Sunday, May 24, 2015

Proud of this kiddo!

Brady has played t-ball since he was four.  However, this Spring was his first Spring to play rec ball - instead of Upward.  Needless to say, the difference is obvious from what he experienced with Upward and what the kids in rec ball have experienced.  There was an obvious difference in his baseball abilities and the other boys.  It was a lot of fun to watch him play, grow, and learn during this season.  We were blessed with awesome coaches and great families to cheer the boys on with.

I have discovered, in my almost 9 years as a mom, that we can learn sooooo much from our children.  Watching his attitude, patience, joy, and overall fantastic attitude during this baseball season has been so refreshing to watch.  On multiple occasions his coaches said something to either Chris or I about his great attitude, respect for the coaches, willingness to do anything asked of him, and constant smile. 

I love baseball.  Watching Brady play has reminded me of how much I enjoyed playing softball and of how much I miss it.

BIGGER - I love Brady and watching him do life makes me want to be a better person and how much I am missing.

He is a GREAT kid that has a lot worth emulating....when his coach handed Brady his trophy he told him what a great kid he is and told him "any chance I get, I am going to have you play on my team". 

On a baseball note he told Brady that he was the team's most improved player.  He told him that in all of his years of baseball experience, he has never seen someone improve as much as Brady had in just one season.

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