Wednesday, July 1, 2009


I remember several friends informing me that 3 for their boys was harder than the proverbial "terrible twos". I am thankful for these words of wisdom, shared experiences, etc. as they help prepare me for the future stages of my parenting. Brady was a "PERFECT" two year old....quotes on purpose as we all know that no man is "perfect" but a mother's love can be blinding, and all love in retrospect is blinding (you always seem to focus on the good stuff...I think this is why we (the human race) keep having babies (oh, the newborn stage)). In all fairness and honesty though, I LOVED and ADORED Brady the two-year-old...we had so much fun, just the two of us during the week...exploring the world, learning, growing, laughing!

THREE...still for the most part, Brady, you are a very sweet, pleasant boy. It is very obvious to Daddy and I though that you are "growing up" in more ways than one. You are flexing not only your physical muscles but the muscles of your will, as well. I think there is a level of testing and independence perhaps that comes with three. Perhaps there is the need to become your own "man". Is it that - just the three and the "what happens if I do this?"..."what happens if I don't comply?" - or is it your adjustment, the transition to becoming a big brother. Are you pulling away a little, testing, or are you doing whatever you feel like will draw attention to you? I LOVE you dearly my perfect slice of pumpkin pie, and I hope when you look back on the time that your little brother entered our family, you smile and remember feeling especially special by Daddy and I!


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