Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Me and My Brown Eyed Boy

A couple of  Mondays ago Evan and I were driving home from his basketball class.  He says: "Mommy what color are my eyes" Me: "Your eyes are brown."  Evan: "What color are Daddy's eyes?" Me: "Daddy's eyes are blue."  Evan: "What color are Brady's eyes?"  Me: "Brady's eyes are blue."  Evan: "I want blue eyes." Me: "Well, you have brown eyes like Mommy and Maddox."  Evan: "Are they blue under the brown?" Me: "No, they are brown, buddy."  Evan: "Why are they brown.  I like blue."  Me: "That is how GOD made you, Evan.  GOD gave you, Maddox, and Mommy brown eyes and Brady and Daddy blue eyes."  Evan:  "GOD gave me brown eyes?...Okay, that is cool then.  I like brown."

I love these little conversations of discovery.  I love the one on one time we are able to have...however infrequent or short.  I love how okay he was with brown eyes when he understood that GOD gave them to him.  I just LOVE him!

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