Sunday, February 15, 2015

Out of the mouth of Babes

This one:

 (Maddox on Circus Day at preschool)
 and his many "sayings"

I love the fun, sweet, curiosity-filled things this sweet Angel says on a regular basis.  As much as that, I love how he says his r's are still w's, his cute this is it, my last baby so I am enjoying every misspoken syllable of it knowing when this ends, it is over for me.  This past Sunday after I picked Maddox up from his class at church I asked him about what he learned.  He told me about how Jesus healed Lazarus.  I said "that is awesome, buddy, isn't it?"  He said "yes, Mommy, GOD is going to heal my back too." (he fell on the bleachers at Brady's basketball game the day before).

Last week while Maddox and I were in the car together he said: "I love Daddy.  I want to be just like him when I grow up."  I said: "you do?"  He said: "yes, I do.  I am gonna ask GOD right now if I can be like Daddy when I grow up."  I said: "okay, buddy."  Then from the back seat, I softly hear: "GOD, can I be like Daddy when I grow up?" Then I hear: "Mommy, GOD said 'that is fine'".

It warms my heart how he will come running up to me at random times - "I want a hug and a kiss" with his arms open wide.  When I kneel down to hug him, I am greeted with his puckered lips : )  After our hug and kiss, he goes on his merry precious!

Often in conversation with Maddox when we tell him some bit of information, he will say "I already know that."  This is always after we have told him something we have not yet conveyed to him.  When we ask him how he knows, his answer is always: "Because GOD told me."  Oh my!  A prophet perhaps?? Probably just a know-it-all ; )

Love this sweet babe and all his little comments, cadence, and voice!

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