Monday, June 22, 2009

Notable Quotables

I have some great new quotes from dear boy, Brady, that I definitely want to journal as I do not want to forget them as he grows up.

We were all discussing eye color as Chris and I were talking about how we think Evan is going to have brown eyes like his Mommy. Brady looked at me and said: "Mommy, I know your eyes are blue behind there (I guess behind the brown) just like mine."

Brady and I were riding the carousel at the mall together and I caught our reflection in the mirror of the carousel. I said "look at us Brady...we look so cute, don't we?" Brady: "No Mommy..I look cute and you are pretty."

More to come...out of time! Back to add some........

Lee Taylor, at church, during the children's story time: "They built a temple. Have any of you ever built a temple?" Brady, his hand up like a shot: "I have." Lee: "You, have?" Brady: "Yeah, I got blocks."

Jason Haynes was visiting for the weekend and he and Chris were out in the backyard while Brady was napping. When Brady woke up from his nap I went in his room to get him out of his bed and he asked where Daddy and Uncle Jason were. I said they were out in the backyard. He then asked where Evan was. I said he is out in the backyard with Daddy and Uncle Jason. Brady - eyes lit up like Santa had stopped by our house: "Evan is bigger. He got bigger?!?!" Mommy: "No, bud, Daddy is holding Evan outside." Brady: "Oh, okay." It was so sad and so sweet. He always talks about when Evan gets bigger he can play with him. I guess his little mind and imagination assumed that since Evan was out in the backyard he must be playing - AND, if he was playing - he must be bigger and the thought of that just lit him up!

Brady has gotten into saying the prayer before our meals and emphatically starts each one with "Dear Jesus". They are very short and too the point: "Dear Jesus, thank you for our day. Thank you for our lunch. Amen." That is it! EVERY meal....he says "lunch" for every meal. So we always have to teach him "breakfast", "dinner". Well every once in a while - pretty infrequently - he will add something....two recently that I thought were notable are: (at lunch, actual lunch) he added: "thank you for Daddy coming home." How sweet for Daddy! Another time: "Thank you GOD for Jesus!" WOW!!! isn't that the truth?? literally THE TRUTH and the simple yet so spot on!

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