Saturday, January 12, 2013

Grain of Gratitude

It is always heart-warming when my lil' men express gratitude....even in the tiniest moments.  Today while making a quick run to the dollar store with Brady after his guitar lesson, he found a little Phineas & Ferb coloring book he wanted so we picked it up and picked a Toy Story one up for Evan and a Cars movie one for Maddox.  Evan was so happy to get his little coloring book. 

After dinner he came running into the kitchen and said "Mommy it was so sweet that you bought me that Toy Story book" and he gave me the biggest, tightest hug.  Then he pulled away and said "Mommy, why did you buy me that coloring book?"  I said "because I thought you would like it buddy and I love you."  He looked at me with so much joy and said "Mommy, that is so great." and he grabbed me so tightly around the neck and squeezed with all his might with complete, unbridled love and affection for his momma.  LOVE it!!!!  LOVE him!!!!

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