Saturday, June 13, 2009

Top 3 for triple B

In honor of my triple B (Big Brother Brady) I thought I would comprise a list of my top 3 favorite things about this guy!

1. His gratefulness........always so thankful for everything..."Thank you, Mommy, for taking care of me." "Thank you for reading books with me." When he prays: "Thank you that Daddy came home for lunch." Just last night in his list of things he thanked Jesus for before his dinner prayer: "Thank you, Jesus, for GOD."

2. His touched and feels for everyone and everything. Two nights ago we put him to bed and we heard this soft crying in his bed on the monitor...we went in there and he was crying because we didn't watch the show that Mommy wanted to watch and he felt bad. I told him that I was just suggesting a show for him (we tivo some shows for him and if we have time and he has behaved he gets to choose one of his 30 minute shows to watch after his bath, before bed) and he chose one of his other shows instead. He felt bad thinking he didn't let Mommy watch the show I wanted.

3. His promises.....he has gotten in this cute habit of "promising" and expressing these promises in such a reassuring way. "I PROMISE, Mommy, I will be right back, I PROMISE." (as he heads to his playroom) After I ask him to do something..."I PROMISE, Mommy, I PROMISE, I will not fall down, Mommy, I PROMISE."

Such a cutie....Here he is the day he came home from the hospital after he was born, and, again, at 3 years old.......oh, how the time has flown.

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