons.  The reason we did it was so that my lil' guys - Evan & Maddox - can get their afternoon naps, instead of spending that precious time in carpool line.

I have enjoyed this time with Brady where we can sit and talk and read stories, read the Bible....good one on one time.  On Friday Brady and I are chatting about his day and I asked him about making new friends.  He said that when he meets someone new, he "charges them" with do you know Star Wars? If they do, I ask them their name.  Maybe I can ask them for a map to their house and we can go to their house mom to see if they have Star Wars toys at their house?

He is obsessed with Star Wars now!  Chris decided that this past summer was the perfect time/age for he and Brady to bond over Star Wars...and now Brady is OBSESSED

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