Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Brady's Compassion

Kerry Tenbrink once told me that one of the signs that your child is not going to grow up to be a serial killer (oh the conversations of mothers!) is that they feel - and display - compassion. I remember the first time that Brady expressed compassion - it was for a character in one of his books - and I was SO relieved that I called Kerry and let her know...."YEA!!! Brady showed compassion toward someone".

Since that time, Brady continues to show compassion often...which now that I have checked that sign off of my list of "How can I be sure my son won't be a serial killer" (rest assured, this list doesn't really exist), I just enjoy the heart swells that come when I observe my child feeling for someone else.

His latest "Concern" is for the rooster in the Ambien commercial that seems to come on every day in our house while the Today show is on in the background of our mornings. The premise is that now that the lady has taken this new Ambien she is not getting up in the middle of the night/early morning anymore; therefore, she is not seeing the rooster in her bedroom any longer. With the rooster getting the boot, the scene is him walking down the street by himself and Brady (in a very sad, concerned voice) says "Where is the turkey going?" I just answer "he is going back home to the farm, he is fine." That seems to make Brady feel better and quiets the sad thoughts he must have concerning the "turkey". Such a compassionate little guy!

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Amanda said...

How are you? We miss you! How are things going? So glad to be able to keep up with you guys here...