Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Is it really time for BIG boy stuff?

Brady is almost 8.  When he was 7 1/2 (you do not ignore those halves at this age).  During Christmas break (he "officially turned 7.5 on Nov. 30th) I had to buy him deodorant for the first time.  Of course this is something I knew would come sooner rather than later, although I was thinking I had at least a year before this was necessary.  While brushing his teeth one night (yes, I still do it before bed - he does it the other two times per day - as I like knowing that at least one time per day it gets done well/thoroughly)....control freak?? I plea the 5th...I noticed (he was musky after just playing inside and it was not hot) he needed it so we had a little talk about it then.  Then Chris showed him his deodorant and talked to him about how he needed it so he wouldn't stink.  We tried to "normalize" it as much as possible.   Then when we were in Atlanta over Christmas break I bought him his first stick of deodorant.  He has done great the past 4 months using it every day as part of his morning routine when he brushes his teeth.  Now that is BIG boy stuff!

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