Thursday, January 29, 2009


My darling Brady,

I am writing this little letter to you because I want you to know what Daddy and I did in case you look back and think things went wrong for you at this juncture in your life.

Daddy and I decided before we ever tried to conceive that I would leave my career and be a stay at home mom when we started a family. It was very important to us both that WE raise you, mold you, and shape you. We wanted to give you a foundation of security and impress our values and beliefs upon you.

You are now 2 years and 8 months old (actually exactly that in about 45 minutes). Daddy and I decided that we would send you to preschool when you were 3 years old. We feel like at that point you will be ready for it (although as social as you are, you would thrive in Mothers' Morning Out now) and rather than Mothers' Morning Out, it would be preschool with a curriculum, etc.

Okay so the above paragraph was our "logical" decision making for "if/when" in regard to Mothers' Morning Out and preschool. The emotional aspect is simple..."Mommy doesn't want to share you or give you up sooner than I have to...if ever!" I realize that you are going to walk out of my door soon enough and when you do, there is no turning back. I like having you at home, I enjoy being with you and teaching you things, seeing things through your eyes, and I enjoy YOU teaching me things. You're a gift...and one I do not want to re-gift but one I want to cherish forever! with the above being said, Daddy and I had to then decide WHERE to send you to preschool. Although you will not go until the Fall, registrations begin February 1st. I wanted to visit a few schools in our area that we knew of and were in close proximity to our house (you are only there for four hours a day so I didn't want to travel far). I didn't want to just arbitrarily pick one so I sent out an e-mail to all my mommy friends asking for advice, help, suggestions on what to look for, etc. I researched articles on the internet regarding choosing the right school, etc. Armed with this information, Daddy, you and I set out to visit 5 preschools in our area where I made appointments last fall. We easily eliminated 3 of them for various reasons - security (my number 1 concern), terrible playground (this is preschool and you are only 3 and 4 once), chaos and disorder.

So now we are down to 2 to choose between. Thus the reason for this letter. How do we decide between two preschools that both seem great and - in the grand scheme of life (yes, I realize this) - things will probably end up very similar for you regardless of the preschool we choose?

At both we met the assistant directors and took the tour with them. So since we had time (we began this process in the Fall), Mommy decided to make appointments with the directors, maybe meeting with them will help me make my final decision...give me a peace one way or the other. I liked them both...of course! So we are praying about it, praying for GOD's peace in our decision as we always want to make the right decisions where you are concerned and, most importantly...we want to be in GOD's will and obey HIM in all we do.

We feel inclined toward one at this point so we have asked GOD to close the door there if it is not where HE wants you to be and open the door (as registration at the other will be closed) to the school where HE does want you.

My dear, Brady, that is why I began this letter with the concern of you one day feeling like we made a poor choice for you at this juncture in your life. If you feel this way or wonder about the choices we have made for will know how much thought, love, and prayer went into making this and all decisions for you.

I love you!

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