Saturday, April 6, 2013

Green with Envy

Penis envy anyone? I know a shocking statement for most but there is nothing shocking about it at my house. With three boys and a husband, penises and talks about them, abound. Most of my humorous penis journaling has been in regard to the funny things that Evan has said so it is no surprise that he has continued to amuse me with his comments.

His latest:

While I was getting ready to get in the shower recently, Evan fell and punctured his lip with his tooth. I had to run out of the bathroom naked to tend to Evan. When I finally got him calmed down and the bleeding to stop, he looked at me with true concern and said "Mommy without a penis, you dead. You need a penis." WOW! That definitely puts quite an exclamation point on the notion of men loving their man parts - without one, is death.

Then while playing in the yard with our neighbor's dog, River, Evan noticed River's penis. He said "Mommy, look, he has one." I said "Yes, he has one of the balls (because they were playing ball in the yard)." Evan said: "No, Mommy, he has a penis." I said: "Of course he has a penis, Evan, he is a boy." To which Evan replied, "But it is not a very good one. It is not too long." Seriously?!?

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