Wednesday, December 9, 2015


About a month ago or so, Brady came home and told me he likes a girl.  He told me her name - a girl I know from school - and then made me swear not to tell ANYONE.  I told him that I would not tell anyone and we chatted for a bit about her, why he liked her, and how he gets nervous around her.  It was a bit hard to hear....this is my BABY.  At the same time it warmed my heart....he CHOSE to talk to ME.  I hope it is always like this.  I hope he is always comfortable enough to want to share his heart with me.  Later when he talked to both Chris and I about his first crush, Chris asked him why he liked this girl.  He looked at us and said "She is just so beautiful!" Awwww...
   Brady and I on the way to his field trip

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