Sunday, January 22, 2017

MLK according to Maddox

My cute little kindergartner came home from school on Tuesday, 1/17/17 (they were off on 1/16/17 for MLK Day) and told me about what he learned at school:

"Mommy, today we learned about Mawthen Luthen King at school.  He changed laws mom.  Did you know that black people used to have to use a different water fountain than white people?  If black people sat at the front of the bus, they got arrested.  Mommy that is tewible (terrible).  Why would people be so mean like that? Mawthen Luthen King changed all that, Mommy." 

It was so touching to hear him talk about learning about MLK and feeling so much compassion for the people of that time period. 

I am so glad he learned about that at school and so glad it left an impression on him.

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