Thursday, April 30, 2009

The end of the Mommy & Me Era

So sad....Brady is exactly a month from turning hard to believe he is growing up so fast!! He has gotten so tall, so independent, he looks like such a boy more toddler : ( It is fun and rewarding watching him grow and change and learn but I also long for and mourn the days of him being ALL MINE!!!

Last Thursday was our last Mommy & Me class...swim class...once he turns three all of his little sports/activities will be just him with Mommy watching. Monday was our last Toddler class at the is for little ones 24-36 months...they don't meet in May as they gear up for their summer reading program. Come June..he is 3!
Tuesday was our last story time at the library...they wrapped things up for this school year. It will resume in September and my lil' man will be in preschool on Tuesdays. This coming Wednesday will be our last music class as the following Wednesday - May 13th - is the last class for this school year and I will have a newborn then and will not be attending. Next year, my lil' man will be in preschool on Wednesdays!!! Oh preschool....I am excited about it for him and yet so sad about it taking my boy away from me....letting go is already so hard, how will I make it through all the other chapters that are to come?!?!?

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Laura D said...

You'll make it.. I promise :-)