Thursday, April 30, 2009


PRAISE GOD!! My dear hubby is fine! Last Wednesday was the arteriogram and they learned that the stress test produced a false abnormality in his heart!!! YEA!!! They did however discover plaque in his arteries. At his age that is both abnormal and not good. It is not so much that they have to do something about it but it is proof that his body does not process/metabolize cholesterol as it should. Definitely a blessing in disguise!! Most people would not learn this about their heart at this early stage or age and the plaque would continue to build. This, of course, would lead to bypass surgery later in life - or worse - a heart attack. Armed with this knowledge at this early stage, we are blessed to start my Bunkie on Crestor to prevent further plaque build up and hopefully to prevent bypass surgery and save his life.

His father saved his life! Bob with his heart issues and our LORD with leading us down the road to learning about Chris' issue so young and preventable. Again, I say, PRAISE GOD!!!

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Laura D said...

I am so glad that everything worked out for you all and especially Chris and his kind heart. I prayed so hard every moment of everyday!! I love you guys!!