Friday, March 15, 2013

Princesses are for Girls!

Evan has clearly defined lines for boys and girls. One of which is that girls like princesses. A couple of weeks ago he stated that when it was my birthday, I would have a princess cake. I said "Oh yeah, a princess cake?" I was amused by his declaration seeing that I never discuss princesses. He said "of course, Mommy, you like princesses because you are a grirl (girl). Right, mommy?" "Sure, buddy, I like princesses." He was so proud of his knowledge how could I say otherwise 😀

A week or so after that, while at the gym, he colored a picture out of a coloring book of a princess for me. When I picked him up after my class he was very excited to give me his princess picture. "Look Mommy, a princess for you."

My very own Prince Charming...I am so blessed!

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