Monday, December 15, 2008

Happy Holding Hands

Last Thursday (Dec. 11th) Brady and I were out all morning running errands getting things done for Christmas, our visit to MiMi and Pop Pop's house, and the expected visit from Nonnie. In most stores I either put him in the shopping cart or the stroller. When we got to Hobby Lobby I knew I had to just go in and grab one thing that was right by the register so I told him he could walk in the store with Mommy "like a big boy" (it is a big deal to be able to do most things these days "like a big boy") if he stayed with Mommy and I could see him. If he did not obey, he would have to hold my hand in the store. As I am getting him out of the car I told him he needed to hold my hand through the parking lot because whenever cars are around, we ALWAYS have to hold hands. He didn't like this idea because he wanted to walk "like a big boy". I explained, as I am holding his hand, that we have to hold hands to be safe. When we got in the store I let his hand go and he walked "like a big boy" throughout the store. He stayed close to me and behaved perfectly. As we were leaving the store I said we need to hold hands going outside to be safe with all the cars around. He willingly took my hand and walked to the car with me. As we were driving up the mountain to our house, my dear son stole my heart right out of my chest for the one millionth time......Brady: "Mommy I felt happy holding your hand." Me: "You did?" Brady: "Yes, Mommy. It made me feel very happy holding your hand." Me: "Awww, bud, that is very sweet. Thank you. It made Mommy feel very happy too." Then I tucked that breathless moment away with a quick thank you to God for the special gift in the back seat that couldn't see my eyes fill up.

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