Sunday, July 5, 2009

BQ's (Brady Quotes)

So, as always, this journal is loaded down with great sayings from the first lil' guy to capture my heart...Bradester! I just love the wide open, honest statements that flow from lil' ones' mouths so matter-of-factly; those statements you can not wait to share with someone because they are so endearing or so hilarious! This was the drive for my journal as I knew I would never remember those quotes from my babies and I would later want to sit around smiling and say "remember when Brady said...." or "remember when Evan said...." and I know I will want to share with them the moments that warmed my heart!

Brady, on the way to church: "my teachers love me at church, Mommy, and I can not wait to get there and tell them that I love them too."

Brady, out in the yard with Chris and I, kept saying "Mom" this, "Dad" that. Mommy: "Brady you call me 'Mom' all the time now." Brady: "Yeah, I do." Mommy: "Well, you used to always call me Mommy, now you are always calling me 'Mom'. I didn't think you would call me that until you were older. Are you too old to call me 'Mommy' now?" Brady, very matter-of-fact like: "Yes, Mom, I am too old."

I was out on a walk with Brady and Evan in the sit 'n stand stroller and Brady and I were talking about obedience. He said: "Yeah, mom, and we say 'yes ma'am' to moms and 'yes sir' to dads and we say trufe (truth) to everyone." LOVE it!! Mommy: "yes, buddy, we do say the truth to everyone, all the time."

Such insight for such a little munchkin!

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